Facebook Down! Not Opening But Showing Error

What could be wrong? I tried to access the top social networking website but facebook was not loading.
Could facebook be down? i thought. Below is a screenshot of the facebook error i received today.


At first when i received the error, i waited for a little while that probably the engineer was working on it. After some couple of minutes, everything was okay as i was able to login and reply to messages.
Then afterwards the error still arise again

I hope this get resolved sooner, whats your thought on this?
Update - Facebook is now Working
What if facebook stopped working, what would you do?

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  1. Adeola30/9/15

    Me didn't notice. Maybe it was because i didn't login that time. and about your question i think facebook cant just shuts down without warning

  2. Yeah facebook can't shut down with initial notice but i don't hope for that too cos its going to be a big blow for all of us


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