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10 Ways Big Firms Hurt Themselves Badly On Social Media

Social media marketing can be a global firm’s best friend — or worst enemy. By avoiding these 10 errors, large organizations will get the biggest benefit from their social media activities and avoid a costly downside.
10 Ways Big Firms Hurt Themselves Badly On Social Media1. No ResponseThis is really the cardinal sin. A lack of response to questions and comments is a huge turnoff because it reinforces (or creates) the notion that a large organization is impersonal and uncaring. Lack of response can turn neutral or positive followers into brand antagonists who post negative reviews and social media comments that expend all the social media capital an organization has built.

2. Poor ResponseA similar, but not quite as serious, issue is poor response to questions. What constitutes poor? Typically poor responses are vague, do not address the question, do not provide the correct answer, appear overly bureaucratic and/or overly defensive. Often, poor response issues are rooted in poor trainin…

Why Would You Need To Read A Blog? Here's Why You Should

Something like a decade years ago, only few people know and read blogs unlike today where it is now verypopular. Perhaps one can say what contribute to the fame the word "blogging" had today is because people get to know the importance and reasons behind starting a blog.

     Amidst all of that, some people do wonder "why should i read a blog?". Though their reasons are quite unknown but according to search results on google, i found some search queries on Google with something like;

Do people still read blogs 2016? Who read blogs statistics, Who read blogs demographics, are blogs still relevant 2016? People don't read blogs anymore and etcetera.

While some people might want to quite agree that are blogs indeed still relevant, am stating it here frankly that yeah it is. Way back before blogging became known today, information are not easy to lay hands on as one would have to sought for a local newspaper.
     Today especially with the inception of blogging, information can be easily accessible from wherever you are - even in the comfort of your home using your mobile devices or other gadgets connected to internet.

    Out there on the cyberspace are blogs with unlimited information related to your areas of interest; From Career Blogs, Entertainment, How-Tos Blog, Fashion, Humor/Lifestyle Blog, Education and lots more.

Bottom Line: So in one word; If you're wondering why would someone read a blog? It's like asking why would someone need to read information?
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