5 Essential Free Blogging Tools For Bloggers

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A popular quote once stated

Behind every successful TECHNICIAN, lies a greater successful set of TOOLS.

Hence on this post, i will be sharing Cool FREE blogging tools for beginners and pros that can helps in growing your blog and/or check your blog’s growth.


Before now, i have been wishing to release this post about some certain tools for bloggers but i was usually discouraged by a lot of things. Apart from my being procrastinating like i mentioned in the No #4 Facts About Me Here, there was this my engagement in some other things, AND what add salts to the wound is the INTERRUPTED ELECTRICITY SUPPLY (if you’re currently in Nigeria, you’ll understand this better 😉
However despite that there hasn’t been recent latest updates on my blog, some of my loyal readers were still able to enjoy articles they might have had missed. If you want to know how they go about it, read carefully the No #2 Part of 3 Common Mistakes That Could Cause A Blog To Fall and checkout what i said about the admin of NetSocialBlog.
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Have you done that? Now lets start with the main concept of this post.

5 Essential Free Blogging Tools For Bloggers


  1. The Broken Link Repairer: Broken links not only hinder a blog’s growth, but also pisses a visitor off. Imagine how dissapointed a reader would feel, when he/she clicked a link on your blog that leads to another post, and the response was ”this page is broken or doesn’t exist”.
    Apart from pissing off a visitor, broken link can also affects the blog’s SERP. But with this Tool, you can easliy fish out those broken links and thus be able to repair them.
  2. PageSpeed Insight Tool: One of the quality every blog should possess is to load properly and as fast as possible so as to make things easier for their readers. This is what most professional blog designer considers a lot when redesigning a blog.
    To make things easier for bloggers, this No #2 Blogging Tool can be used in checking how fast a blog loads after it had displays the PageSpeed Details.
  3. View How Your Blog Looks Like : With this No #3 Free Tool, you would be able to know how your blog displays on your visitor’s computer. Advantage of this tool is that; when you are able to check your blog’s view, it would be easier to judge whether your blog is responsive or not!
  4. Backlinks Checker : Backlinks are very important as they show the path that leads to a blog. While their quantity might matter, the QUALITY matters the most. Fortunately this No #4 Tool explains fully what backlinks are, and how to check that of your blog.
  5. Autopublishing To Social Networks : After hitting the publish button for your post, isn’t the next thing is to start promotion?
    This tool helps you to automatically publish your LATEST POSTS to your blog’s social fanpage!
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And there goes our TOP 5 Free Blogging Tools! Do not forget to Share this post with your blogger friends too!
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Sharing is Caring;

10 thoughts on “5 Essential Free Blogging Tools For Bloggers”

  1. Indeed a great list. 😀
    I am using some of these blogging tools and these tools always make my work easy and time consuming.
    I use these blogging tools:
    1. WordPress as CMS
    2. Grammarly as proof reading tool
    3. Flickr for high quality images
    4. Google Keyword Planner
    5. Google Webmaster Tools
    6. Google Analytics
    7. Long Tail Pro
    8. HostGator Hosting
    These are some blogging tools and resources which I am using on my blog and I am happy with these tools.
    Either way, Thanks for sharing such a wonderful post with us. 😀

  2. Hi there John,
    Thanks for telling us about some of the tools you're using. Although your platform is WordPress, i think 80% of the tools you mentioned can also be used for the blogger platform too.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

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