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Finding Your Zenbook on Jiji [Review and Specs]

Finding a zen is hard, finding a laptop is even harder. New generation laptops do not look the way they once did. Some of them became convertible, that bend and fold, while other have touch screens and come with keyboards so can be used as a notebook. Indeed, there is too much variety in the laptop world. You can browse, which is an online heaven filled with laptops of different size and styles that fit just every person's needs.
    In meantime, check the Asus ZenBook Flip UX360.


The UX360 looks and feels very good. Ultrabook’s metal lid features a brushed sunburst effect that looks absolutely gorgeous in sunlight. It’s quite  light, weighing only 1.3 kg,  has a thin profile of 13,0 mm and is very well built. It also features a  full set of ports including two USB 3.0 ports, a USB-C port, mini HDMI, 3.5mm headphone jack and even a full-sized SD card reader.
Do you know?! When in a tablet  mode, the ZenBook Flip’s software disables…

Did You Know About These Top 3 Whatsapp Shortcut Keys ?

Hi, I would like to share with you something new from the mobile social networking application called whatsapp. Recently, i've been discussing about whatsapp tips some of which are; how to change whatsapp registered number to another one, whatsapp double blue tick pros & cons and others. Today am going to share to you Whatsapp Shortcut Keys!

Shortcut keys are simply a combination of keypads or "a single keypad" which makes a specific task to be much faster and easier to access. In that of computer, there are various shortcut keys some of which are Ctrl + A to copy all text, Ctrl + B to bold text and others ( to mention a few ). To not take much of your time, lets go straight to why we're here.


Whatsapp Shortcut Keys.

  • Whatsapp Shortcut #3 - [Recording Messages] : Though i barely use the recording message; the last time i did was when i record a birthday greetings and sent it to a friend. This shortcut allows you to record your voice message and send it to a friend. It can be done by "holding down the middle menu button" of your device.

  • Whatsapp Shortcut #2 [Replying Message]: When chatting with a friend; you might be in a middle of something like reading old conversation. Initially if you were to reply, you had to scroll down to the last step. But with this shortcut #2, all you have to do is press 1 and the text cursor will move to the reply box in which you can now reply the person.

  • Whatsapp Shortcut #1 [Forwarding Messages]: Most whatsapp user receives messages that they wishes to forward to another person. In the first place, messages can be forwarded by scrolling to the message, press menu and then click on "forward" but with this shortcut, all you have todo is scroll to the message and Press 4.
Enjoy using the shortcut keys and feel free to share to your social networks so your friend can learn of it too.



  1. These shortcuts are at the tips of our fingers and yet we dont knw them. I'm so happy i found out some today. Thanks xo much for sharing this

  2. Of course they are, am glad you enjoyed them. Do have a wonderful day ahead.

  3. Short-cuts are meant to make our lives easier and it's good to know that these kind of short-cuts exist for Whatsapp. However, I guess they are for phones with keypads and not touch-screen phones without keypads.

  4. I have afriend he is a guru when it comes to short cut in the tech world,I don'tthink there is any short cut he has no idea about,whatsspps short cut,keyboard etc,I actually had about whatsapps short cut before,but there was no guide on it. I like this post thanks

  5. @Oyetunde, Touchscreen is like a computer with only the monitor and the mouse.

    Its impossible to use shortcuts on PC without keyboard so i guess this won't work for touchscreen's phone, however i'll made research and feed you back later.


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