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Custom Emporio Blogger Theme With Sidebar, Social Buttons, Pagination & More

In case you are not familiar with the word Emporio Blogger Theme, Emporio is one of the recent new blogger themes 2017 which was introduced by the Google Blogger Platform. Just like the other new themes, Blogger Emporio Theme has an in-built stylish design, optimized for mobile responsiveness, and a fast loading blogger template.

  However some extra new features had recently been incorporated by the admin of NetSocialBlog on the Blogger Emporio theme thus making it "more awesome" in which this customized theme is now available for download!
    So if you're currently using the Emporio Theme and would like to add some bit of extra features to make it look more awesome or you haven't even tried it before, you'll love this tweaked blogger Emporio theme which we're about to share with you here!

Features of the Customized Blogger Emporio ThemeStylish Recent Posts Widget To Reduce Bounce RateCustom beautiful Share buttons [beginning and end of article] Mobile Res…

How To Transfer Airtime Credit On 9mobile (Etisalat)

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If you are a 9mobile (Etisalat) subscriber, you can easily transfer airtime credit on 9mobile (Etisalat) line to another Etisalat in Nigeria by using the 9mobile credit transfer code.
    On this post, you're going to discover how you can use the 9mobile transfer code to send credit to your loved ones likewise how to change your transfer pin on Etisalat!

Communication is very important in our day to day activities. It allows us to stay easily in touch with friends and family from both far and near, call our colleagues at place of work, and do lots more with few clicks on the device.
     However there must have be a time when our loved ones would like to call us but might not have enough airtime or perhaps - maybe we had a lot of Airtime on our phone and would like to share with our loved ones, this is where the Etisalat (9mobile) Mobile Airtime transfer comes in!

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9mobile [Etisalat] Mobile Airtime Transfer was introduced to make sharing airtime easily between subscribers using the same network.

How To Transfer Airtime on 9mobile (Etisalat) 

 You can make Airtime Transfer on your Etisalat line simply by dialing *223* PIN code *Amount*Phone Number#
    In this case, your default PIN code is 0000

If you would like to change the default code for transferring Airtime on your Etisalat line, you can simply do so by dialing  *247*0000*new PIN#
    And that is how you can use the 9mobile transfer code for Airtime transfers!

How To Transfer Credit From Etisalat to MTN

Some users also do wonder as to whether it is possible to transfer airtime from Etisalat to another network provider like; A person once search for how to transfer credit from Etisalat to Mtn.
    As at this moment, it is not possible yet to transfer mobile airtime from Etisalat to another network provider yet.
  That is; the Airtime transfer can only be made between 9mobile (Etisalat) subscribers.

And there's all you need to know about transferring Airtime on Etisalat (9mobile) Network.