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While fidgeting around NetSocialBlog, i thought i should pull out some, out of the interesting articles about computer and technology;)

So whether you're just stumbling upon this blog or you're already an awesome loyal reader whom had been with NSB for a long time, you're definitely going to find these TOP 8 articles fascinating!

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4 Common Ways Your PC Could Get Destroyed is a precautionary post that tells about what most pc users do normally do, and that can short-live their computer.
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A Beginners Guide To Affliate Marketing and Programs

What Is Affliate Marketing and How Does It Works?

Affiliate Marketing Online simply means promoting products and/or services from an affliate program and earning commission from the sales you made. This simply means that whenever you gets a sale from the products you promote, you would be rewarded with a commission.
     On this Post, I hope to share as much as possible the details you need to know about affliate marketing, likewise some of the top affliate programs you can Join and how you can earn money from it.

Disclaimer: This post contains some affliate links which i may earn commissions at no extra fee for you

What actually gave birth to this post was the question asked by someone who said she would like to know about how affiliate marketing works.
Although I had once briefly mentioned about an affliate program on this blog before but since its an affliate program i talked about and not affliate marketing, hence i decides to come up with an article that would clarify and with better explanation.

How To Make Money With Affliate Program

Like i earlier said, Affliate program pays per commission. So before you can make money with an affliate program, you have to be able to make sales from your promotion.

Best and Top Affliate Programs Especially For Newbies

There are lots of affliate programs out there which you can participate in but I've streamline and listed below some of them which you can Join to earn money. So whether you're a Tech Blogger, Webmaster, or Lifestyle Blogger, You're definitely going to find the one that suits you from the list below.

Kaymu Jumia Affliate
Kaymu Jumia Affliate Program was recently launched in this year 2016 and offers different products which you can promote. The products which you can promotes from your dashboard includes Phones, Computers, Fashion Accessories and Co | You can join using the form below

Personal Information

Additional Information

Clothing & FashionComputers & AccessoriesPhones & TabletsHome & KitchenElectronicsBaby Kids & ToysSports & FitnessFood & DrinksMovies, Music & GamesBeauty, Health & Personal CareBooks & StationeryAutomotive & industrial

Namecheap Affliate Program 
Namecheap is an Accredited Domain Registrar which offers products like Domains, Hosting, e.t.c | If you are unfamiliar with what Namecheap isn all about, i have once talked about it HERE as one of the best domain name registrar.
Namecheap Affliate Program is okay for Blogger in the Webmasters Niche as domains and hosting are related to the Niche |You Can Join Namecheap Affliate Program Here and scroll to the to footer of their site where you'll see a link with Affiliates.

Payoneer Affliate Program
Payoneer is an International Company that issues you a Free Debit Card so you can be able to make foreign transactions easily. If you work for a Clients or Company in the United States, you can use the Card to receive money.
   In Other case, if you had someone who work for you outside the country, you can use the Card to make payment for the person. With their affiliate program, both you and your referral get to earn $25.
To know more about the Payoneer Card and Affliate Program, visit their official website at

       There are also couple of Other affliate programs out there which you can join and they all boils down to your choice and your site's niche. However i would recommend you choose an affliate program that fits into your niche because this would make the products you promote related and looks good for your readers.

How To Get Started In Affliate Marketing

Once you've decide on the affliate program you would like to use, all you need to get started is to just Signup with them. However Some affliate programs usually do a MANUAL REVIEW (like Kaymu, Konga and Jumia) whilst some would accept you instantly as long as you have an account with them. (like Namecheap).

After you had been accepted into their program, you would be then be able to login into the affliate dashboard and also given an affliate link which you can use for promotion. There are other form of promotion tools which you can use, usually in form of Text ads, Banners or Both.

When people buy products via your affliate links, you'll receive a commission and after reaching their payment threshold, you can now withdraw your earnings!

I believe this post must have solved the confusing part about affliate marketing/program for you. If not, simply use the comment box below to ask questions and i'll reply asap


  1. One of those things I hate doing online before was affiliate marketing. I did it fir a Nigerian affilaite company and they never paid me my earnings. That gave me a wrong impression about the whole thing.

  2. You're right about that one, and thats why a lot of people didn't venture into Affliate Marketing.
    But some people are still earning from Affliate programs, hence i would say it depends on the the type of Affliate programs one Joined
    Thanks for leaving your honest opinion sir

  3. Affiliate Marketing is good provided you know how to go about it. There are scammers marketers everywhere. Just watch your back.

  4. Hahaha @scammers marketers!
    What does that one mean oooo?

  5. nice one tunde.i applied for amazon but am finding it difficult to sell

    1. Hi there success incentives,
      There are lots of things to note of when applying for affliate programs. One of them is; Is the niche you currently are, related to what you're promoting?
      What section of the Amazon products are you promoting?


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