2 Popular Ways A Mobile Phone Could Be Short-Lived

Whilst having a chit-chat with a friend on Mobile Tips, we unknowingly reached a section on what makes a Mobile Phone Lasts for a long time. I replied him => "Nothing Lasts forever" Says a popular adage but its possible for one to make them last longer simply by taking precaution of what do short-lived them.

ways_mobile_phone could_damage

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Just like a mobile battery which can be tamed to Last longer, its also possible for you to extend your mobile device lifetime.
To make a mobile phone lasts longer, simply avoid this 2 things that damage them

Things that Kills Mobile Phone Faster

*. Falling down : Though No-one is above mistake but most of the times, mistake happens do to our carelessness. By being extra-careful, you can save your mobile phone from falling thereby preventing it from untimely accident or damage.
Preventive way: Be careful not to put your phone in high place especially at the far end or tip. Vibration might cause it to fall down.

*. Drowning: Water is one of the common factor that damages a phone although its severity might not be much as that of "falling down". When a liquid is spilled into a mobile device, it flows into the panel and disrupt the function of the electronic chips affected.
Preventive way: If you happen to be working with water(e.g Car-washing), use a protective for your phone or do keep it away from water.

Do you got some mobile-saving tips too, share via the comment box below.
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  1. You are quite right about your post. My nokia phone has fallen off twice but it is still working fine though. I hope to be more careful about phone handling. Thanks.

  2. Nokia phone seems to be more rugged device in history(lol) but however One didnt know the day it might not function again when fallen.
    Glad you appreciate this post @ Funmykemmy


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