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8 Articles About Computer and Technology You Shouldn't Miss

While fidgeting around NetSocialBlog, i thought i should pull out some, out of the interesting articles about computer and technology;)

So whether you're just stumbling upon this blog or you're already an awesome loyal reader whom had been with NSB for a long time, you're definitely going to find these TOP 8 articles fascinating!

5 Tips To Buy The Best Laptop/Computer - If you're looking to buy a new PC, this is an handy post i recommend for you as it entails cool tips you should be mindful of!
4 Common Ways Your PC Could Get Destroyed is a precautionary post that tells about what most pc users do normally do, and that can short-live their computer.
3 Important Eye Care Tips For Computer Users - The eye usually feel fatigue after long hours of working on a computer (or anything screen-related). With this simple and straightforward post, there's no doubt that your eyes will thank you for reading it!
5 Must Have Softwares For Pc Users - There are huge numbers of softwa…

3 Common Blogging Mistakes To Avoid (Hence Your Blog Might Fall)

Despite following different tactics in improving your blog, its possible you might unkowingly be ignoring some CORE parts that can make your blog TRIP and FALL (slowly or drastically)!

Before i dive in to the main concept of this post, let me first commend you, i mean bloggers for their blogging efforts;) for its no blabbing if i said a BLOGGER perform unmeasurable task.

      These tasks which are done majorly to IMPROVISE their blog, and to provide useful information to READERS include hiring a blog designer to design a good template, reading articles on how to increase blog's traffic, adding special social widget to stay connected with readers, and some other techniques).
Now to the main concept of this post, lets check those *things* out that can TRIP a blog and make it fall.

  1. Quality Content - QUALITY content is when a content agrees to either of the below attributes.
    *. Teaches a reader something (useful) new
    *. Solves reader's problem
    *. Is well-structured and passes a meaningful message.
    If you do not want your blog to TRIP and Fall, then you need to answer sincerely if TRULY your blog is made up of QUALITY CONTENT as define above.
    If its not, do not feel bad as nobody is perfect and there is always room for improvement.
    Jots down the mistakes and ruminate on how to make your posts more better.
  2. (Read Top 6 Basic HTML To Include In Your BlogPost

  3. Being Inconsistent - Sometimes i wonder at the inconsistency rate of some blogs on the cyberspace. Taking for instance a blogger that publish a SINGLE POST now and another post in the NEXT 4 MONTHS!

    Although some bloggers wish to be consistent but due to one reason or the other, they are unable to (mine was because of the device that got spoilt as explained here).
    However, some of these bloggers whom are faced with one thing or the other have developed strategies to make them stay connected with their readers.

    Below are examples of some bloggers strategies (from my point of observation).
    => Stephanie Obi, an Online Business Consultant always ensure to post weekly on her blog.

    This duration enables and spare her time to work on other activities and also come up with superb article.
    More importantly her readers were assured that they'll always learn something new every week that they visit the blog.

    => Funmy Kemmy, an Entrepreneur do sometimes update up to 4 posts on a single day via funmy kemmy's blog and this is usually done when she has missed some days on her blog due to one reason or the other.
    By doing this, readers would be able to read articles they had missed the day she was unable to post.

    => Tunde Sanusi (Tuham) a Tech and Social Media Scientist of NetSocialBlog would use the blog's social profiles to connect more intimately with readers.
    By using this method, NSB social fans on twitter and facebook were able to enjoy both Latest and Previous interesting posts.
    Although what works for JACK might not works for JILL but you can still work out what method will suits you and after that, you should try and be consistent with it.

  4. Sharing - The thing is, am a story-writer but people won't know if i didn't tell them via the hire me page, nor sharing some stories online (like i does on my other blog).
    The same thing happens to a blog. If you want people out there to know about your blog and do not want it to FALL into extinction, then you need to SHARE it to the world!
However do not share in such a way that will scare people away (that is, when you're sharing links too much).
Here i rest my e-pen
Sharing of this post and your thoughts are absolutely FREE!
so do it!


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  2. You're welcome and i usually did an official grettings for first timers.
    So cheers for your first coming here!
    Do feel free to come back again

  3. Your points are good. Quality content is very much important to Blogging. There is love in consistency and sharing too. Nice write-up.

  4. Its not easy being consistent but its good to be. Thanks for your warm comment on NSB, FKB's Owner *wink*


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