Custom Emporio Blogger Theme With Sidebar, Social Buttons, Pagination & More

In case you are not familiar with the word Emporio Blogger Theme, Emporio is one of the recent new blogger themes 2017 which was introduced by the Google Blogger Platform. Just like the other new themes, Blogger Emporio Theme has an in-built stylish design, optimized for mobile responsiveness, and a fast loading blogger template.

However some extra new features had recently been incorporated by the admin of NetSocialBlog on the Blogger Emporio theme thus making it “more awesome” in which this customized theme is now available for download!

So if you’re currently using the Emporio Theme and would like to add some bit of extra features to make it look more awesome or you haven’t even tried it before, you’ll love this tweaked blogger Emporio theme which we’re about to share with you here!

Features of the Customized Blogger Emporio Theme

  1. Stylish Recent Posts Widget To Reduce Bounce Rate
  2. Custom beautiful Share buttons [beginning and end of article]
  3. Mobile Responsive On All Devices
  4. Lightweight and Fast loading
  5. Related Post Widget [Mobile & PC] To Increase Traffic
  6. Twitter username auto-appended for share buttons
  7. Stylish Icon on Each Post Title
  8. Master-code To Insert Google Adsense Inside Post To Boost Earnings
  9. Blur Background Resolved [Usually on Default Emporio Theme]
  10. Sidebar in Emporio Theme [which is absent on default emporio theme]
  11. Featured Article Widget On Homepage Only

You Can check the the Emporio Customized Theme DEMO 1 or DEMO 2

BUY the Theme Here >> Online Payment Page here [Nigeria]

BUY The Theme Here >> BUY NOW [Non-Nigerians]

Send a proof of payment to and the download link would be sent to you.

What the Custom Blogger Emporio Package Theme Contains

1. Custom Blogger Emporio ThemeXML File.
2. A detailed PDF Documentation so you could install and activate everything on your own
3. Master code Adsense & tutorial to insert ads at the beginning, middle and end of your article body. (you can also use it for other ads apart from Adsense)
4. Stylish Recent Post Widgets HTML CODE
5. Beautiful Pagination and other Awesome inbuilt features on the theme
6. Cute Share buttons Code including that of WhatsApp
7.>How To Add Adsense MasterCode To Show Ads Inside The Post Of New Blogger Theme

*. Custom Blogger Emporio Theme Price:
The Custom Emporio Blogger Theme with all of it’s amazing features costs just $20.


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