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The Android Shopping App from Jiji

Have you already heard about the Nigerian classifieds website that makes online shopping not just easy, but really interesting and convenient as well. Of course you have, for is a rapidly developing service, which is quite famous nowadays. It provides people with an opportunity to buy whatever they like without spending their whole day going somewhere. Jiji is a great way to purchase a pair of pants or even a car while lying in bed because there are items and services related to all spheres of people’s life.Why is it so necessary to download a new Jiji app to your Smartphone?
Firstly, Jiji app makes shopping more convenient, no matter what time it is or where you are. The largest store ever is kept in your pocket.
Secondly, this modern app has a pretty helpful interface, presenting a dozen of all ads which are available on the website.
Finally, it is really easy in use. You can buy anything in one click without spending any extra energy or efforts for going out and searching.

How To Move Your Blogger Blog Site To WordPress | Fast and Easy

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Google Blogger Platform is an awesome free blogging platform tool to start a blog quickly. However as time goes on, most Blogger users eventually realize that they needed more extended functionalities likewise a total control of their blog instead of being hosted by Google Blogger. Then they begin to think that they would be better off having their blog with a self hosted blog.

    Hence if you're planning to transfer your blogger blog site to WordPress, that is; moving from blogger blog to WordPress, on this post, are the basic and required step by step information on  how to install WordPress and move all of your blogger content from blogger to WordPress.

     At this point; you might want to what’s the difference between self-hosted vs blogs The major difference between the two is simply that one is free to use with lot of limitations while the other one is paid without limitations.  To cut the long story short, here's a step by step tutorial to help you switch from Blogger to WordPress.

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How to Move And Transfer Your Blogger Blogspot Blog To WordPress

Step 1 . Sign up with WordPress Hosting Company

The first and most important step before anything else is choosing an Hosting Company. Since you're about to be in total control of your website, you'll need to have an Hosting Company where you're going to Host your Blog.
    While there are lots of hosting company especially cheaper ones out there where you can host your website, it is highly recommend you make research before you choose one. This is to avoid your website having issues in the nearest future.
We recommend you signup with Bluehost which is a very popular WordPress Hosting Company and Number #1 recommended by itself. Bluehost also offers easier management of WordPress, offers from 50GB to Unlimited storage and had a great Uptime.

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Step 2 . Backup and Export Your Blogger Blogspot Content

Now open a new Tab on your browser to backup your blogger blog content. The content which you'll export here is what would be use to import your blogger blog data to WordPress.
   To import your blogger blog contents to WordPress, Go to your blogger blog dashboard and click on Settings >> Other and then select Back Up Content.  There's a detailed article on How To Backup your Blogger Blog Posts, Pages, and Comments.

Step 3. Install WordPress & Import Your Blogger Blogspot Content to WordPress

Now go back to the first tab where you have signed up with the WordPress hosting Company. If you signed up with Bluehost, all you have to do is follow the on-screen instructions and you'll be able to have your WordPress Installation done within 5 minutes.
     To Import your Blogger Contents to WordPress, Login to your New WordPress Dashboard and then click on Tools >> Import. Then run the Blogger Importer Tool to upload your Content

Step 4. Change Your WordPress Permalinks Structure To Match That Of Blogger

If you check most of your blogger blog posts, you'll discover the links are usually in form of ""

    Hence you will need to make your new WordPress installation permalink structure looks like this so as to avoid error 404 issue. If you only Install your WordPress Software and Import your Blogger content, Readers who click on your previous link would always be redirected to a dead end.

    To change your permalink structure and avoid this issue, from your WordPress dashboard, go to Settings >> Permalinks and select custom structure. Then append the below code to it


Step 5. Install Theme and Redirect Custom Domain to WordPress

Now having done that, install your preferred choice of themes to your new WordPress blog. You can browse from 40,542 WordPress Themes on Themeforest to install on your WordPress Site and Customize it to suit your taste.
     After you've done the theme Installation, now Redirect your Custom Domain and point it to your new WordPress Blog!

Once you've done that, you have now successfully migrated your blog from blogger to WordPress!

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However, if you do not want to get your hands dirty doing all of this, the admin of NetSocialBlog can help you to...

   We will help you switch from Blogger to WordPress without losing any of your data or Google ranking.
   All you need is to get your Hosting Account Ready for your WordPress Blog, (you can purchase an hosting account from BlueHost) and I'll handle the rest [Installation, Design, Plugins, Redirection and etc] for you at an affordable service fee.

Blogger Blog Pros and Cons You Need To Know
WordPress Pros and Cons You Need To Know

You Might Ask Why Do You Need Me To Do It For You?

1. Am an Expert in Google Blogger blog and had also worked on several Self-Hosted WordPress Powered Blogs hence making me suitable for the job.

2. Migrating Your Blog from Blogger to WordPress might seem pretty simple but it entails a lot more. After successful migration, there are still some certain codes to touch which can only be done by an expert to ensure the smooth successful migration.

3. The required plugins to ensure your WordPress Blog load faster, look awesome and have all necessary Widgets would also be all done by me.

4. You get Support from me as regarding managing and how you can use your new WordPress Blog.

Want me to migrate your blogger blogspot blog to WordPress?
 You can contact me here to do it for you!


  1. It's simple and straight forward...i am planning of moving my blog this year though.

    1. It's a pretty good idea and i also look forward to moving mine soon too. Hope you've made the selection of the hosting provider you wanted to use?


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