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10 Ways Big Firms Hurt Themselves Badly On Social Media

Social media marketing can be a global firm’s best friend — or worst enemy. By avoiding these 10 errors, large organizations will get the biggest benefit from their social media activities and avoid a costly downside.
10 Ways Big Firms Hurt Themselves Badly On Social Media1. No ResponseThis is really the cardinal sin. A lack of response to questions and comments is a huge turnoff because it reinforces (or creates) the notion that a large organization is impersonal and uncaring. Lack of response can turn neutral or positive followers into brand antagonists who post negative reviews and social media comments that expend all the social media capital an organization has built.

2. Poor ResponseA similar, but not quite as serious, issue is poor response to questions. What constitutes poor? Typically poor responses are vague, do not address the question, do not provide the correct answer, appear overly bureaucratic and/or overly defensive. Often, poor response issues are rooted in poor trainin…

Best Photo Editing Apps For Android On Google Play For Free Download

Photos are known to be an essential key ingredient which adds spice to whatever purpose they are created for that is; whether it is to share on social media, use on your blog posts or for any other commercial uses.
     However the thing is; it’s not just about any photos, but photos that are related to the intending message and pleasing to the eyes.
All thanks to PC & mobile productivity applications which had made editing images lots more easier as with their various tools, one can easily make photos rock better. If you're the type who doesn't have a thing for editing images, maybe you do wonder why the need for editing Images?

Well, the answer is pretty simple; By editing and designing your images, it makes it look more professional and awesome!
    On this post are some of the amazing free photo editor apps for android download on Google Play store which you can use to enhance your photos before using them.

8 Best Photo Editor Applications For Android Free Download

1. S Photo Editor – If you’re looking for one of the best android application to enhance your photos by making it look smarter and cuter, this application would do that for you. Their latest upgrade consists of different and advanced features which includes but not limited to; special facial effects, facial recognition editing, collage maker, and etcetera.

2. Designer – The Designer application is a handy tool for bloggers and digital marketer which allow you to design and/or edit images. Graphics which you can design on the app varies and are numerous – they range from Social Media Graphics, Infographics, Blog Post Ads, and etc.

3. Picsay – If you wanted to make your picture looks more fun, picsay is an application that allows you to add Speech bubbles to your picture and other special effects. You can add effect like Distort, Spotlight, Pixelate, Exposure, and etc.
    You can also add sticker like Word balloon [I use the app for this purpose majorly], Hats & Helmets, eyes & eyewear, hair and etc.

4. Du Screen Editor – Although DU Screen Editor App is used for screen recording, it did also did have an editing features where you can add Mosaics to your pictures, crop them, and personalize with cute brush effect.
    Also, with DU App you can stitch up to 10 images all together!

 Others are;
5. Photo Editor by Aviary
6. PicsArt 
7. Airbrush
8.  Snapspeed

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