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Finding Your Zenbook on Jiji [Review and Specs]

Finding a zen is hard, finding a laptop is even harder. New generation laptops do not look the way they once did. Some of them became convertible, that bend and fold, while other have touch screens and come with keyboards so can be used as a notebook. Indeed, there is too much variety in the laptop world. You can browse, which is an online heaven filled with laptops of different size and styles that fit just every person's needs.
    In meantime, check the Asus ZenBook Flip UX360.


The UX360 looks and feels very good. Ultrabook’s metal lid features a brushed sunburst effect that looks absolutely gorgeous in sunlight. It’s quite  light, weighing only 1.3 kg,  has a thin profile of 13,0 mm and is very well built. It also features a  full set of ports including two USB 3.0 ports, a USB-C port, mini HDMI, 3.5mm headphone jack and even a full-sized SD card reader.
Do you know?! When in a tablet  mode, the ZenBook Flip’s software disables…

Its NSB's 3rd Anniversary! The Journey So Far and Gifts For Readers

NETSOCIALBLOG is celebrating her FIRST BIRTHDAY which fortunately Co-incidence with Google's 17th Birthday as tweeted on twitter!
To add icing on the cake, NSB will be sharing Freebie and Discounts for her Loyal and Wonderful Readers!
Before i start sharing the Freebie and Gifts, just incase you're a new visitor or knew little about NSB; do allow me to introduce to you the AIM of this blog


Netsocialblog as stated in the About Us Section is a Tech and Social Networking Infoblog where Blogging Tips, Social Networking, Internet Security and Phone Tips topics are being shared
Having known About Us, shall we move to the GIFTS SECTION?
The Freebie and Gifts are all packed inside the gift box above and are THREE if we were to number them, in order to know what those gifts are. Lets UNBOX the GIFTS BOX!

    #1- FACEBOOK FOR SMALL BUSINESS and SKILLED PEOPLE - In Nigeria and other parts of the world, a lots of people often underestimate the power of Social Media. In this Short and Precise 4 Pages Ebook, i did explain TOP 5 EFFECTIVE WAYS TO USE FACEBOOK IN GROWING YOUR BUSINESS.
    Despite the few pages, the Ebook does also mention 'common mistakes' being made by small business owner.
    #2 - 27 Ways To Use Twitter To Gain Retweets - I recently got this ebook which was created by Marc Guberti, a young Entrepreneur and Social Media Expert. whether you're an Individual, blogger or social media marketer, This ebook is entails details on how to gain retweets on twitter.
    => To Grab Your Own Copy Of any of these Ebook For Free, simply
    *.Share this Post on your favorite social network
    *. Then Contact the Author here and include "NSB Birthday Freebie #1" in your message to receive your Ebook.
  2. 10% DISCOUNTS ON ALL NSB SERVICES - If you had wanted to do either of the below business;
    Redesigning Your Blog
    Getting a Custom Domain
    Advertising With Us
    Submission Of Sponsored Posts
    Here is the chance to enjoy 10% Discount on all of the Services to celebrate the 3rd Anniversary.
    => To Use the Discount, Before sending your prefered request via mail, include the Coupon Code "Gbg1607" on the services you wished for

  • Digital Products Finally Loaded! And that is NSB Online Store

  • All the above bonus are Valid till Oct 15.
    Enjoy the Above Goodies While It Last and Stay Blessed!
    Offer Closed



    1. Kingsley28/9/15

      happy birthday netsocialblog

    2. Wow! Congrats NSB. Bigger you I pray amen. Let the party begins...

    3. Thanks madam FunmyKemmy. Amen and bigger you too!

    4. happy birthday man & friend, many more years ahead

    5. Thanks moses and same to you too. Reply back to the mail you sent and your choice of ebook will be sent to you shortly

    6. Adeola30/9/15

      when you said NSB and her readers, i thought you were refering to a girl not knowing it was this blog. happy birthday Miss NSB

    7. So funny @Adeola, You can only think of that had it been this was a Relationship blog but Netsocialblog is not, as at now. Thanks for stopping and the hilarious wish *lol*

    8. Congratulations bro on your NSB 3 years celebration. Wish you successes on your blogging expeditions. Your gifts are great too, tho you're suppose to be the one receiving gifts.

    9. Thanks Don for stopping by to wish NSB on her birthday. Sharing is Caring so i just feel like sharing something to my Readers BUT GIFTS are highly appreciated and welcome oh.

      Readers can also share me something;)


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