Why do Social Network Website Uses Blue Color?

You are reading this post because you‘re curious to know why facebook,twitter, Linkedin and most Social Networking Website loves the Blue Color. I too was. I mean there are huge different colors -red, yellow, black, green, indigo, orange, magenta, purple, pink and lots more that they could use but they still insist on the blue color even the populous mobile social network app 2go use blue as both its logo colour and background layer.

How the BLue Color is Used on the Website
Facebook has both its theme and icon background designed in blue color. Twitter icon-bird, t-logo and background was of blue color though the color is lighter than that of facebook. Linkedin logo has the “in“ designed in blue color.

Why do they Loves the Blue Color?

Being a curious fellow, i then embark on a research mission to find out the real meaning of the blue color in which i later decipher. According to the source, it said

The color blue has a calming effect. It causes the brain to release calming hormones.
After finding the meaning, i thought to myself “No wonder some people felt relieved upon entering the social network site“.



  1. Blue colour is really cool. I am also in love with it as reflected on Funmy Kemmy's Blog.

  2. really? I didn't know the reason of the blue color on your blog before oh ;)

  3. Color blind people can see blue color easily

    1. SO you mean Blue color is easily seen?


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