How To Connect Mobile Internet To PC Using USB Data Cable

Ever wonder if it’s possible to use phone internet on PC without hotspot? On this article; you’ll get to discover how to connect mobile internet to pc computer using data cable

There are several means of using internet connection on your PC; One can decide to subscribe to a data bundle plan and use a USB modem with the PC for internet connection.

And if you’d like to rather use your mobile internet on your PC; you can see how to connect mobile hotspot to pc wireless. However if you do not want to use your mobile phone hotspot; you can use your USB data cable for internet connection.

How To Connect Internet From Mobile To Pc Using Data Cable

If you would like to use your USB data cable instead for internet connection; then you can do so easily via USB Tethering and PdaNet App on Android phone.

USB Tethering allow Android Mobile Phones to behave as an external network. The focus of this article is to show you how to use connect mobile internet to Pc using USB Data cable.

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Below is how to use internet on pc using android phone;


1. Enable USB Debugging on your phone

USB Debugging allows you to send commands from your computer to your phone. USB Debugging can be seen from the Developer options of your phone (which is usually hidden).

To view it; Goto Settings >> About >> Build and tap it several times to unlock developer options. From the developer options, Enable USB Debug


2. Download PdaNet for Your Android Phone and PC

Go to Google Play Store and search for PdaNet+ for your Android Phone. After then, you’ll also need to install PdaNet on Your PC.

You can download the PC version at PdaNet+ Official Website.


3. Setup the Internet Connection Between your Phone and PC

Turn on the Internet connection on your phone. Open the PdaNet+ on your Android Phone and click on USB Tether option.

Once that has been done, open the App on your PC and you’re now good to go!

And that’s how to connect android phone to Pc for Internet via USB. If you had any trouble, feel free to leave it in the comment box suggestion

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