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Custom Emporio Blogger Theme With Sidebar, Social Buttons, Pagination & More

In case you are not familiar with the word Emporio Blogger Theme, Emporio is one of the recent new blogger themes 2017 which was introduced by the Google Blogger Platform. Just like the other new themes, Blogger Emporio Theme has an in-built stylish design, optimized for mobile responsiveness, and a fast loading blogger template.

  However some extra new features had recently been incorporated by the admin of NetSocialBlog on the Blogger Emporio theme thus making it "more awesome" in which this customized theme is now available for download!
    So if you're currently using the Emporio Theme and would like to add some bit of extra features to make it look more awesome or you haven't even tried it before, you'll love this tweaked blogger Emporio theme which we're about to share with you here!

Features of the Customized Blogger Emporio ThemeStylish Recent Posts Widget To Reduce Bounce RateCustom beautiful Share buttons [beginning and end of article] Mobile Res…

Best Free Blogging Platforms You Can Use To Start A Blog For Free

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Most people who wanted to start a blog are quite overwhelmed with the tonnes of information out there on the web. However seems the hardest part is usually - which blogging platform to use as this is the basic foundation.

Although there are lot of free and paid blogging platform out there but if you're thinking of starting a blog for free, you can select from some of the free blogging platforms mentioned below.

Best Free Blogging Platform To Start A Blog For Free


You can start a blog for free using the FREE WordPress version although it has some limitations. However notwithstanding, with the free WordPress platform, you can get to own your blog for free as long as possible [using WordPress sub domain], Jet-pack Essential Features, Community Support, 3GB Storage Space, Hundreds of Free Themes, and with Basic Design Customization.

    IF you would like to have access to the full features of WordPress, you can purchase an hosting plan and easily install your WordPress from there. The full features allow you to upload themes, use plugins, sell, advertise and do more.
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Blogger is a free blogging platform service by Google which gives people the opportunity to publish and share their voice with the World. As at now, Blogger Platform offers 50+ Free Themes Design. Blogger also allow you advertise on your blog, upload as many media files as possible, see how well your blog is doing through the Stats button and lots more.

   You can also purchase a custom domain for your blog later which allow you to have something like instead of You can learn more about the platform on the article titled; Blogger Pros and Cons You Need To Know

3. Medium

Medium Allow you to Read, Write and Share stories with the world. Although it's not really like the free WordPress and Blogger mentioned above, but if all you're looking for is someplace that which you can share your voice with the World without you really having to design anything or buy anything, then Medium might seems like the best place for you!

4. Weebly
Weebly Is a Website Builder Platform which you can use for extensive purpose. You can decide to use it as a Website for sharing your thoughts or as an Online Store where you get to sell your goods. The free plan is majorly for basic use limited with 500MB storage, Weebly subdomain, and also Display Weebly ads.
     If you would like to upgrade your Weebly account in the nearest future, you can check the Weebly pricing plan to see the one that will suits you.

Bottom Line: Above are free blogging platforms, and how to start a blog for free online. Kindly note that each of them has their own distinguished features hence you should try and study them first so you can pick the one that would be suitable for you.

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    Now over to you; Have you tried one of the above mentioned platform before? Feel free to share your experience via the comment box