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10 Ways Big Firms Hurt Themselves Badly On Social Media

Social media marketing can be a global firm’s best friend — or worst enemy. By avoiding these 10 errors, large organizations will get the biggest benefit from their social media activities and avoid a costly downside.
10 Ways Big Firms Hurt Themselves Badly On Social Media1. No ResponseThis is really the cardinal sin. A lack of response to questions and comments is a huge turnoff because it reinforces (or creates) the notion that a large organization is impersonal and uncaring. Lack of response can turn neutral or positive followers into brand antagonists who post negative reviews and social media comments that expend all the social media capital an organization has built.

2. Poor ResponseA similar, but not quite as serious, issue is poor response to questions. What constitutes poor? Typically poor responses are vague, do not address the question, do not provide the correct answer, appear overly bureaucratic and/or overly defensive. Often, poor response issues are rooted in poor trainin…

3 Reasons Why Your Website Traffic Would Never Increase

If after putting in lots of efforts to increase your blog’s traffic, you discover the traffic is still staggering or almost not increasing at all, then there are high chances that some factors are hindering the growth. These factors are though usually overlooked but then, they can have such an huge impact when it comes to increase in a website's traffic.

3 Factors That'd Stop Your Blog's Traffic From Increasing

1. Theme – This is the basic and the most important factor that determine your site’s traffic. This why I'd advise the first thing you should do before putting in efforts to increase your blog’s traffic is to analyze your blog's theme. Your blog's theme shouldn’t be too simple nor too complicated hence it would seem boring for your readers.
     These duo might make them leave almost immediately the first time they land on your page without bothering to checkout other interesting parts of your blog. Irregardless of your niche, it is recommended that you should at least have a Related Post Widget , Responsive design, Social Media Widgets, and Posts categories installed on your blog.
     Also, there are several themes out there online which come in both free and premium package to help improve your site's traffic, all you have to do is to choose the one which suits your blog well.For instance; if you’re currently having 70 unique page views right now, by using one of those right themes, you’d be surprised to find your traffic increase by almost 80% resulting into 130 unique page views!
     You can hire the service of a blog designer to pick and install the right one for you.
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2. Gadgets – As funny as it might sounds, some gadgets on your site can either help to improve your blog’s traffic or decrease it. If you have lot of attractive gadgets [affiliate banners, image ads, Google ads, etc.] on your blog that points to external source more than the internal pages, they are likely to increase the bounce rate on your blog and decrease your blog’s traffic. While in other case, if you have gadgets that points to some other interesting parts on your blog, there would be decrease in bounce rate and increase in your blog’s traffic.
     Am not saying you shouldn’t monetize your blog via Image ads, of course you should after all there are bills to pay. But then you shouldn’t do things that will hinder your blog’s growth [you can put few instead of a lot] and more importantly, there are several ways you can monetize your blog without Google image ads on your site.

3. Using the Wrong Method – Assuming you wanted to do something on your laptop and in a bid to turn on the system, instead of pressing the “power button”, you're busy pressing all the “keys on the keyboard”. Would that turn on the system?
   Of course, No!
   The same thing applies to increasing your blog’s traffic too. No matter how hard you put in efforts, if you are implementing the right strategy at the wrong time or vice-versa, you might experience staggering to no positive results. As regards the right methods to boost your blog’s traffic, you can take a quick read on 5 proven methods to increase your blog’s traffic or perhaps, download the detailed blog’s traffic free guide here.
 Now over to you,
What do you think might deter a blog's growth?