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10 Ways Big Firms Hurt Themselves Badly On Social Media

Social media marketing can be a global firm’s best friend — or worst enemy. By avoiding these 10 errors, large organizations will get the biggest benefit from their social media activities and avoid a costly downside.
10 Ways Big Firms Hurt Themselves Badly On Social Media1. No ResponseThis is really the cardinal sin. A lack of response to questions and comments is a huge turnoff because it reinforces (or creates) the notion that a large organization is impersonal and uncaring. Lack of response can turn neutral or positive followers into brand antagonists who post negative reviews and social media comments that expend all the social media capital an organization has built.

2. Poor ResponseA similar, but not quite as serious, issue is poor response to questions. What constitutes poor? Typically poor responses are vague, do not address the question, do not provide the correct answer, appear overly bureaucratic and/or overly defensive. Often, poor response issues are rooted in poor trainin…

How To Buy The Best Laptop/Computer - [5 Must-Known Tips]

Having the enough funds to buy a computer is something, while getting the best PC is another thing. The 'best' in this case means when a pc can do, and EVEN MORE, of what one expect of it.
I once fell into the categories of those aspiring to buy a laptop but due to because am unfamiliar with how to get 'the best', i end up with a laptop that didn't lasts long! (worse part - even puts me into frustration before its death).
So for those whom are about to grab a new pc, i hope the tips am about to share here with you would be helpful.
There are many computers out there - different in sizes, shapes, colours e.t.c and it is almost impossible for me to just simply point out my index finger saying
'this one is good'
'that one is bad'.
This is because, what makes a computer seems good to me might not be what makes it to another person else, likewise vice-versa.
However one thing we SURE all got in common is; 'the need for a pc that can perform our desired function/s'.
(You Might Want To Checkout; 4 Common Ways A Pc Could Got Destroyed)

Hence i'll be sharing 5 cool tips on what to look out for, in order to get the best computer. Are you ready?
  1. Brand - When it comes to buying phones, we have as at presently brands like Nokia, LG, Samsung, Tecno, Itel, etcetera. While in the COMPUTING WORLD, there are brands like HP, Toshiba, Lenovo, Dell, and co.
    Before buying a pc, it is advisable that you should be familiarised with the brand that is suitable for your purpose as Brand does matters in a PC functionality.
  2. HDD Memory - The Hard Disk Memory short-known as HDD is where most of your data will be stored into. Be it documents, videos, musics, and/or any files.
    If you're planning to use the pc for a commercial purpose (i.e wide range of functions), then you should go for an higher storage.
  3. (4 must have gadgets with a PC)
  4. RAM Memory - This memory is more or less related to the No #2 mentioned above but the difference is; one is permanent storage while the latter is temporary.
    The RAM Memory either makes your installed programs work FASTER or slower, it all depends on how high it is. The higher, the faster.
  5. Processor - Everyday technology is being challenged and improved. In those days of early computers, the processor being used back then would almost not be able to handle nowadays programs.
    Processors are the brain of a pc hence one should ensure a computer with good processors.
  6. Graphics - Long before, my thought was that *all computers* has the same graphics but recently i discover there would always be a difference (might be slight though).
    Although graphics usually depends on the Operating System(OS) installed on a PC, but it is also and most determined by the Pc Brand and VGA card.
These are the things you should research into before getting a PC. You might as well take a few minutes to read that of PHONE here
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  1. Nice tips. Truly, what makes a computer seems good to me might not be what makes it good to another person else.

  2. Abi now.
    Its like while some people took great delight in a computer graphics, some are much more interested in other functionality.

    I feel supergood to read your comment on this post. *lol*

  3. Took me time to read all the comments, but I really enjoyed the article. It proved to be Very helpful to me and I am sure to all the commenters here! It’s always nice when you can not only be informed, but also entertained! laptop finder

  4. Am glad it could be of help to you @Deborah. I hope to see you come back here often

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