How To Stop Receiving Notification From A Facebook Group's Updates

If you're getting tired of receiving frequent notifications from a particular facebook group that has little or no meaning, you've come to the right place likewise the right time as am going to show you how to stop receiving notifications WITH or WITHOUT you removing yourself from the facebook group.


However if its that of a friend you wished for, you can read NSB Guide on How To stop receiving notification from a Friend's updates. Follow the below procedures for that of Facebook Group;

How To Unsubscribe From A Group's Notification On Facebook

=> Sign in to your Facebook Account and Navigate to The Group[You wanted to unsubscribe from]
=> Click on the Info Tab
=> Scroll down and Tap "Unfollow Group"
=> Do not Worry if Redirected Back To The Group as You've now successfully Unsubscribe!

And there you go! You won't be receiving frequent updates from the group again although will still be a Member of the Group.
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Update: If you would like to quit, Read Mobilitaria Guide on How To Remove Yourself From Facebook Groups



  1. Alex Dickson21/9/15

    yeah man, this what am looking for but i hope following this process wont delete me from the group because i still like it just that their frequent unnecessary notifications is pissing me off

    1. Not at all dickson. as mentioned in the bottom line of this post you will still be a member

  2. Adeola30/9/15

    great post. but how do i stop from being add back, someone keeps adding me despite that i left the group

  3. The post has been updated to answer your question Adeola. To make things easier, you can also do it from your mobile phone with the updated post


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