3 Common Ways You’re Unknowingly Killing Your Android Phone

Android phones are one of the fastest rising mobile devices nowadays and this is majorly because of their Operating System Flexibility which make them have features that are almost similar to a PC.
Unfortunately, some users misuse this advantages by doing things that unknowingly shorten the lifespan of their Android phones.
Below are 3 Common Ways Android Users Are Unknowingly Killing Their Phone

1. Installing too much apps

There are more than 2 million apps in the Google Playstore according to recent research in which Most of these applications are so fascinating to the extent that if you paid a visit to the Playstore in a bid to download a single application, you might end up being interested in and downloading another one.

Some Android users would always want to satisfy their appetite for more apps thus making them to stock their Android phones with “too much applications”. Apart from consuming much of your RAM, there are high chance that doing this would shorten the lifespan of your Android phone.

2. Pressing while charging

Your phone is on 5% and fortunately, Electricity just came up. You plugged in your charger and while charging, you’re still pressing your phone. This is a No! No!! Though am guilty of this too (i admit) but am trying very hard to overcome the urge because its risky.

There has been cases of those who suffer burns while pressing phone when charging as the phone went up in flames hence its best not to do so. Additionally, doing this also reduces the quality of your device’s battery life.

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3. Performing Several Multi Tasks On It

Android Phones are the “modern version” of symbian Nokia phones which allows people 1mg online to operate different tasks at a time without conflicting one another.

You can be browsing the Internet using Google Chrome, Chatting using Facebook messenger, playing a video game, watching a Video, Checking through your pictures gallery AND IN which you can be switching these tasks simultaneously.

As Fun as this might sounds, it is best not to do it that way as it is likely going to have an adverse effect on your phone. Got extra tips to share with the world? Let me know your thought from the comment box

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