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How To Stop Facebook Spam Posts, Comments and Links

In my last post on social network articles, i talked about spam posted links on facebook and the damages they can do to one's reputation and account. If you missed it, i recommend you read the post so you can know how those spam links does enter a facebook account.

   But today, after the suggestion of Funmy Kemmy and Uthman Saheed on the post, i'll be talking about how to stop the spam on facebook wall.
If your facebook profile is posting links that you did not know (spam), there is the tendency that your account was intruded by usually an automated application.
In this post, am going to tell you how you can stop those spam from your facebook profile.
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For those who says 'my facebook profile is posting links which i do not know', i have categorized how you can stop it into 2 parts which are the TEMPORARY and PERMANENT Method.
Let me assure you that whichever of the method you use, its going to stop the spam but its BEST to use the latter one which is the PERMANENT METHOD.

How To Stop Spam On Facebook Wall

 For the TEMPORARY METHOD, All you Need Todo is to Change your Facebook Password and its going to REVOKE the connection that has been linked earlier with your account (Read the first paragraph of this post to know how the Spam was Linked to your account) .
(Did You Know About The Real Truth- Facebook To Start Charging $2.99/Monthly?)

=> The PERMANENT METHOD: If you're on a PC, goto the dropdown located at the Top right of your facebook timeline, then click on it and scroll down to settings. For mobile facebook users, simply move your cursor down to the BOTTOM and you'll see the Settings and Privacy link to click on.
Once you've done that, scroll to Apps and locate the name of the app that is autoposting. There, you can now delete the app.
If you're having trouble doing either of the two, Like my facebook page here and send me a DM. Then i'll take it from there


  1. Anonymous7/5/16

    its happening to a friend of mine, now i will tell him how to remove it

  2. I hope you'll also tell your friend, that you read it from here

  3. Thanks for finding solution to the Facebook spam wall. It is really helpful.

  4. Infact, i felt relieved to post the solution here for others to solve. Good to see you here ma'am


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