4 Blogging Frequently Asked Questions + Answers

Did you find some certain aspect of blogging so confusive in which no matter how hard you tried to seek answers, you just won’t get the right ones, or probably not contented with the way its answered.

Well, Good News for you as I’ve decided to come up with 4 of that Unique Blogging Frequently Asked Questions and in which I ‘ve also provide answers to them.


I was inspired to come up with this post after participating in the Blogging Groove Challenge by Darren Rowse of Problogger.net in which the Host challenges we participants, to go on and do a BlogPost on Frequently Asked Questions.
To not beat around the bush, below are the list of answers to Blogging FAQs.

4 Unique Blogging Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) + Answers

1. Which Blogging Platform Should I Use Between Blogger and WordPress – Since blogger and wordpress are the two big fishes in the ocean, Most blog beginners are confusive as to which one they should choose. However what i would suggest is; The best one for you is that which you can manage, cover costs and able to secure very well to avoid future headache.
To know more about each of these platform, read NSB post on | Blogger Pros and Cons You Need To Know or that of the other via WordPress Pros and Con You Need To Know


2. How To Increase Blog’s Traffic – Every blogger wants to increase his/her blog’s traffic. Someone who had just 10 views wants 100views, a blogger having 100views love to have 1000views, 1000 views yearning for 10000 views, 10000 views aspiring for an hundred thousand views e.t.c | No matter how low or high a blog’s traffic is, every blogger’s dream is to have his/her traffic increase.

This made the No #2 FAQs one of the most populous questions being asked by bloggers. Although there are LOT OF WAYS which you can increase your blog’s traffic, i have streamline them to make it easier and publish the post on NSB titled 5 Proven Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Blog For Free.


3. Blog Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – SEO is one of the hot questions asked by bloggers. However i must warn you that SEO has varieties so much that if you search on the internet for the word ‘seo’, you would be OVERWHELMED by the results! SEO to me, is currently into three Parts.
The First Part starts with your blog’s template and i mean a fast loading, responsive and seo optimized template.The Second Part goes on to your Blog Title and Description which should be precise and concise.
And the Third Part is in Your BlogPosts. The headline, First Paragraph, Image Alt, Quality Contents, and Headings. Please and Please, i advice Not to do BlackHat SEO or Buy Links. These methods might works at first but they often gets your hand burn later and made you lose more than you gain! For more information, go read about SEO here .


4. How Do I Monetize My Blog Apart From Adsense – I blog for more than 2 years without using adsense and during this time, the question i often gets asked by people is “as huge as my site is, why am i not making money with it”. This is because most people believe a blog that do not have adsense, is not making money. Is that your thought too?
As far as Blog Monetization is involved, Adsense is not the only method you can buy real online use to monetize your blog. The truth is, adsense is a PPC program and there are others out there too but just that, Adsense is a Reliable, Trusted and the most sought-for PPC Program.

Apart from that, a blogger can earn money by venturing into rendering Services, Products, Consultation that would add values to his readers. Affliate Marketing can also be used to earn money. Just take time to study the one you can do very well and build yourself on it.

Above are my answers to the 4 Blogging Commonly Asked Questions. Do you appreciate this post, Show Love by Sharing to your friends!
Also additional suggestion, and/or feedback are highyl welcome

10 thoughts on “4 Blogging Frequently Asked Questions + Answers”

  1. Its been a very long time you've came here indeed bro. Good to see you here back.
    Its true that one should have settle down with the No #1 question at early blogging career but i still see some people who are feeling confused on the platform they are using, thats why i include it.
    Thanks for saying hello and How is your blog doing sir?

  2. These are really the questions you get to ask on a daily basis if truly you want to improve in this business. Though, the first one must have been far dealt with at the early career of blogging.

    Your template is really looking nice now, its been a while I do anything on any of my blogs templates. SEO things on point day and night.

    Thanks for the post

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