How To Know The Time Your Message Was Read On Whatsapp.

After my last post on Whatsapp about the Whatsapp Blue tick, its meaning, Pros and Cons, in which i did also mentioned that the new feature allows you to know the time a message was read. Though i didn't share how to do that on that post but today, i'll be sharing info on it.

With the Introduction of the blue tick feature, it came with advantages and disadvantages in which its Pros and Cons depends on the User preferance.
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To cut the long story short, listed below are steps on how to be able to know the time your message was read. Do not worry, it ain't complex. More simple than you thought!

How To Check the Time Your Message Was Read on Whatsapp.
*. Open the chat conversation of the message you want to check

*. (Does it show blue tick?) If it does, then proceed to the below steps.

*. Move on to the message and press option.

*. Scroll to 'Message', click on it and then 'Info'.

The time the message was 'Read and delivered' will be showed. Did you enjoy this tutorial, feel free to share with your friends.



  1. oh, nice one, got informed

  2. Glad the post was able to help. Thanks for the visitation

  3. The feature has it merit or demerit, sometimes instead of clicking on the message, I simply delete it.

  4. Thats one of its disdavantages but i guess its because you're a "fast-typer" *winks* thanks for stopping by to say your Mind


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