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How To Know If You Are Addicted To Social Media

Social Media had undoubtedly been playing an huge positive impact in our day to day activities as they help we humans to connect and interact with each other more faster and easier. Fortunately, there are quite many of them out there with each of them having their special features which make them different from the other.

     Without moving all around and in a matter of few minutes, you can say "hello" to your friends using Mark Zuckerberg's platform called Facebook, share vacations or beautiful moments with the photo/video sharing social media known as Instagram, build your professional network using Reid Hoffman social site called LinkedIn, or even express yourself in fewer words with the populous social network site by Jack Dorsey known as Twitter.

Whilst these social networks had been proving to be helpful, it is important we should be conscious of the way one uses them. Depending on how you uses them, they can either be helpful or the other way around
     Too …

Redesign Your Blog

Want to Redesign Your Blog? I can do it for you. I'll give your blog a beautiful and responsive template which makes your blog look appealing and easier to navigate for your lovely readers.
Did i also mentioned that i'll install the 5 Cool Widgets That Make A Blog Look Awesome? Of course i will [if you'd love to have them on your blog].

Having a Custom Domain Name and Quality Contents are not enough for a Blog if the Design is Poor. A blog's design really matters a lot as this will enables your readers to;
  • easily find your blog's content,
  • able to navigate other post.
  • Search for something,
  • find your social networks profile
  • and others to mention a few.
All the above that matters a lot will be consider when designing your blog for you.
Blog Designing charges depends on the design being preferred
If you have a particular design in mind that you'd like, do let me know or you can choose from the designs from the blogs listed below(not limited though)

  • www.amiloaded.com
  • www.musesspill.com.ng
  • www.funmykemmy.com
  • www.osunexplore.com
  • www.dreamswithjoshua.com
  • www.trendwithgloria.com
  • www.tuhamworld.com
  • www.advocacyforafrica.org
Like i earlier stated, those were examples and not limited. If you also had a particular design in mind that you wish to have on your blog or you wanted to customize the current template you're using, you can tell me during our conversation.
  Blog design/Redesign fee starts from #7000 and above as the rate depends on the type of design you'd like.
To get started, email tuhamworld[at]gmail.com with the Subject " Blog Redesign Request Service" or whatsapp me on 08189655026.

You can also check the blogging tips on this blog to become a better blogger.
Happy blogging