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Finding Your Zenbook on Jiji [Review and Specs]

Finding a zen is hard, finding a laptop is even harder. New generation laptops do not look the way they once did. Some of them became convertible, that bend and fold, while other have touch screens and come with keyboards so can be used as a notebook. Indeed, there is too much variety in the laptop world. You can browse, which is an online heaven filled with laptops of different size and styles that fit just every person's needs.
    In meantime, check the Asus ZenBook Flip UX360.


The UX360 looks and feels very good. Ultrabook’s metal lid features a brushed sunburst effect that looks absolutely gorgeous in sunlight. It’s quite  light, weighing only 1.3 kg,  has a thin profile of 13,0 mm and is very well built. It also features a  full set of ports including two USB 3.0 ports, a USB-C port, mini HDMI, 3.5mm headphone jack and even a full-sized SD card reader.
Do you know?! When in a tablet  mode, the ZenBook Flip’s software disables…

4 Amazing Ways Blogging Had Helped Us In This Age

In the early 2000s when blogging was a strange word, only few people knew about blogs hence there were few blog readers. But now that lot of people are aware of reading a blog to gain information, it is no tongue-in-cheek speaking that Blogging is undoubtedly an important resources that we had acquired from the Technology Revolution.
After my super-phone had got spoilt like i stated in this post, i was restricted to the internet as the device i later got had limited functionality. Being a creative person, i manipulated a way to barely use facebook on the device so as to make communication with friends.
   Although during my the device's absence, i did try updating this blog in terms of promotion, design, & other things by using the cybercafe mostly (a computer centre where browsing on the internet are being paid for, in which the fee depends on the duration to be spent) in which NSB loyal subscribers via social network's profiles and email subscribers were able to  see those updates.

It was also during those free period that i now did reflect on how blogging has helped 'n' shaped us.
Just like a theory once formulated by a creative young man said;
'A time will come
when one will take a
different look on the things
he had been doing
consistently - Tunde Sanusi (Tuham)
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I then took a different look into Blogging and how it had helped us in many ways in which am going to enlist few here.
The list is based on my opinion as i classify myself as not only "a blogger" but also "a reader" (i read blogs too). Lets Check the list out!

Importance of Blogging

1. Learning new things - Before the internet gain popularity, the most common ways for learning new things was through books and magazines. Thanks to Good Blogs out there that had made learning things related to one's area of interest VERY EASY!

2. Obtaining Useful Information About Something - Want to learn more about the latest phone specification, the best place to read it is on a blog related to phone review and If its career tips, a career blog will come handy for you. Also the Jiji Blog mentioned here provides more information about electronics and gadgets, e.t.c on their classified website. This is one of the best benefits of blogging.

3. Inspiration & Motivation - Blogging made it very easy for one to stay motivated by using a gprs-enabled device to visit inspiring and motivating blogs to read about motivational posts.

4. Getting Questions Solved - We all have questions yearning for answers and the best place we all knew to get the answer is through google. Meanwhile Google was the MIDDLEMAN, as usually its a blog that would be provided by Google to answer the question.

Now, the above are few of my opinions on how blogs had shaped things and helped us.
Shoutout to all bloggers irregardless of niche that had helped in making positive impact on the blogosphere.



  1. Yeah... Blogging has actually modernized information destination processes. Things are more easier than in the past. Though many people are now using the platform negatively( promoting sex and crime)

  2. Most things that had advantages usually had disadvantages. You're absolutely right about that. I hope people learn to use it for the right purpose soonest.
    Feels good to see you here bro

  3. Blogging has really helped my brother but some people see bloggers as rumour mongers which I always have problems with such people.

    Nice write up, I am loving ur blog new design though.

    1. yeah some people see bloggers as rumour mongers and that perspective exist because of some bloggers that carries false rumours.
      Thanks for visiting here

  4. Your tips on blogging are well noted. Blogging has its ups and downs. We need grace to be up and doing.

    1. of course it has ups and downs but with grace and consistent efforts, everything will be well

  5. Like Tude said, some people sees blogger as fraudulent people. Imagine I shared my post on to Facebook and my friend asked me if I've joined yahoo people.

    Please Tube and other pro blogger. Visit my blog

  6. Lol.
    Thats the general perception but i believe your blog's content will judge better as to who you are

  7. I agree with you, i have learnt alot blogging, here is my blog Slashnec's Blog

  8. Glad to hear you have learnt a lot Ifeanyi!

  9. This article is still worth it after some years. Check

  10. Thanks for commenting Mr Amodu!
    A great article does worth it


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