How To Create A Blog For Free On Blogger Blogspot Platform [With Pictures]

If you've been yearning to have a blog of your own but just don't have the slightest idea of how to create one, this post is surely going to walk you through on how you can create and start your own blog for free using the blogger blogspot platform!

Before we proceed, you would need to have a 'Google Account' in order to create your free blog on the blogger platform. You need not to worry about this as having a G-mail account automatically grants you a 'Google Account' .
    However if you do not have one, You can read How To Create A G-mail Account For Free Here.

Have you done that? Now let's cut the real cake!

How To Create and Start A Blog For Free On Blogspot Platform

1. Go to and click on "Create Your Blog" as Indicated in the arrow below


2. Login to your Google Account using your email address and password

page

3. Once you had signed in, you would be shown a page as to the type of profile you'd like to use with your blog.


A Google+ profile is more or less of a social network profile (recommended)
A blogger profile is usually a static page containing your bio, books, interests, etcetera

4. After that you'd be taken to your blogger dashboard And Since you haven't created a blog yet, your dashboard would at first be empty


To create a New Blog, simply follow the arrow in the above screenshot and click on "Create New Blog"

5. Once you had done that, a page would be shown to fill in your blog's details which are; the Title, the URL and the Theme of your Choice which you would like to use on the blog.

6. And there you go!
  Your blog had now been created and ready!

In the above picture; The first arrow is where you click to view your blog in Action and the second arrow is where you get to Create a New Post for your blog.

 FINALLY, Below is a screenshot of the blog i used as an example on this post.

And there goes the easiest and latest way [ in pictures] of creating a free blog on the blogger blogspot platform.
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