Want To Start A Blog? Here Are 5 Unique Tips For You

Blogging can be really complicated for those who just wants to start but if you’ve made a thorough research or has someone who is experienced in blogging as a mentor, its going to be simpler.
But here, i have gathered vital lists that would be useful for blog beginners. 


With “no mentor” and “little knowledge of Google”, i started my blog in the cyberspace many years ago but the blogging secret about me and how i got to know much about it is; “i get to learn as time goes on, through TRIALS and EXPERIMENTS.

I tried to EXPERIMENT what works better and sometimes when i faced error, i count them as TRIALS and try “my possible best” using the “available resources” to solve the problem. These and other qualities are what made NETSOCIALBLOG.Com the beautiful lady she is today:)

To cut the long story short, below are blogging tips for beginners

5 Things You Should Know Before Starting A Blog

    1. KNOW WHY YOU WANT TO BLOG – I’ve seen many people jump into the blogosphere not knowing the exact reasons why they started. This is one of the reasons why most people give up at an early stage on blogging. I’d recommend you read NSB article on Quick Reasons Why People Starts A Blog then leave your comment on the post to get better clarification.
    2. Be A Writer – You might not be so that good at start but as time goes on and likewise with practice, you will. Writing is very important because the major part of BLOGGING IS WRITING as thats what seperates a blog from a standalone website.
    3. Choosing PlatForm – There are several blogging platforms out there – Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, Weebly, et.c although blogger and WordPress are the most widely used| Hence you must decide before kick starting your blog as to which one suits you better (based on certain reasons). You can read more about the two widely used platform with Blogspot Platform at blogger pros and cons you need to know while that of the second platform, WordPress pros and cons can be read here.Reading these two posts would enlighten you more about each of the platform Good and their Ugly Side in which you can now decide which one would rocks for you.
    4. Be Careful of Trickery Method – Before you starts your blog, you might have heard almost everything about short-cut. Shortcut to SEO, Short-cut to getting traffic, Short-cut to getting adsense and so on. Am not saying it won’t work, it MIGHT but THESE THINGS usually had an adverse effect.For example, if you tried to use Google SEO methods that are against the search engine policy, the result might prove positive at first but would DELIST your blog from Search Engines if later detected. There are also recent cases of google Adsense that were banned simply because they acquire it through devious means.

You Can Read My Post on NairaLand about Why Google Is Banning Adsense Account


  • You Should Be Prepared To Read Other Blogs Too – In the blogosphere, if you really does wanted to grow your blog, you shouldn’t try to be only a Good Writer but also a Good Reader. The more you read about other people’s blog out there, the more you get better exposure.More importantly, you’ll be able to learn about tools that can grow your blog and other things too along the line.

By now, am sure you must have been crystal-clear of what and what not TO DO before starting your blog.
Updated – You can also read Cassie Daves Blogging Guide for Beginners here for further clarification.
Feel free to share your thoughts via the comment box if you had anything to ask or add!

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