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4 Must To Have Gadgets With PC For Newbie and Geek

Do you just bought a PC or you already had one and wonder what Gadgets are for now important to acquire with the PC? Although You might have had preliminary lists of some gadgets you wanted to acquire but nevertheless you'll still find some that would be quite handy right here
Unlike a mobile phone in which its main add-ons is just the sim and purchasing mobile airtime, a PC need lots more than that. And with numerous gadgets for PC out there, its easier to get overwhelm as which one to start with.
     But here, i had gathered 4 Important Gadgets which you need to have with your PC
4 Gadgets You Need To Have With Your PCExternal Mouse - Although laptops came with a default mouse buttons likewise trackboard which are embedded below the keyboard, i'd still recommend getting an external mouse.
Using an external mouse allows you to perform tasks in a faster and more easier way. 
Flash Drive - Probably you didn't have a printer and you're to print out a document from your…

How To Fix A Computer Keyboard Not Working Properly

So if you are having similar situations, and notice that your computer's keyboard is not working properly or not typing the letters correctly, am going to share with you 3 methods of solving it on this post. 
     After the recent issue of laptop's processor fan was fixed, then came the issue of the keyboard which stopped working and at first, i thought was a minor issue but when it keeps persisting, i couldn't take it any more and decided to sought for solution.

3 Quick Tips To Fix Your Keyboard Not Working Properly

1. Check "Num Lock"
    There are some keys on the keyboard that looks innocent but as simple as they looks, those keys can alter the way your computer functions and an example of those key is the "Num Lock".
  For instance on my PC, when the Num Lock is turned on, the "J,K,L" and some other keys would cease to work.
 => So the first thing you should do is to check the "Num Lock" as to whether it is turned on. If it is, then press the same key (Num Lock) to turn if off. 
2. Re-install the keyboard driver
 If option number Number 1 id not work out, then you should try to UN-install and Re-install the keyboard driver. To do this, Right-click on Computer > Device Manager in which you would then be showed the list of the drivers been installed on the system.
             Click the keyboard to reveal the drivers on the system and right click on where the arrow is pointed at on the image.

 Now click on UN-install and restart your system.
 If that does not work too, then go for option No 3.

3. Use External Keyboard
   If the problem still persist, then you should consider getting an external Keyboard to connect with your computer. This external keyboard usually had a USB end which can be connected to one of the USB port on the system.
   Below is an example

                  When i had trouble with mine, although Number 1 option works a little but i needed a permanent solution so i opted for No #3.

   Hope this post would come handy for you:)