3 [Must Known] Facts About Tech Niche For Bloggers

The creation of Niche Technology blogs have been really helpful as they shares useful information regarding Tech gadgets, How-Tos Tutorials, Social Media and Lots More. On this blogpost, i would be focusing on the Tech Niche likewise the bloggers.
So whether you are a tech blogger or you’re aspiring to be one, this article you’re about to read would lets you know certain facts about the tech blogging niche.


A NICHE TECHNOLOGY BLOG means a blog which discuss about topics related to Technology. However despite that the tech niche is an awesome niche, most people do join the tech bloggers bandwagon without realizing some certain important things and this often makes them end in frustration.

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Jumping into the tech niche without certain reasons and findings is like someone whom dive inside a big water without first analyzing how deep the water is.
To not beat around the bush, below are some things which i believe you might not understand about the tech blogging niche.

    1. Tech Niche Has Its Own Sub-Niches – Majority of bloggers out there especially newbie, thought the Tech Niche is such a limited Niche unlike an Entertainment blog which has lots of wider topic that can be covered on. However contrary to those majority’s opinion, this is not so as Technology is a very broad niche which has its own sub-topics that a blogger can select from and blog on.
      Below are some of the technology sub-niches;*. Tech News: One can jokingly call this niche “Techtainment” as it is somewhat related to the entertainment niche but the exemption is; the topics being discussed. This Niche cover latest news on technology like Just-In Gadgets, Softwares, Hardwares, e.t.c*. Webmaster: This kind of niche talks on stuff relates on How-Tos regarding internet, domain, website, and co. Example is the blogging tips of NetSocialBlog owned by Tunde Sanusi while another example of a Webmaster Niche Blog is ShoutMeLoud owned by Harsh Agrawal.*. Gadgets Review Niche: When you want to know about the features of a certain Tech gadget, what do you do? You simply goto Google.Com, typed in what you want to know and HIT THE SEARCH BUTTON! After doing this, certain blogs that have discussed about the gadget would then be showed and you get to know more about the Gadget of your choice. Those type of blogs belong to the Gadgets Review Blog and an example is Geek.Ng owned by Wale Adekile.
    2. Its not impossible todo without ‘Copying and Pasting’: Sometimes when i take a stroll round the blogosphere, i would see an already beaten articles in like 3 to 4 different blogs (mostly owned by newbies). I once asked someone “why is it so?” and the person’s response was like “is it possible to come up with genuine buy from mexico and Unique article on a Tech Niche?
      The last time i checked NetSocialBlog’s Content Summary via a certain free blogging tool, it displays far more than an overall average Unique Contents! This is to motivate and show all aspiring tech bloggers out there that YOU CAN ALSO DO WITHOUT COPYING AND PASTING on a Tech Niche.

(Without Being A Writer, Can I Be A Blogger?)

  1. Its Not The Only Profitable Niche: If you’ve been hearing that ‘Tech is the only niche that can fetch you money and make you popular’, well am telling you it is not the only one. What makes the Niche you’re blogging on, is ”passion, the right knowledge and the right resources”.
    Infact you can be on a Tech niche for as long as forever yet you won’t be making a dime or not getting attention simply because you’re lacking these things i mentioned earlier.

With these points mentioned, I hope you now understand the tech niche much better. Feel free to add your thoughts and share with friends!

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  1. Great Post you've got up here! Actually Tech Niche if I may say from my experience requires Unique Contents if you really want to stand out.

    Passion is all it takes, If you are blogging on Tech and do not really have the passion for it, then you would definitely find yourself copying and pasting!

    I personally do not like Copy/Paste that's why if you visit my blog PronoahTECH you would hardly find an image from a third party on any of my blog posts!

    I would advise Tech Bloggers to try as much as possible to be Unique!

    Wonderful Post once again Tunde Sanusi.

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