The One Thing that Can Render All Your SEO Efforts Useless


Search Engine Optimization popularly known as SEO is one of the most confusing part in blogging but yet, a little bit knowledge of how it works can go a long way to improve your blog's traffic.
      You might have heard the word SEO several times, probably from a friend or maybe you read it on the cyberspace but if you're not sure of what it is, i recommend you read this short post titled "what is search engine optimization (seo)?"  to know better of what it's all about.

SEO is a very wide aspect and its not something that can be implemented within the twinkle of an eye. It starts with your blog title, description, keyword, template, posts body, posts description and etcetera. (i hope to write an ebook on it in the future)

      However the adverse side of it is; Do you know you can get carried away in the attempt to improve your "blog's seo" to the extent that you  begin to ignore the most important element of not only your blog, but also that of the SEO. This element is so important that it can render your entire SEO efforts useless if ignored.

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The element is simply Quality Content!

    Do note that the word Quality simply means a well written, precise, and problem solving/teaching something new article.

    When this is ignored, there are high chance that the results will be bad for both your readers and Search engines.

>>Why Its Bad For Your Readers<<

    In a bid to get search engines traffic, some bloggers make the mistake of stuffing their opening paragraph, middle and end of posts with lots of seo keyword so they can rank in pages without considering their readers.

   At the end of everything, a reader might find it hard to understand the whole post because it would sounds gibberish as instead of stitching words that make sense together, the author was busy stitching seo keywords together.

>>How SEO Efforts Can Be Useless Without Quality Content?<< 

  Search Engines work towards bringing answers to a user's question and this is what most webmasters should look forward to achieve.

   If you write content in a bid to get seen and also solve a reader's question, search engines would be glad to feature your blog on their page.
    However if you write content in a bid to get seen only WITHOUT solving questions, search engines might detect your motive and not show your page or delist your blog if they find out later after displaying your blog url.

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Bottom line
So What Should I Do?
  When you want to implement seo strategies, ensure its not only going to be beneficial to your blog's visibility on search  engines but also to your blog readers..
   Only by this way can your blog attracts search engines.
I would also like to hear your thoughts about search engine optimization.
  Kindly use the comment box to share your opinion or questions

How Many Social Networks Should You Belong To, And Which Social Network Suits You? (Answers)

Ever wonder how many Social Networks You Should Belong To,  in order to increase your Awareness/Catch fun? Or you wonder the social networks that best fits your profession/business out of the top Social Networks out there; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google plus, Pinterest, etcetera?

     Well, Good News! This post you're about to read is meant to help you identify the number of social networks you should join likewise the TYPE that suit you. 

How Many Social Networks Should You Belong To?

   If you have already been a user of different social networks, you might have noticed that either your attention is focused on one than the other or you had completely ignored some of your accounts. 
     This is why its best to focus on few social networks account and make them active rather than register on lots of social networks and render them useless. 
   The social networking sites you should consider joining would depend on your nature, what you wish to achieve on it, likewise your profession/business. The below post would give you better clarification 

*.  Before continue reading, you might be interested in "3 Wrong Ways Of Using Social Media, Are You Guilty?" 

The Type Of Social Networks You Should Belong To

Each social network has their unique features and these features are what make them differ. The one you should consider joining is the one you think better suited to your nature, profession or business.  Check some of the features below

*. Facebook - Irregardless of your nature or profession, Facebook is a recommended social media site for you. It allows you to share posts (short or long), photos, links and anything else. Facebook also allows you to connect easily with your old friends using the data from your profile like School and Workplace.
    Like i earlier said, this site is recommended for all and i don't think there's any reason NOT to join.
   Did you also know About The React Feature Button Introduced By Facebook?

*. Twitter - If you'd like to update lengthy posts, Twitter is a No-No for you as this social network allows you to post status not higher than 140 characters. This is cool though because it forces you to be more creative with your status by making it shorter and meaningful.
        Twitter is recommended for bloggers, business owners, talented, and those who wish to connect with bigger brands or give their blog/business more exposure especially with the correct use of hashtag.
  I recommend you read "Basic Introduction To Using Twitter Effectively" so you can know how this social networking site works.

*. LinkedIn - Do you have a skills or you're a professional in your field? If yes, LinkedIn is the best choice to connect with like-minded people. It is also a good platform for an employer to meet an employee likewise vice-versa.
     For this to work, you'll need to ensure your profile is well updated and contains appropriate description about you.

*. Instagram - Instagram deals only with Photos and Videos. If you are a photographer, fashion designer/blogger, etcetera, this platform would better suits you. Not only that uploading your images and videos are faster, but its also easier for viewers to see them!
     If you're a blogger, you can check out "6 Instagram Blogging Tips To Boost Your Blog's Visibility" to read how you can use the social network to your advantage.

Now having read this post from the beginning to this end, I'd believe you ought to be cleared on 'How Many Social Networks You Should Join' and 'The Types That Would Better Suit You'.
    Let me know what you think about it using the comment box and Kindly share with friends too


6 Instagram Blogging Tips To Boost Your Blog's Visibility

Instagram is a social media platform created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger before being acquired by Facebook Inc in April 2012.
    The social media photo-sharing site and/or app, Instagram allows you to take pictures and share them publicly, likewise Videos be it a new one you are about to record or an existing video.

   But On this post,  am going to share 6 Instagram Fast Blogging tips for bloggers to boost their blog's visibility.

According to expandedramblings, Instagram is a popular social media site with 300 million daily active users and 600 million monthly active users! With this statistics, its of no doubt that Instagram would be an amazing platform to grow your blog's visibility through Visuals (Images and Videos).

Although most people open an Instagram account for the fun of it; probably sharing friends and family photos, outings, hilarious moments, etcetera, however it wouldn't hurt if you decided to use it for the growth of your blog or business.
Less i forget, i can be reached on Instagram with the handle "tuhamworld" although am planning to mix fun with work on my IG social platform *winks*
     Not to beat around the bush, below are 6 Instagram Blogging tips to boost your blog's Visibility.

1. DUST YOUR PROFILE BIO - The bio section as we all know it,  is where one writes a short description about oneself. It is often neglected by some users as they deem it not important thus making them to fill incomplete bio, something contradictory to their personality or words that are not precise.
   As a blogger who wanted to bring awareness to his/her blog, its recommended you include in your bio that you're a blogger. (Including Niche rocks better e.g "Fashion Blogger, Lifestyle Blogger, etcetera)

2. CLEAR, AND CUTE DISPLAY PICTURE - When i mean by cute is; you should try to be in a pleasing position and cool facial expression for the picture you want to use as display picture. Additional you shouldn't try to BLUR it or add some kind of effect in the name of editing so much that the image becomes distorted.
  It is important your profile picture looks clearer else it might send a wrong signal to those who wish to follow you.

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3. FOLLOW PEOPLE INLINE WITH YOUR NICHE - Try to follow people who are the same niche with you. Doing this has two benefits;
  (i) A mutual relationship can arise in which the other person will be including you in his/her posts.
  (ii) If the person you follow is an expert who has a large amount of followers and engagement, you'll be able to learn some extra tips on how the person does it.

4. USE INFORMATIVE IMAGES RELATED TO YOUR NICHE - It is one thing to have followers, while its another thing to engage them. Ensure what you try to produce is related to what you mentioned in your bio as that is what people would be looking forward to from you.
    For instance, if you mentioned in your bio that you're a Fashion Blogger, most of your followers are likely to be those who are interested in fashion. Once you've put up a fashion post on your blog, bring one or two of the images to Instagram and do not forget to add your URL on those pictures.
   Doing so and adding a snippet that "more of those pictures can be found on your blog url" will boost your blog's visibility.

5. A SHORT VIDEO CAN SPEAKS BETTER - If you have the chance, try to do a video relating to your blog's niche and see how it goes. It doesn't have to be a lengthy video, just ensure it passes something informative to your followers and it also relates to your blog's niche.
   Don't forget to mention your blog URL in the video ;)

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6. ADD INSTAGRAM WIDGET TO YOUR BLOG - The best way to let your blog's readers know that you're on Instagram is adding the widget on your blog or mentioning it in some of your posts.
    This will give your readers who are already on Instagram the chance to follow you too on the social media platform.

And there we go! Have anything to contribute? Please feel free to say it:) 

Zoto - The Faster Mobile Recharge App That Reward Users!

Zoto app is a faster means of mobile recharge and seems to be one of the current trending application nowadays. Apart from its secure and convenient use, the application also gives GUARANTEED Airtime to first time users and CASHBACK on latter recharge upon the use of Coupon code.
    This and other amazing features made the app to gain the attention and trust of Thousands of Nigeria users!

   On this post, am going to mention all what you need to know about the ZOTO APP including Registration/Sign up, How to get your Reward on first recharge and CASH-BACKS.


  • Signing up/Registration On The Zoto App
  1. Goto Zoto App on Playstore to download for your Android Mobile Phone
  2. After you're through in downloading the app, Open the app for registration in which it will ask for your phone number
  3. Your mobile number would then be verified either via call or OTP
  4. After verification, the next stage is filling out your data which is the First Name, Last Name and Email.
  5. In the referral options, click on it and type TUNDES69 as referral code
  6. You are now good to go!

  • How To Get Guaranteed Airtime on first Recharge! 
         This is the amazing part of it that rewards you for using the app. To get your reward, all you need to do is make a FIRST RECHARGE With Zoto app of any amount using your debit cards (Verve, Mastercard or VISA Card). 
               => Once transaction has been done successful,  check your Zoto app 15minutes or less than later, and your account would be credited! 
NOTE: The amount rewarded can be used to recharge any network of your choice.
   Do not use a debit card that has already been used by someone with the Zoto app (This is against their TOS)

  • Getting CASH-BACKS On Your Recharge☺
 Do you know that you can STILL get CASHBACK on almost every RECHARGE you made?!
     All you have to do is Click on the Top Left of the App and Scroll down to "OFFERS and COUPONS"

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3 Best Reasons Why You Should Use A Nigerian Domain and Hosting Company

When searching to buy a domain name or hosting, most webmasters especially Nigerians prefer buying from an international company like Namecheap, or any other international Reliable domain and web hosting company.

  One might wonder, why do some of these Nigerian Webmasters do this

    According to my perspective, this decision is usually made because of the reviews they might have heard from other people about how bad Nigerian web domain and hosting company can be OR what they've already experienced.

 However despite all these buzz, there are still lots of Nigerian web hosting and domain company out there whose services are Good and Reliable.

   "I Currently Recommend DomainKing For Getting Your Domains and Hosting."

Moreover there are also some certain Foreign web hosting and domain name company that are unreliable so the issue of Reliability is not of country only but the company.
To waste not much of our time, I'll quickly dive into the main concept of this post which is the advantages of using a Nigerian web company

*. Easier Mode of Payment : This is one of the most common issue a Typical Nigerian Webmaster face which is; making payments for domain and hosting products. With the current policy regarding international payments, it's becoming a little bit complicated to make payments in International currency.
   Although there are other options which is having a Dollar card or using the banks that their Naira Mastercard is still active for foreign payments.
     However, if you want to avoid the hassles of foreign payment, Nigerian web and hosting reliable company is a BIG YES for you!
  Taking for instance, DomainKing.NG allow their customers (both local and foreign) to make payments EASILY via Naira Mastercard, GTB Transfer, and even BANK DEPOSIT + other forms of payment!

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With these advantages over foreign companies, it will reduce the stress of making payments!

*. Patriotism -  Using a Nigerian Web Company can be compared to being Patriotic to your country. Little wonder the Top Nigerian Tech Blogger, Wale Adekile mentioned as Reason No #5 Why He Changed To Geek.NG that he wanted to connects to motherland.
*. Faster Index For .NG Domains - If you wanted to get a Country TLD especially .NG domain name extension, getting it from a Nigerian web domain company is the fastest means to get it. DomainKing.NG for example is a Government Accredited Registrar accredited with NIRA. 
    Using your .NG domain name with this type of web company will surely going to have positive influence on the visibility of your site in the future. 

So there you have it!
 The 3 Reasons to use a Nigerian Domain Company Over Foreign One:)

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How To Increase Blog Traffic Using Social Media Via Buffer

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As a blogger, you must have read online and found out that there are so many ways to increase your blog's traffic. In order not to feel overwhelmed with the numerous tips , i decided to write a post on it and mentioned 5 of the proven methods to increase your blog's traffic for free! 

       However today, am streamlining things and focusing on the social media part that is; In one word, i'll be sharing with you how to use social media to increase your blog's traffic via Buffer.

Buffer is a social media platform designed to manage multiple social accounts, and also provide options for users to schedule posts to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etcetera. Having used Buffer for some time, i discovered the social platform is amazing and has lots of features that made it easier to share on social media.

 You can also Read Wikipedia's Post on Buffer Application Here

   Now that you've knew what buffer is, let's dive to how you can register with Buffer and use it

How To Sign up For Buffer

  • Now click on 'Get Started For Free
  • You can choose to either register via social media accounts (facebook, twitter or linkedin) or You can also use your email to sign up INSTEAD
  • Having signed in successfully, now connect the social accounts you would like to share your posts to, from your buffer dashboard.
  • Once that is done, you're now good to go but one more step.. 

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Once you've registered with buffer, then you can start using it to promote your posts via your social media accounts connected to it. Doing this will increase the engagement with your social media audience and thus increase your blog's traffic.

    How To Start Using Buffer To Share Your Posts

    • Sign in to your account 
    • Click on 'compose'  or the 'pencil-like'  icon
    • You'll be provided with a box where you're going to write your post snippet and also the link. 
    • At the below right are some icons, click on the image icon to include the picture you want to share with the snippet. 
    • Once thats done, you can now SHARE your post INSTANTLY or SCHEDULING it to some other time.

         Bonus Tip: Before Sharing your posts, Below are the Dos and Don'ts From My Experience so you can get the right results.

      1. Do ensure you're sharing a text snippet which describe what readers are going to find in the full post of the link
      2. Do include an image in the post you're about to send.  Pictures makes the post speak better
      3. Do try to include an hashtag (shouldn't be much) related to the post so that the post can travel far on the social platform

      Intermission: 3 Wrong Ways Of Using Social Media, Are You Guilty?

      1. Don't overshare updates so your blog's profile won't bore your social subscribers
      2. Don't share a wrong snippet just because you wanted readers to click your link. This will made them lose trust in your site
      3. Dont include a misleading Image or an inappropriate one. 
      Follow this step-by-step easy instructions and you'll be amazed at the positive result.
       It works for me, why won't it work for you too?

      The Lexus ES 350 Fascinating Car Review

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      Lexus es 350 Car Picture

      Lexus ES 350 Review

      If you seek for a comfortable, peaceful transportation in an entry-level luxurious car, the 2016 Lexus ES 350 would be the best choice. There are a lot of great sedans in this price category, so you might prefer the driving experience or the technology interface in some of its competitors.

                 Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post from Jiji

                       Lexus hasn't made many changes for 2016 apart from the car's restyled front end and newly optional bi-LED headlights, but the ES 350's long-standing appeal as a feature-laden midsize luxury cruiser remains. Additionally, Its standard V6 engine purrs rather than growls, and does so at all speeds without a hint of coarseness. The quality of ride is well mannered and refined, and while there's nothing overtly sporty about the ES, its steering is precise and the big sedan feels steady around turns.

          Inside, the 2016 Lexus ES 350 swaddles its driver and passengers in quiet, polished comfort. There's ample room front and rear, and interior materials and fit and finish are top-flight. The only major annoyance here is the Remote Touch controller (included with the optional navigation system) that we've found clumsy and distracting to use while driving.

      Lexus es 350 interior pics

                 If you're shopping for an entry-level luxury sedan, you'll come up with a diverse list of eligible cars ranging in dimensions from compact to full-size, although the sheer number of choices can be overwhelming but it's fairly easy to decide whether the 2016 Lexus ES 350 belongs to your short list. The ES has no high-performance inclinations, so if you want a sporty near-luxury sedan, this isn't it. Instead, this entry-level Lexus is a spacious, well-built sedan that prioritizes comfort above all the rest.

      - Pros
      Smooth V6 engine; comfortable ride and composed handling; luxurious and well-built interior; generous rear legroom.

      - Cons
      Navigation system controller can be complicated and distracting to use.

      What's New for 2016 Lexus es 350 Car?

           For 2016, the Lexus ES 350 gets improved sound-deadening in the cabin, a number of minor interior tweaks and freshened front and rear styling. Bi-LED headlights are a new option, while a revised safety package features an updated version of Lexus' pre-collision system with pedestrian detection capability. The panoramic sunroof is now available as an individual option.

        Wanna buy a new car? Lexus ES 350 for sale on Jiji! Here you will find a great assortment of different goods in all kinds of categories in which You can buy new or used stuff here, and also find the best deals – it's a real pleasure to shop on Jiji!

      6 Best Android Applications To Have On Your Phone

      Android mobile devices is one of the fast rising device nowadays and its so widely used that it will almost be found in the hands of 6, out of every 10 mobile users.
            Probably the reason why it's popular is because of the android OS' flexibility and its numerous applications which are available in the Google Play Store.

      The flexibility of Android devices made me remember those days of Java phones as the Java devices was also accepted by  lots of users then, which was simply because  of the large applications the Java OS can boast of.
        But Nowadays is the turn of the Android OS as The applications available on the Google Play Store is so large that one could easily get overwhelmed by them.  And the funny thing is,  no matter how much apps you installed,  you might still not be satisfied.

      Intermission - Unable to make Calls despite having Mobile Credit? Here's how to Fix It

      So i have decides to list out some recommended apps for  all Android users.  I mean irrespective of your nature, you're going to find the mentioned apps helpful.
          Are you ready?

      6 Must-Have Android Apps For All Android Users

      1. SwiftKey - When i first got an android mobile device, it was the default on-screen keyboard that first bore me. Not that it wasn't okay, its cool  but being a creative person, i needed something more than that.            
           It was during my Google play store Tour that I stumbled upon the SwiftKey keyboard app and i couldn't ask for more.  The application has cool themes for your keyboard, supports Native language, slide to type feature and lots more!

      2.  Quickteller - If you didn't know what Quickteller is by now, you have been missing a lot. Quickteller is an application that allows you to send money, buy airtime and etcetra. I once mentioned about quickteller on this blog as to how you can use it to send money anytime, anyday LIKEWISE how you can use it to buy airtime
         Having the Quickteller app on your Android phone makes it easier and faster than going on the web.

      3. Photo Collage - If you'd like editing photo or mixing photo together, then this app would come handy for you.  I don't use much of the app though but i trust ladies, they would surely love it. Taking the case of a friend of mine, she could use the application like kilode ๐Ÿ˜

      4. Bike Racing Video Game -  I know some people do not really fancy video game but i think its cool to have one.  After all, all WORK and No PLAY can make Jack a dull boy..
        I don't have a recommended video game as at now, but the one i have as at this moment on my phone is "Killer Bean" and a "Bike Stunt Game". The bike game is good for relaxing and also forces one to think on how to overcome the challenges
        Note that Video games in this case are meant for entertainment only.

      List of 5 Mobile Features You can Use to Minimize Task and Maximize Productivity 

      5. AppLock -  If you had younger siblings or an intruder who always grab any opportunity to get hold of your phone and tamper with the applications there, the AppLock would come handy for you.
               It allows you to put a lock on your favorite applications thus making it inaccessible for third-party without your consent.

      6. Firefox Browser -  I get it,  Not all of us are heavy Internet users but still yet, you still need Browsers if you really does wanted to browse faster and smarter.  Opera mini, Firefox, Ucbrowser and Chrome are the Major Internet browsers and each of them have their functionality.
         Am still trying to wrap my head around Chrome but for now, Opera mini and Firefox comes to my mind first whenever i wanted to browse on my android phone.
         The reason why i gave Firefox an edge is the way it displays in PC view

        Have any app to add? Feel free to drop it via the comment box


      3 Ugly Things That Would Happen If You Change Your Domain and How To Avoid It

        Changing one's domain name to another can be a scary move especially if you've been using the domain for a very long time and it is of no doubt that what makes it scary is those Things that one would lose if the step is taken. However as scary as it might sounds, changing domain name does have its own BENEFITS which i currently believe does outweighs the CONS if one make the move for a right reason.
          The Pros when you change your domain name to a new one include but not limited to;
      • Giving you another chance to choose a better suited domain name as Not all of us did make the right choice in the first place when choosing a domain name for a site.
      • Additionally it also gives the chance to insert keyword in the new domain name as search engine loves that!
      • etcetera...

        I recommend you check my previous post on 5 Reasons Why You Should Change Your Domain Name to have a better view of the advantages involved likewise why you should change.  To cut the story short, below are the major sad things one would lose if the domain name is changed.

      1. Identity - The internet is like a very big city where there are different buildings in which your site is one of them. The building is where people can enter and find out more about whom you are, likewise what you offer.  And Your DOMAIN NAME is the ONLY thing, like an address that which people can use to locate your building.
            Changing your domain is like changing your identity. And Although everything can still remain the same; your site's design, contents, BUT the domain name which is the address can make it hard for people to recognise your building amidst other MILLIONS of other  Building.
      In one word, changing your domain name is like losing your identity.

      ( 5 Must have Elements To Include in your Next Blogpost)

      2. Blog's Traffic - This is one of the most painful thing if one changes his/her domain name especially a domain name that had been existing for a long time. When you change your domain name, whenever a visitor type in your old domain name in a bid to access it, the visitor would be served with an error page since it has been changed.
      This would make him/her unable to check through your contents and when this happen, only few might bother to contact you via social channels like facebook or twitter to ask for the new url.

      Hence, when you change your domain name, its surely going to have a BIG impact on your blog's traffic.

      And Finally.......

      3. Search Engine Ranking - Search engine doesn't like BROKEN LINKS and UNAVAILABLE PAGES thus making them to alter their effect on a site that has these issue. And when you change your site's domain name, there would be lots of broken links if you have been using the previous domain URL in majority of your blog posts.
          WHEN this happen and people were unable to access your site, its surely going to have a negative effect on your blog's SEO.

      (3  Important Pages You Should Have On Your Blog)

      So above are the Major 3 Sad Things That Would Happen If A Domain Name Is Changed DIRECTLY.
        But Hey, Good NEWS!
      Do you know you can still change your domain name and not lose these things?
         Want to know how? Check my post on Redirecting a Domain Name to Another ,  using Namecheap

       If you find the process a little more technical,
       Wanted to do that of another Domain name Registrar,
      Or just don't wants to get your hands dirty doing it,
       You can simply contact me todo it for you at an affordable price . 

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