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How To Know If You Are Addicted To Social Media

Social Media had undoubtedly been playing an huge positive impact in our day to day activities as they help we humans to connect and interact with each other more faster and easier. Fortunately, there are quite many of them out there with each of them having their special features which make them different from the other.

     Without moving all around and in a matter of few minutes, you can say "hello" to your friends using Mark Zuckerberg's platform called Facebook, share vacations or beautiful moments with the photo/video sharing social media known as Instagram, build your professional network using Reid Hoffman social site called LinkedIn, or even express yourself in fewer words with the populous social network site by Jack Dorsey known as Twitter.

Whilst these social networks had been proving to be helpful, it is important we should be conscious of the way one uses them. Depending on how you uses them, they can either be helpful or the other way around
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6 Instagram Blogging Tips To Boost Your Blog's Visibility

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Instagram is a social media platform created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger before being acquired by Facebook Inc in April 2012.
    The social media photo-sharing site and/or app, Instagram allows you to take pictures and share them publicly, likewise Videos be it a new one you are about to record or an existing video.

   But On this post,  am going to share 6 Instagram Fast Blogging tips for bloggers to boost their blog's visibility.

According to expandedramblings, Instagram is a popular social media site with 300 million daily active users and 600 million monthly active users! With this statistics, its of no doubt that Instagram would be an amazing platform to grow your blog's visibility through Visuals (Images and Videos).

Although most people open an Instagram account for the fun of it; probably sharing friends and family photos, outings, hilarious moments, etcetera, however it wouldn't hurt if you decided to use it for the growth of your blog or business.
Less i forget, i can be reached on Instagram with the handle "tuhamworld" although am planning to mix fun with work on my IG social platform *winks*
     Not to beat around the bush, below are 6 Instagram Blogging tips to boost your blog's Visibility.

6 Instagram Blogging Tips To Boost Your Blog's Visibility

1. DUST YOUR PROFILE BIO - The bio section as we all know it,  is where one writes a short description about oneself. It is often neglected by some users as they deem it not important thus making them to fill incomplete bio, something contradictory to their personality or words that are not precise.
   As a blogger who wanted to bring awareness to his/her blog, its recommended you include in your bio that you're a blogger. (Including Niche rocks better e.g "Fashion Blogger, Lifestyle Blogger, etcetera)

2. CLEAR, AND CUTE DISPLAY PICTURE - When i mean by cute is; you should try to be in a pleasing position and cool facial expression for the picture you want to use as display picture. Additional you shouldn't try to BLUR it or add some kind of effect in the name of editing so much that the image becomes distorted.
  It is important your profile picture looks clearer else it might send a wrong signal to those who wish to follow you.

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3. FOLLOW PEOPLE INLINE WITH YOUR NICHE - Try to follow people who are the same niche with you. Doing this has two benefits;
  (i) A mutual relationship can arise in which the other person will be including you in his/her posts.
  (ii) If the person you follow is an expert who has a large amount of followers and engagement, you'll be able to learn some extra tips on how the person does it.

4. USE INFORMATIVE IMAGES RELATED TO YOUR NICHE - It is one thing to have followers, while its another thing to engage them. Ensure what you try to produce is related to what you mentioned in your bio as that is what people would be looking forward to from you.
    For instance, if you mentioned in your bio that you're a Fashion Blogger, most of your followers are likely to be those who are interested in fashion. Once you've put up a fashion post on your blog, bring one or two of the images to Instagram and do not forget to add your URL on those pictures.
   Doing so and adding a snippet that "more of those pictures can be found on your blog url" will boost your blog's visibility.

5. A SHORT VIDEO CAN SPEAKS BETTER - If you have the chance, try to do a video relating to your blog's niche and see how it goes. It doesn't have to be a lengthy video, just ensure it passes something informative to your followers and it also relates to your blog's niche.
   Don't forget to mention your blog URL in the video ;)

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6. ADD INSTAGRAM WIDGET TO YOUR BLOG - The best way to let your blog's readers know that you're on Instagram is adding the widget on your blog or mentioning it in some of your posts.
    This will give your readers who are already on Instagram the chance to follow you too on the social media platform.

And there we go! Have anything to contribute? Please feel free to say it:) 



  1. These are helpful tips, Tunde! I think the best tip was the one to capitalize on how popular video is right now and use it to one's advantage on Instagram!

    1. I couldn't agree less that using a video can speaks more better than an Image. Thanks for the additional tips GNG!
      And let me officially welcome you to NetSocialBlog;)


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