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8 Articles About Computer and Technology You Shouldn't Miss

While fidgeting around NetSocialBlog, i thought i should pull out some, out of the interesting articles about computer and technology;)

So whether you're just stumbling upon this blog or you're already an awesome loyal reader whom had been with NSB for a long time, you're definitely going to find these TOP 8 articles fascinating!

5 Tips To Buy The Best Laptop/Computer - If you're looking to buy a new PC, this is an handy post i recommend for you as it entails cool tips you should be mindful of!
4 Common Ways Your PC Could Get Destroyed is a precautionary post that tells about what most pc users do normally do, and that can short-live their computer.
3 Important Eye Care Tips For Computer Users - The eye usually feel fatigue after long hours of working on a computer (or anything screen-related). With this simple and straightforward post, there's no doubt that your eyes will thank you for reading it!
5 Must Have Softwares For Pc Users - There are huge numbers of softwa…

2 Major Reasons Why Your Blog Is Not Yielding Positive Result

Are you wondering why things are not working out as you expect of with you and your blog despite that you tried your best in following the required procedure?
What you're expecting of might be related to either, some or all of the below common questions like;
  • WHY am i not getting COMMENTS on my blog?
  • WHY is my blog traffic not increasing?
  • WHY am i not making (enough) money online with my blog?
  • And Others
I also do worry a lot about the above questions but i started being on a STATE OF TRANQUIL the moment i discovered the truth which am about to share with you on this post.
And i hope that it will be of help to you too.
Read 5 Proven Methods To Increase Blog Traffic
The BAD NEWS about the phenomenon is; according to Hongkiat No #1 fact out of 50 Reasons why your blog is not making money, its happening to 99% of bloggers. So you're not alone
Whilst The GOOD NEWS is after ruminating on different ideas and reading several articles, i FINALLY GOT THE ANSWER and have cut-short it into 2 reasons why your blog is not working to your expectation.
  1. You're Not Doing It Right: Lets face the harsh truth; Most of the things that are NOT WORKING WELL with a blog is because the BLOGGER IS NOT DOING SOMETHING RIGHT.
    I didn't mean to hurt you but its the reality most of us are trying to avoid. WHATEVER YOU WANT -earning money, getting comments, increasement of traffic, Ask yourself "am i doing it the right way?"
  2. Did You Know About Blogger Pros and Cons You Need To Know?
  3. Give Time Some Time: If you're sure of yourself with NO #1 and things are still not working well, then its high time you admit to NO #2 which is; Giving Time Some More Time.
    No matter how ADEQUATE the SUNLIGHT is, no matter how SUFFICIENT you WATER a plant, the plant Can NEVER GROW in a DAY. Some things are meant to grow with time. All you have todo is to stop thinking and just keep on DOING the RIGHT THING.
Being a blogger ain't easy, Uthman Saheed testified to this via his blog on Blogging - A Stressful Work To Enjoy.
However if you're blogging with Passion and in the Right way, am sure it will all worth it in the end. Isn't it?
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  1. Your points are well stated. Patience, Perseverance and Purposefulness are the keys to successful blogging.


  2. Definitely, thanks for sharing the 3PS!

  3. Good points. Though I'm in the 90% category, I hope to cross to the other side soon. Hopefully, that will work out with time.

  4. Yes it will. Its a gradual process requring the combination of smart efforts and determination.
    Welcome to Netsocialblog David:)


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