How To Backup Your Blogger Blog Template and Widgets

As a blogger, having an Up-to-date backup of your blog's data is very important as it is the best and only method you can use to prepare your blog against any unforeseen circumstances.
   On this post, i will be sharing tips on how to backup template and widgets in blogger platform.

backup blog's data
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Even though the process of backing up a blog's data is very simple and takes nothing less than few minutes ( depends on how huge your blog's data are), the fact still remains the same that a lot of bloggers do "unknowingly" forget about backing up their blog's template.
     As a result of this negligence, it would be a little bit hard to fix their template after installing a wrong template on the blog.

   In the issue of that, it is highly recommended that you should have a backup of your blog's templates and widgets so that whenever anything goes wrong, you would be able to easily revert to the previous template.
     To take not much of your time, here's how you can backup your blog widgets and templates.


How To Backup Your Blogger Blog Template

Step 1
Login to Your blog's Dashboard and click on the blog you would like to backup the template

Step 2
   Now  Click on Template

Step 3
  At the top right section of your Template, Click on Backup/Restore

Step 4
    A dialog box will open which will ask you if you want to Upload your template or save a backup of it. Now click on download full template.

Once you had click on download, your blog's template and widgets will automatically start downloading. And now, you've successfully backup your blog's widgets and template.
   Make sure you save the file in a safe place for future use
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  1. Waoow this is a great tip, I should quickly do this ASAP...

  2. Yeah this is good info for newbie bloggers,
    keep it up bro.

  3. Nice write up, I guess I should share to some newbies out there. Its necessary to back up templates.

  4. @Marx, the content is not based on only to teach "how to backup template" but also to understand the importance of having an up-to-date backup.

  5. This is a wonderful one at less it will save u from losing ones blog template

  6. You are quite right. Backing up regularly is a vital key for all bloggers. One cannot claim to be a professional without adequate knowledge of blogger back up. Well written.

  7. Definitely @FKB's owner. Thanks for sharing your opinion on this.


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