How To Be A Blogger Without 'Had Been A Writer' ( e-book )

Earlier on this blog, i did share a shocking fact related to blogging that if you're not a writer, you cannot be a blogger. If you doubt about that fact, i would impore you to travel back in time on NetSocialBlog and goto where i posted the answer to WITHOUT BEING A WRITER, CAN I BE A BLOGGER?


Eversince after hitting the publish button for the post, i was eager to publish a solution for it, which is How You Can Become a Blogger Without Being a Writer.
Unfortunately i couldn't publish the post as early as i thought in which days turn to weeks and weeks turn to months!

Finally i decided to face what prevents me from talking about the post which is Procrastination, and FIGHT IT! This particular post you're reading was a positive result of the fight and i very much hope it would helps those who wants to be a blogger, but are reluctant to do so because of their not being a writer.

As much as i would have loved to make the content a blogpost here on NetSocialBlog, i couldn't do so simply because if i really does want to make it "explanatory" for a reader, it have to be very very lengthy. This was the main reason precisely, that made me to package it into an electronic-Book.
The 11 pages e-Book titled How To Become a Blogger, Without Being a Writer contains the Vital information needed, which includes but not limited to FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS [FAQS] related to BLOGGING vs WRITING for those who really does wants to blog but are unsure of the writing part.

To get hold of this e-Book FOR FREE, simply send a message to and you'll get a reply asap.



  1. Nice to know that you have found time to write your E-book. Keep at it. Thumbs up!

  2. Am glad you appreciate the effort. Thanks for taking time to comment on this post and i very much hope the ebook helps upcoming blogger


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