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Finding Your Zenbook on Jiji [Review and Specs]

Finding a zen is hard, finding a laptop is even harder. New generation laptops do not look the way they once did. Some of them became convertible, that bend and fold, while other have touch screens and come with keyboards so can be used as a notebook. Indeed, there is too much variety in the laptop world. You can browse, which is an online heaven filled with laptops of different size and styles that fit just every person's needs.
    In meantime, check the Asus ZenBook Flip UX360.


The UX360 looks and feels very good. Ultrabook’s metal lid features a brushed sunburst effect that looks absolutely gorgeous in sunlight. It’s quite  light, weighing only 1.3 kg,  has a thin profile of 13,0 mm and is very well built. It also features a  full set of ports including two USB 3.0 ports, a USB-C port, mini HDMI, 3.5mm headphone jack and even a full-sized SD card reader.
Do you know?! When in a tablet  mode, the ZenBook Flip’s software disables…

How To Receive Call From Different Lines On A Single Phone.

This handy mobile tip am about to share with you was discovered when i wanted to remove my etisalat sim from my phone temporarily for glo because of a specific task which can only be done on the glo line at that moment. Presently the etisalat is my main sim so i was like how will i make my line 'reachable' for people that might wants to call me on the line?
If i asked for your advice, it would have simply be the same answer of what Alli Abiola of told me which is i should insert the main sim into another phone whilst i use the glo on a seperate phone too. Though its really a good idea but the thing is, it can only work for people that are using 2 mobile phones or a dual-sim one in which am not either of the category mentioned above;)
Luckily i was able to find a shortcut and this was how am able to do it.

Nokia Phone

I just apply the Law of Redirection formulated by me which states that "If two or more things are to work as one; we have to incorporate co-operation amongst them thus making it possible to join forces with the other or one another, thereby allowing them to function as 'One". .
This Law was also the one i used to explain earlier as the way to link custom domains to each other.
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Don't get bored nor confused by the law i expatiate above as "your not knowing it" doesn't mean you won't be able to do it, Now Lets go.

How To Receive Calls From Different Lines On A Single Sim.

  • Step #1: Insert the Sim you want to Receive Call From into your Phone and Switch on your Phone.
  • Step #2: Goto the following options on your phone as indicated by the arrow. Press Menu >> Settings >> Call Settings >> Call Divert >> Voice Calls >> All Voice Calls.
  • Step #3: Once you're there(i mean the All Voice Calls), Press "Activate" and Input the number you want to Redirect the number to, Then Click on "Okay".
  • => If it is more than a sim, simply Repeat the Above Steps For them.

  • Step #4:Now Insert the Sim you redirect all number to and Enjoy Receiving Calls From Different Lines!

    Note: This tutorial is best good-use for a short period of time and for people who find themselves unknowingly using two sims with a single Phone.
    Enjoy and Do Share with Friends too!

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