How To Backup Your Blogger Blog Posts, Pages and Comments

How would you feel when you wake up one morning and suddenly find your blog offline?!
All your Posts.. Comments.. The Pages.. Your Sweat!?
The feeling can’t be explained but is sure going to be overwhelming!However if you have your blog’s up-to-date backup data, then you needn’t not to worry much as you can easily make things up by restoring it in less than 48hours!Hence i would be sharing with you how to easily backup your blogger blog posts data.

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How To Backup Blogger Blog Posts and Pages

Step 1
   Login to your blog dashboard and Click on Settings > Other

Step 2
  In the Other Settings, Click on Backup Content

Step 3
   Now click on “Save to Computer” on the page that will appear after that

Your blogger blog posts and comments would now start download.
Once the download is through, you have NOW SUCCESSFULLY BACKUP YOUR BLOG.

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2 thoughts on “How To Backup Your Blogger Blog Posts, Pages and Comments

  1. You're welcome. Losing a blog is the main reason why this article is posted so Blogger can do their backup before the worst happen.
    thanks for dropping by to comment. Do have a wondeful day

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