How To Make Your Facebook Profile Picture display only as Thumbnail.

If you've been searching for a way on how to hide your profile picture, the truth is you can never hide a Profile Picture on facebook because its privacy is automatically sets to public. But however you can learn here how to make your profile picture looks smaller.

facebook profile picture

This tutorial am about to show you might come handy if you're the type that likes giving your friend surprise because once you're through with this tweaking tutorial, your profile picture will only display as thumbnail. And when they click on it in an attempt to view the full size, your picture will be.. UNCLICKABLe. To cut the story short, lets get started..

How To Make Your FaceBooK Profile Picture Displayed As Thumbnail.
*. Login to your facebook account.

*. Click on your Profile which can be located at the header(for mobile view) and by the top left(for Pc View).

*. Once your profile page has finished loading, click on your Profile Picture and set the Privacy to 'Only Me'.

Thats it.. You're now good to go!