Top 7 Great Blogging Resources To Help You Blog Better

Admit it..
  The process of running a Blog can be an herculean task; I mean from Brainstorming for idea about a new blog post, finding the right images, promotion of contents, etcetera!
  And this is the major reason why some big sites recruit other people so that the workload can be delegated and efficiently done!
  Since not all bloggers can afford to hire others or perhaps, you belong to the group of those who just prefer managing their blog alone, then it is best to have the right tools and resources at hand so as to make blogging easier and better!
    Right here on this post, i would like to share with you some of the resources that would help you blog better

Top 10 Great Blogging Resources To Help You Blog Better

1. Pixabay - If you have been taking your pictures from Google and using it on your blog post, you need to STOP DOING THAT RIGHT NOW! The reason is because some pictures from Google are copyrighted and when you use them, it can land you in trouble in case the owner decided to fight for it.
    Instead of using a picture that might make you feel unsettled, why not use the one you don't have to worry about getting sued for it. hosts a large amount of photos which you can use for your blog without getting penalized.

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2. Dlvr.It - Promotion of contents is very important and Social Media is the fastest way to do it. But whenever you publish a new post, Do you manually share it on your social networks or the post automatically send itself?
    If you are still using the manual method of promoting on Social Media whenever you publish a new post, then you need this No #2 resource to take over!
     Dlvr.It uses your blog's feed to send new posts across all of your connected social media in an instant!

3. Buffer - Buffer is an Automated Social Network platform that gives you the ability to share your posts (both old and new ones) on your social networks in which you can also include an images. You can also decide to schedule a post for sharing on social networks without having to post at that time.
    As at the moment of publishing this post, Buffer on its FREE PLAN allows you to connect 4 Social Networks which includes the populous platform; Facebook, Twitter, Google-plus, and LinkedIn.

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4. Hootsuite - You might have heard of hootsuite somewhere or from someone before but in case you do not have an idea of how it works, it perform almost the same function as Buffer. Hootsuite let you share your posts and also attach a file (images, videos) to it before sharing to your connected social networks.
    It has both a FREE PLAN and the PREMIUM PLAN in which you'd decide the one which suits you best.

5. Broken-link Check - Broken links does no good for your blog and can damage both it's rank and reputation but how would you know if there's a broken link on your blog when you've published lots of blog posts?!
    With Brokenlinkcheck , you can easily find out the "dead links" on your blog and repair them.

6. Cassie Daves Blog Planner   - This seems like the only offline blog Resource on this post but would surely go a long way to make you blog better. The blog planner came in different colors for you to choose the one that best suits your style.
    Cassie daves blog planner is like a blogging journal to help you keep track of your blog's growth, jots down ideas for your next blog-post, and lots more!

7. Copyscape - Copyscape is an online tool to check your site's content authencity and whether it has been duplciated somewhere else. The tool had been existing for a while on the internet and is widely used by webmasters and content creators to check plagiarism.

Hope you enjoy these Resources?
Happy Blogging!