Beautiful and Adjustable Social Media Widget For Your Blog

Visibility and Accessibility of a Social Profile Widget is very important and should be put into consideration when trying to Install the Social Follow buttons. This not only aid readers to easily follow up but they would also be able to enjoy blog updates straightly from your social networks.
In other case, Inability to consider and put to work this key features might cause an hitch in Social Connection and Interaction with You and Your Blog Readers.

After noticing that what can cause an hitch in getting More Social Subscribers for your blog is simply the "Visibility and Accessibilty" so i decided to introduce to you the "Beautiful and Adjustable Social Buttons (BASB) Widget".

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The BASB Widget is a social follow buttons which is build up of simply HTML codes excluding a Single Javascript thus be rest assured that it wont affect your PageSpeed negatively.

The BASB widget is of two types which is ; The Vertical and Horizontal SIZE .

Advantages of Using The Beautiful and Adjustable Social Buttons (BASB) Widget

  • No Special or Advanced Coding to Install the Widget (Just Copy and Paste of the Codes)
  • Works on Any Browser and Devices.
  • Can easily be *Adjust* To either become Bigger or Smaller
  • Reliable, as the Icons are hosted with Google.


*. No disadvantages detected so far.

How To Use the Widget

Step #1 - Copy the HTML Code of the One You'd Love to Choose and Paste in the HTML/JavaScript Widget in the Layout Section of Your Blog.

*. HTML Code For Vertjical BASB Widget

HTML CODE For Horizontal BASB Widget

Step #2 - Once you've paste the code, change the social Links to that of your fanpage e.g , Change the "Netsocialblog" to your Social Handle.

Step #3 (Optional) - Want to Change The Icons to become bigger or smaller, edit the height and width in numbers.
     Though these are the basic social network icons, if you want me to add another social icons to the above one. Do let me know via the comment box.


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