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How To Know If You Are Addicted To Social Media

Social Media had undoubtedly been playing an huge positive impact in our day to day activities as they help we humans to connect and interact with each other more faster and easier. Fortunately, there are quite many of them out there with each of them having their special features which make them different from the other.

     Without moving all around and in a matter of few minutes, you can say "hello" to your friends using Mark Zuckerberg's platform called Facebook, share vacations or beautiful moments with the photo/video sharing social media known as Instagram, build your professional network using Reid Hoffman social site called LinkedIn, or even express yourself in fewer words with the populous social network site by Jack Dorsey known as Twitter.

Whilst these social networks had been proving to be helpful, it is important we should be conscious of the way one uses them. Depending on how you uses them, they can either be helpful or the other way around
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How To Stop Receiving Notification from a Friend's Or Group Updates On Facebook

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Facebook Notification usually appears on the header section in order to notify a Facebook user about updates regarding likes, comments, messages, group, and etc.

It also appears when there is an updates from a particular friend you are following likewise group updates in which anytime a new status, images, videos, links or others are shared, you get notified of the posts.


Whilst this feature is very good as it allows a user to get to know more about "important updates", the case is not so for someone who keeps getting incessant notification from a friend or group.

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       So if you've been looking for a way to stop receiving updates you do not like to be notified of from a friend or in a Facebook group you belong to, in this post i will walk you through how you can do it without removing the friend from your list.

How To Stop Receiving Notification From A Friend On Facebook

  1. Go to the friend's profile
  2. Now locate the "Following" Button and Click On It (see screenshot below)
  3. A drop-down menu would appear. Now scroll down and click "Unfollow"

Once you've done that, you would not be receiving incessant notification from that friend updates although would still remain friends.

How To Stop Getting and Receiving Notifications From A Facebook Group

  1.  Open the Facebook Group you want to stop receiving notifications from
  2. At the header section, you would see some tabs like "Joined, Notifications, and Share"
  3. Click on the Notifications (see screenshot below) and scroll down a little bit to 'turn it off"

And there you go!

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