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4 Must To Have Gadgets With PC For Newbie and Geek

Do you just bought a PC or you already had one and wonder what Gadgets are for now important to acquire with the PC? Although You might have had preliminary lists of some gadgets you wanted to acquire but nevertheless you'll still find some that would be quite handy right here
Unlike a mobile phone in which its main add-ons is just the sim and purchasing mobile airtime, a PC need lots more than that. And with numerous gadgets for PC out there, its easier to get overwhelm as which one to start with.
     But here, i had gathered 4 Important Gadgets which you need to have with your PC
4 Gadgets You Need To Have With Your PCExternal Mouse - Although laptops came with a default mouse buttons likewise trackboard which are embedded below the keyboard, i'd still recommend getting an external mouse.
Using an external mouse allows you to perform tasks in a faster and more easier way. 
Flash Drive - Probably you didn't have a printer and you're to print out a document from your…

Emojis App To Use On Your PC and Mobile Phone

Emojis are awesome and helps to add spice to the post you update on your social media when you use them in your status. Just as a picture speaks more than a thousand words, emoticon helps to add colorful meaning to words use on social media.

Although  some social media networks like Facebook and twitter had the feature which allows people to use emoticon on their pos
   But some like LinkedIn, Instagram, Google plus and co do not have the emoticon feature hence on this post, you'll get to read how to use emoticons on any social networks irregardless of whether you're using a mobile android device and/or Personal Computer

How To Use Emoji On Mobile Phone Using Emoji App

  Before you can use emoji on social network using your android phone, you'll need to download an application called Swift key. Swiftkey as mentioned in the Number 1 app here is a keyboard mobile application for android devices which offer more features than the default android keyboard.
   You can download SwiftKey Keyboard App here or search for it on playstore

10 Best Free Exciting Android Apps You Should Have On Your Phone 

How To Use Emoji Using A Personal Computer (Social Media Emoji Copy and Paste)

Instead of an app, you'll need to get an extension for your browser called the emoji keyboard. For Firefox browser, simply Navigate to the top bright bar of the Firefox homepage

  • Then click on Add-on
  • Now select Get add-on and search for emoji keyboard!
    Once the installation is complete, you'll see the icon at the top bar of your Firefox browser
  • Whenever you need to use the emoji, simply click on this icon to copy your emoji and paste it on social media