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Deciding Between The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and The New iPhone X

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The battle for supremacy between Samsung and Apple in the tech industry has gone a notch higher with both launching their latest powerful Smartphones in 2017 which are; Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 and the Apple's iPhone X.
     This begs the question: which one should you opt for? Well, let's look at what each gadget has to offer, and after that, a decision can be made.

*. Design

Regarding design, both Galaxy Note and iPhone X boast of a glass body, with the front and backsides connected only by a thin metal band. Both phones are water-resistant, dust-proof, as well as wireless charging capabilities. Galaxy Note has a 6.3-inch screen display while iPhone X is 5.8 inches. Additionally, Galaxy Note 8 is the heavier of the two Smartphones weighing 195g compared to iPhone X's 174g.
[This is a Guest Post by Ian Andrews]

     Gone is the Home button at the foot of the screen on both phones. Instead, Samsung has introduced a pressure-sensitive display while Apple boasts of a digital bar. While Galaxy Note features the fingerprint reader at the back of the phone, iPhone X has replaced the fingerprint reader altogether with Face ID.

*. Display

Both Smartphones have a large screen display, which occupies about eighty-three percent of the front sections of the phones. Moreover, they both make use of OLED displays, which translates into superior image contrasts, reduced power consumption, as well as quick response time.

*. Camera

Both iPhone X and Note 8 feature dual-lens cameras on the back, affording users superior optical zoom. The dual cameras on both phones boast of a pair of 12-megapixel sensors, optical image stabilization, and autofocus.

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Power and battery life

The Galaxy Note 8 has an octa-core Exynos processor chip paired with 6GB RAM. On the other hand, iPhone X is powered by a six-core A11 "Bionic" chip paired with a 3GB RAM possibly. Concerning battery performance, there's little to separate the two Smartphones as the Galaxy Note offers up to twenty-two hours of talk time and seventy hours of music play while iPhone X provides up to twenty-one hours of talk time and sixty hours of music play.


The type of operating system on iPhone X and Galaxy Note 8 differs, and this is what differentiates the two phones. IPhone X runs iOS 11 while Galaxy Note 8 runs Android 8.O Oreo. Both operating systems are associated with new multitasking capabilities. Users should test both Android Oreo and iOS 11 software before settling on their preferred choice.

Special features

With nothing major to separate the iPhone X and Galaxy Note 8, it may all boil down to the special features. The facial ID recognition system is a standout feature of Apple's iPhone X. It allows users to unlock their phones by looking at their phone screen. On the other hand, the S Pen stylus, which allows you to draw and write notes, is Galaxy Note's special feature.

About Ian Andrews
     Ian Andrews is a tech enthusiast. He is currently the CEO of Pivotal Software Inc., which builds innovative software for its clients across the world. He graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Engineering from Oxford University as well as an MBA from Kingston Business School.


  1. Na which one cheap pass? Can we no the price?

    1. Apple's iPhone X price is said to be around $999 for 64Gb, while that of it's 256Gb costs around $1,149.
      Meanwhile Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is roughly said to be $949.


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