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While fidgeting around NetSocialBlog, i thought i should pull out some, out of the interesting articles about computer and technology;)

So whether you're just stumbling upon this blog or you're already an awesome loyal reader whom had been with NSB for a long time, you're definitely going to find these TOP 8 articles fascinating!

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6 Best Android Applications To Have On Your Phone in 2016

Android mobile devices is one of the fast rising device nowadays and its so widely used that it will almost be found in the hands of 6, out of every 10 mobile users.
      Probably the reason why it's popular is because of the android OS' flexibility and its numerous applications which are available in the Google Play Store. 
The flexibility of Android devices made me remember those days of Java phones as the Java devices was also accepted by  lots of users then, which was simply because  of the large applications the Java OS can boast of.
  But Nowadays is the turn of the Android OS as The applications available on the Google Play Store is so large that one could easily get overwhelmed by them.  And the funny thing is,  no matter how much apps you installed,  you might still not be satisfied.

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So i have decides to list out some recommended apps for  all Android users.  I mean irrespective of your nature, you're going to find the mentioned apps helpful.
    Are you ready?

6 Must-Have Android Apps For All Android Users

1. SwiftKey - When i first got an android mobile device, it was the default on-screen keyboard that first bore me. Not that it wasn't okay, its cool  but being a creative person, i needed something more than that.            
     It was during my Google play store Tour that I stumbled upon the SwiftKey keyboard app and i couldn't ask for more.  The application has cool themes for your keyboard, supports Native language, slide to type feature and lots more!

2.  Quickteller - If you didn't know what Quickteller is by now, you have been missing a lot. Quickteller is an application that allows you to send money, buy airtime and etcetra. I once mentioned about quickteller on this blog as to how you can use it to send money anytime, anyday LIKEWISE how you can use it to buy airtime.
   Having the Quickteller app on your Android phone makes it easier and faster than going on the web.

3. Photo Collage - If you'd like editing photo or mixing photo together, then this app would come handy for you.  I don't use much of the app though but i trust ladies, they would surely love it. Taking the case of a friend of mine, she could use the application like kilode 😁

4. Bike Racing Video Game -  I know some people do not really fancy video game but i think its cool to have one.  After all, all WORK and No PLAY can make Jack a dull boy..
  I don't have a recommended video game as at now, but the one i have as at this moment on my phone is "Killer Bean" and a "Bike Stunt Game". The bike game is good for relaxing and also forces one to think on how to overcome the challenges
  Note that Video games in this case are meant for entertainment only.

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5. AppLock -  If you had younger siblings or an intruder who always grab any opportunity to get hold of your phone and tamper with the applications there, the AppLock would come handy for you.
         It allows you to put a lock on your favorite applications thus making it inaccessible for third-party without your consent.

6. Firefox Browser -  I get it,  Not all of us are heavy Internet users but still yet, you still need Browsers if you really does wanted to browse faster and smarter.  Opera mini, Firefox, Ucbrowser and Chrome are the Major Internet browsers and each of them have their functionality.
   Am still trying to wrap my head around Chrome but for now, Opera mini and Firefox comes to my mind first whenever i wanted to browse on my android phone.
   The reason why i gave Firefox an edge is the way it displays in PC view

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  1. Those 6 applications are essential for effectiveness on Android phones. Great post.

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