Mobile Tips: Contact Name not Showing

This post is for people who are having “not showing Contact Name” issue with their phone.. Sometimes while trying to secure our phone with Security stuff, we might click on the wrong place and this can lead to malfunction of the phone.
The issue calls for solution when i call a sister of mine and she said she can’t see my name, at first i thought she didnt store my number but later she explain that.. she stored it but it just wont show the contact name. Then i remember Samuel, a friend of mine had this issue before and he solved it. I called him and he explains how he troubleshoot it. Now, if you’re having the same issue..below is the simple step to solve it:

if this exactly is happening to your phone,there is 95% probabilty that you’re using Security code to access some feature on your phone.Goto the Settings on the Menu of your phone, then to Security. Now check the Features you set security code to like Gallery,Message,Contacts,Organiser and so on.. If Contact is there, Remove the contact and Confirm the settings. #Simple!
The problem of not showing Contact Name is now Solved!

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