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8 Articles About Computer and Technology You Shouldn't Miss

While fidgeting around NetSocialBlog, i thought i should pull out some, out of the interesting articles about computer and technology;)

So whether you're just stumbling upon this blog or you're already an awesome loyal reader whom had been with NSB for a long time, you're definitely going to find these TOP 8 articles fascinating!

5 Tips To Buy The Best Laptop/Computer - If you're looking to buy a new PC, this is an handy post i recommend for you as it entails cool tips you should be mindful of!
4 Common Ways Your PC Could Get Destroyed is a precautionary post that tells about what most pc users do normally do, and that can short-live their computer.
3 Important Eye Care Tips For Computer Users - The eye usually feel fatigue after long hours of working on a computer (or anything screen-related). With this simple and straightforward post, there's no doubt that your eyes will thank you for reading it!
5 Must Have Softwares For Pc Users - There are huge numbers of softwa…

How To Check if your blog is Mobile Responsive Using Mobile App.

In Blogging,after deciding what to be posting on your blog there are possible chance that most of your readers will be accessing your blog from Mobile which is why every bloggers should ensure that their blog is Mobile Responsive.

Based on survey and Research, mobile users access webblog from either their default mobile browser or Installed browser. The most popular installed browser are Opera mini and Ucbrowser, so therefore i will discuss about How To Check If Your Blog Is Mobile Responsive on these Installed browsers.

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How To check your blog on Opera Mini.

For Mobile view:
Type your blog url and add /?m=1 example is

You can also check how your blog looks on PC:
To check it, type ur blog url and add /?m=0 at the end example is

How To check your blog on Ucbrowser

Just type your blog url without appending something at the end example

After doing that, you can now Judge maybe your blog looks need to be re-designed or its okay. You can also tell your friends to help you check it as illustrated in this post and say their own view.

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