5 Phone Features You Can Use To Minimise Tasks and Maximise Productivity.

Mobile Phones in its earlier stage was called by users with the name ‘Cellular , Its function that time was more or less of only receiving and making calls. According to Wikipedia, the first hand cell phone was demonstrated in 1973 by John F. Mitchell and Martin Cooper using Motorola and was said to weighs close 4.4 pounds to (2kg).
Fast forward to this generation when technology had made Mobile Phones lighter yet one can do many things which sounds at first weird and impossible in the olden days. Nowadays, Tasks are easily performed and thus hath increased the Productivity of We Humans.

Among the latest features of Mobile Phones that contributed to Productivity are though not limited to SMS, IM, and Emails mostly used as communication,Internet, Gaming For Fun and others. To cut the story short, lets take a closer look into Mobile Phone Features To Use In order To Maximise Our Productivity.

5 Phone Features To Minimise Tasks and Maximise Productivity.

  1. The Alarm Feature: The Alarm can be used when there are plenty of tasks on ground ready to wage war against you. Instead of bearing the load of ‘when’ to perform each task upon yourself, Why not Let the Alarm helps you and Relieves your brain.
    All you have todo is write on a Piece of Paper or a NotePad the specific time each task was to be done. Having done this, sets the Alarm at when to Start and End each of the Tasks to be done and you’ll be amazed at how “effectively” things will go.
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  3. NotePad: In No #1, I explained about how to list out your Tasks in a Piece of Paper so you would be able to easily use the Alarm to perform tasks at a certain time.
    But in a situation where one do not caught sight of a piece of paper nor pen and you would want to quickly jots down something simply navigate to the Note Features and it will respond without second thought to your call.
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  5. Camera: Yeah we all know its for capturing Images but have you ever go the extra mile? In a situation whereby you have an important document you want to browse through when you’re in free period. Use the Camera Feature to Snap the document pages so as to make it Mobile.
    Your free period might be the time you less expect in which the document might not be with you but once you’re with the Soft copy on your device, you can always check it anytime anywhere.
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  7. Gaming: You ought to have came across this quote that “All work and no play makes Jack a Dull boy”. You might want to Ignore this Feature in your Mobile thinking its of no use. If thats what you’re thinking, i’d suggest you read my post on 3 advantages of gaming, your perspection of Gaming would change a little bit though it also has its disadvantages.
  8. Video Recording: This seems irrelevant to some people though and they rarely use it. I earlier discuss about how you can use the No #3 to take care of documents but in a case where the object or subject to be capture is on a continual motion, Video Recording is the best option.
    Taking for example; a Seminar, Adventure in a Lovely Place, Group Talk and others, Pictures cant speak enough in this mentioned event but Videos Captured will speaks the best.
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What features do you use the most? do let me know via the comment box. Kindly share with your Friends too!

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