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10 Best Free & Exciting Must-Have Android Applications In 2017

Mobile applications are great as they help to extend the functionalities of your mobile phone. With millions of applications in the Google Play store, it can be confusing to choose the best and exciting apps be it in terms of games, productivity, internet or dessign!
   After using more than 30 android applications on my mobile phone, i had decided to share with you some of my best free exciting android apps in the year 2017!

10 Best Free Exciting Android Apps of 20171. Google Chrome - To be candid; At first, i didn't like the Google Chrome browser but i later grew fond of it especially when it comes to accessing my blogger blog dashboard on mobile phone. If you wanted an app to surf in desktop view, you should get this browser!

2. Opera Mini - This is suppose to be my Number 1 favorite android application because i use it 87% of the time whenever am connected to the internet. What actually made me grew fond of it was due to it's speed and being light-weight. Want to surf faste…

Adsense and Blogger Html to XML Code Parser

Free Parser Tool For Adsense and Blogger Themes. This simple parser code tool allows you to;
  •  Parse html for blogger xml templates - so you can use certain codes in the HTML Section of your blogger blog
  • Works for adsense code converter - It does serve as adsense coder parser incase you want to add adsense ads inside your post body
  •  You can also use it for code parser online - Apart from adsense and blogger themes, you can also use it to parse html online 
How Does it works?
    All you need to do is paste the code you'd like to parse in the empty box below and then click on Convert!
      Simple as ABC!

    If you had trouble with the tool above, feel free to leave a comment:)

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