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5 Reasons Why You Should Change Your Domain Name Now!

Its ain't a new thing when a blogger think of changing his/her domain name even after having been using the domain name for a long time. Although some bloggers and webmasters have manage to stuck to their domain name for years without thinking of changing it, or maybe they thought of changing it but just decides to dump the idea of doing so.

  I guess by now, you might wonder that why would a blogger ever thought of changing his/her domain name? Well, am going to list the reasons below on this post and additionally, why you should also do so too.

  Incase you're not familiar with what it is, a DOMAIN NAME is simply the URL that a site can be accessed with, taking for instance, this site you are currently viewing can be accessed with its DOMAIN NAME via Having now knew about what a domain name is, lets discuss about the reason as to why you might want to change your domain name.

5 Reasons Why You Should Change Your Domain Name Now! Name Too Long - Just b…

3 Importance of PDF Documents For A Business and Blog's Awareness

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When it comes to letting people know more information about a certain subject, we are all familiar with the most common ways which is writing lengthy articles or talking about it on social media but have you ever consider using PDF Document?
   Even though there are lots of reasons why PDF is very important and should be used as means of communicating a broad subject to your audience, below are Top 3 Why!


1. Ability to carry large amount of information conveniently - No matter how interesting an information is, your audience can't stare on their device reading an article of 10,000 words on your blog without not getting bored or weary! Instead of putting that amount of information as an article online, you can simply package it to a PDF document and make it accessible for them to download.
    And this is why i made the "Increase Your Blog's Traffic Guide in PDF format" to explain in full detail about Simple and Proven Methods for Traffic Building to a Blog.

2. No Internet Connection required to access information - Perhaps one of the best reasons why PDF Documents  are great is that they allows you to view the information you needed without using Internet connection as long as you have it saved on your device. This would enable your targeted audience to access detailed info at any convenience time they deem fit without worrying about internet connectivity.

3. Easier Readability  - For a document to consist large amount of information, one ought to have been expecting to see a cluttered layout but NO! The Adobe PDF Reader which is a popular software for viewing PDF files is built in with a very clean navigation options which make readability lots more easier for user!

So there you have it! The top 3 reasons why PDF files are very important and why you should consider creating one to share with your audience.
 Here is a post on How To Easily Create A PDF Document

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