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How To Know If You Are Addicted To Social Media

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Social Media had undoubtedly been playing an huge positive impact in our day to day activities as they help we humans to connect and interact with each other more faster and easier. Fortunately, there are quite many of them out there with each of them having their special features which make them different from the other.

     Without moving all around and in a matter of few minutes, you can say "hello" to your friends using Mark Zuckerberg's platform called Facebook, share vacations or beautiful moments with the photo/video sharing social media known as Instagram, build your professional network using Reid Hoffman social site called LinkedIn, or even express yourself in fewer words with the populous social network site by Jack Dorsey known as Twitter.


Whilst these social networks had been proving to be helpful, it is important we should be conscious of the way one uses them. Depending on how you uses them, they can either be helpful or the other way around
     Too much of everything, they say is bad hence i would be talking about one of the common adverse effects of social network which is the social media addiction.

All forms of addiction including Social Media addiction ain't a good thing and it sure have a lot of adverse effects. The major disadvantages of social media addiction are "not being able to pay attention to the things that matter most" and "whiling away time". Although some people are using it to grow their business or blog but if you are the type that just wanna catch fun on Social Media, then you need to be aware of the time you spent on it.
   Below are 4 tips that can help you to discover whether you are addicted to social media or not.

How Do You Know If You Are Addicted To Social Media?

 1. You Feel Disturbed When You Can't Access It Within 24hours - How do you feel when you can't access your social media accounts in a day maybe due to Internet issue or your device ran out of battery energy even though you have nothing official to do there?
  Do you feel not bothered or you feel incomplete? If it is the first, you're safe but if its the second, then something is wrong.

2. You Spent Long Hours On Social Media - You log in to your social media accounts in a bid to spend like 5 minutes and get out but before you knew it, you have been spending more than an hour and yet, it doesn't seems like you'll be logging out 30 minutes to that time.
   It might be due to you're scrolling through your news feed or chatting with someone, but spending long hours about trivial things on social media isn't totally cool

3. You Sacrifice Important Things For The Love Of Social Media - There is surely time for everything; a time to work and a time to rest, a time to eat and a time to drink. However if you find yourself sacrificing very important things so you can be on Social Media, it is a sign of addiction. Like instead of getting something to eat, you just couldn't take off your mind from social media so you decided to skip dinner.
   When you discovered you are sacrificing important things like this for the sake of social media, then you really need to be careful.

And there goes tops 3 Things on How To Tell If You Are Addicted To Social Media
  Have you been guilty of one of them before, or even currently now?
   How did you overcome it, or plan to overcome?
I would like to hear your view using the comment box below:)



  1. Seriously, am addicted to it. I cant even stay a day without social media.

    From Passion Entrepreneurs

  2. Social Media is very useful but we ought to be using it and not the other way around;)
    Isn't it bro?

  3. Correct! I feel that gradually, we are falling into a trap .. Tech Trap! Terminator was such a futuristic movie. I would try to cover more of this topic in my blog (www.tech4buzz.com)

    1. Terminator and some other movies predicted that but we can overcome the urge.
      Can't we?

  4. Somehow we are. We need to balance things. Too much of everything is bad.

  5. hmmm.. you're absolutely right FK!
    "Too much of everything is bad"


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