Will Whatsapp Messenger Really Do This? (Updated)


Whatsapp is an Instant Messenger social media application developed for mobile users in which afterwards came the PC version.
(You Can Learn More About Whatsapp at Whatsapp Messenger Review and Its Founders)
However at the beginning of this year somewhat around february 2016, an announcement came up which made some whatsapp users doubt if its going to really happen.


Before i state what the announcement is, it is no tongue-cheek speaking that the famous application known as whatsapp had forged a deep impression in this social media age despite the fact that it had just merely spent seven years in existence.

(How To Change Registered Mobile Number On Whatsapp)

Now the big announcement was that earlier this year, it was stated that; whatsapp messenger would be discontinued on some devices, like Blackberry and Nokia at the end of the year 2016 or probably as of next year!
This made some of the would-be affected mobile OS users to be like W-H-A-T! Is this going to happen for real?

Infact Most people didn't believe because their thought was that Nokia and blackberry were major part of the mobile devices that contributes to the growth of whatsapp and indeed in which i guess, is true.
Even i self, was using a Nokia E73 symbian phone back then for using the Instant Messenger called whatsapp.

(How To Restore Deleted Whatsapp Chats)

Despite that this imminent development has been published on TOP BLOGS Like Funmy Kemmy's BlogPost and JustNaira Here, there still seems to be some people who did not believe this might happens.
Speaking with a blackberry user, he stated Whatsapp had been long functioning with Nokia likewise Blackberry and it wouldn't make sense to make the social app ''rolling ball'' stop JUST LIKE THAT!

He furthermore stated that what he thought about the whole thing IF IT WERE TO HAPPEN is that; Blackberry and Nokia Users may not enjoy some advanced features but he's definitely sure the WHATSAPP MESSENGER WON'T STOP WORKING on these devices!

Meanwhile till that time, i would keep my arms crossed on the matter like i kept it folded when that of Facebook To Start Charging $2.99/Monthly started.
Now to you readers, do you believe this is really going to happen?

*** Updated ***
It has now been confirmed that whatsapp would stop working on the mention devices above. So if you're using those devies, start saving money to UPGRADE *wink*
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How To Check and Know Your Airtel Mobile Number


If you had once experienced a scenario where you are unable to provide your mobile number simply because you don't know it offhand, then this post would be helpful for you as it will shows you how to check and know your airtel mobile number in a very simplified way!


Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to provide your airtel mobile number for a particular pupose but you are unable to?
Though it ain't your fault as it might be for the fact that you didn't know it offhand nor store it on your phone.

Although When this kind of scenario happens, the most commonly used option by people is usually to use the line in question to call another person nearby after which one can now write out the number when it appears on the other person's line.
But unfortunately WHAT IF you didn't have mobile credit to perform this kind of method?

[You can also read how to Borrow Airtime and Get 1MB for Free on Airtel]

So to not beat around the bush, i will be showing you the easiest method on how to know your airtel mobile number for free in a faster and easier way!

How To Check And Know Your Airtel Mobile Number [using a ussd code]

  1. Dial *121# in which you would be provided some list of options
  2. Reply back with 5 to select the 'Account Information' option and send it
  3. After you've been given back the feedback for No II request sent, then press 1 and send
  4. Doing this would then EVENTUALLY display your mobile number!
Isn't that simple as ABC? If you did enjoy this article, check other Network Related Articles Here
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Why AutoPosting Your Facebook Status To Twitter Might Be A Bad Idea


The idea of connecting twitter account to facebook was the method i've been using on NetSocialBlog's Social Media Account for quite a long time and it has really been of great importance as it reduce the hassle of posting an update on facebook fanpage and rushing down to twitter account todo the same.
Yet despite these advantages, the idea of connecting your twitter account to facebook might still be a bad idea. Want to know why? Continue reading.


I was inspired to come up with this post when i read Marc Guberti's post on Why Facebook Connection To Twitter Might Be A Bad Idea and since i've earlier posted something related on this blog which is how to automatically publish post from facebook to twitter, i decided to post the reverse effect.

Before stating the adverse effect, let me quickly give a brief details about how the whole thing works just incase you might be hearing it for the first time.
When you connect your twitter to facebook following the procedure i mention here, all of the posts you update on facebook would also automatically be posted to twitter also.
Do you gotcha that? Now lets see why this method might be a bad idea.

Why Connecting Your Twitter Account To Facebook Might Be A Bad Idea

Hitch Caused by Twitter Character Limitation - We all knew twitter has a character limit which is 160 in which anything beyond that is a NO-NO. Now if you're the type whom is fond of composing long words on facebook, the idea of connecting the two social accounts is not going to be too good for you. This is because once you update long words on facebook, it won't be able to show everything on twitter.
Although twitter had devise a method to solve this and that is by shortening the other remaining text in form of links so that when twitter users click on the link, they can be redirected to the FULL POST.

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But yet, the disadvantages is that; sometimes when the other remainning text that have been converted to links are clicked on by twitter users in an attempt to read the full post, they might appear broken and won't lead to the original post. This occurs to me quite often although not all the time and i have the intution that it might be the same for other people too.

And the best SOLUTION i have discovered so far is that, if you connect your twitter account and facebook together, you should try to minimise the text character which you would publish on facebook to that of twitter's character.

Are you on Facebook? Checkout Awesome NSB Posts Related To Facebook Here

Have you once connect your 2 social accounts together? Tell me what you like and dislike about it and lets rub minds together | Do also share this post on your social networks too!
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Your Mtn Sim Not Browsing, How To Resolve It

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If you have been using your mtn sim to browse successfully and suddenly, it just stopped working! Or rather, maybe you had done all the right internet configurations and still yet, your mobile phone does not connect to the internet via the mtn sim:/
Well, congratulations as Mrs NetSocialBlog is going to get that solved for you right here, right now *winks*


It all started when a neighbour walked up to me and came with a report that his phone was unable to connect to internet in which he then gave the phone to me and ask maybe i could resolve it.
Since its related to internet, the first thing i did was to re-configure the device for internet settings using the instruction for automatic configuration settings and when it doesn't works, i did tried the manual internet configuration settings which ALL PROVED FUTILE.

After several failed attempts, i almost gave up before an idea pop up!

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It later occured to me that i should call the customer care and inform them about the issue. Fortunately after calling them and giving thorough explanation, i was not only been told of the problem but also proffered the solution to it.

I later realized that the cause of the mtn sim not browsing was because the DATA HAS BEEN DISABLED via a short-service code and in which before the device could be able to browse, IT would have to be ENABLED with a certain service code.

To cut the long story short, here is how to make your mtn sim start working and browsing back using the short service code.
*. To Disable Data - Dial *466*1#
*. To Enable Data Back, - Dial *466*2#

Leave your thoughts via the comment box if you had any question regarding this post || You can also read other articles related to Network Service Provider Here
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5 Unique Blogging Tips For Blog Beginners


Blogging can be really complicated for those who just wants to start but if you've made a thorough research or has someone who is experienced in blogging as a mentor, its going to be simpler.
But here, i have gathered vital lists that would be useful for blog beginners.


People usually got amazed when i told them how i started blogging that it was with "Little Knowledge of Google" and no "Mentor" cos i don't know how to acquire the TWO back then. But the blogging secret about me is "i get to learn as time goes on, through TRIALS and EXPERIMENTS.
I tried to EXPERIMENT what works better and sometimes when i faced error, i count them as TRIALS and try "my possible best" using the "available resources" to solve the problem. These and other qualities are what made NETSOCIALBLOG.Com the beautiful lady she is today:)

To cut the long story short, below are blogging tips for beginners

5 Things You Should Know Before Starting A Blog

  1. KNOW WHY YOU WANT TO BLOG - I've seen many people jump into the blogosphere not knowing the exact reasons why they started. This is one of the reasons why most people give up at an early stage on blogging. I'd recommend you read NSB article on Quick Reasons Why People Starts A Blog then leave your comment on the post to get better clarification.
  2. Be A Writer - You might not be so that good at start but as time goes on with practise, you will. This is important because the major part of BLOGGING IS WRITING.
    If you're unsure of your writing skills, i wrote an Ebook on Guide to Writing for blog beginners at just N1500. If interested, contact me.
  3. Choosing PlatForm - There are several blogging platforms out there - Blogger, Wordpress, Tumblr, Weebly, et.c although blogger and wordpress are the most widely used| Hence you must decide before kickstarting your blog which one suits you better (based on certain reasons). You can read more about the two widely used platform with Blogspot Platform at blogger pros and cons you need to know while that of the second platform, Wordpress pros and cons can be read here.
    Reading these two posts would enlighten you more about each of the platform Good and Ugly Side.
  4. Be Careful of Trickery Method - Before you starts your blog, you might have heard almost everything about short-cut. Shortcut to SEO, Short-cut to getting traffic, Short-cut to getting adsense and so on. Am not saying it won't work, it MIGHT but THESE THINGS usually had an adverse effect.
    For example, if you tried to use Google SEO methods that are against the search engine policy, the result might prove positive at first but would DELIST your blog from Search Engines if later detected. There are also recent cases of google Adsense that were banned simply because they acquire it through devious means.
  5. You Can Read My Post on NairaLand about Why Google Is Banning Adsense Account

  6. You Should Be Prepared To Read Other Blogs Too - In the blogosphere, if you really does wanted to grow your blog, you shouldn't try to be only a Good Writer but also a Good Reader. The more you read about other people's blog out there, the more you get better exposure.
    More importantly, you'll be able to learn about tools that can grow your blog and other things too along the line.

By now, am sure you must have been crystal-clear of what and what not TO DO before starting your blog.
Updated - You can also read Cassie Daves Blogging Guide for Beginners here for further clarification.

Feel free to share your thoughts via the comment box if you had anything to ask or add!
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Checkout List Of Whatsapp Similar Apps You Can Use

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Ever wonder if there are similar apps like whatsapp out there? Thou should note that when am talking about ''similar apps'', i meant social media application like an instant messenger between two users.
Although this thought usually arise mostly in the mind of those whose phone/device doesn't supports whatsapp, whatsapp supported device users do also question this. Whichever of the two you are, am going to introduce to you whatsapp alternative on this post.


Before i reveals those instant messaging app, let me quickly introduce to you the short history of whatsapp. Whatsapp is a social media application founded by Brian Acton before later being bought and owned by Mark Zuckerberg, Founder of Facebook.
However since i've earlier talked about Whatsapp History on this blog, i would just go straight to the point to save our time.


Similar Apps Like Whatsapp (Whatsapp Alternative)

  1. Facebook - The first thing i guess would come to a typical person's mind is that facebook.com isn't an instant messenger but a WEB Social Media. While this might be true, one shouldn't also forget the fact that facebook has an application which a user can sends and receives messages in an instant!
  2. Wechat - The last time i did use this application was on my Nokia Symbian E63 and it was in an attempt to connect with THE BIG BROTHER SHOW.
    Its also a cool instant messaging app with funny and interesting features like finding someone near your location e.t.c.
  3. (3 Wrong ways of using Social Media, are you guilty?)

  4. 2go - Did you just scoff at the sight of the app name? Believe it or not, it still reigns infact i get visitors from search engine who came down to my blog here to read 2go related article although i personally don't normally use it.
    To add salts to the wound, someone once told me he can't remember the LAST TIME he did even login to his 2go account! Yet, this was one of the social app that introduces us to the world of INSTANT MESSAGING!
  5. (How To Change Your 2go Mobile Number To New One)

  6. Apart from the above mentioned app, there are others like FRIM, NIMBUZZ and co but since i have blur memory of them when i did use them (about some years ago) i Wouldn't be able to discuss fully how they works!
Have you ever use one of these app before, i would like to hear your thought on which one you like the most apart from whatsapp!
Also feel free to drop suggestion of an instant messaging social app you're using
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5 Essential Free Blogging Tools For Bloggers


A popular quote once stated
''Behind every successful TECHNICIAN, lies a greater successful set of TOOLS''.
Hence on this post, i will be sharing Cool FREE blogging tools for beginners and pros that can helps in growing your blog and/or check your blog's growth.


Before now, i have been wishing to release this post about some certain tools for bloggers but i was usually discouraged by a lot of things. Apart from my being procrastinating like i mentioned in the No #4 Facts About Me Here, there was this my engagement in some other things, AND what add salts to the wound is the INTERRUPTED ELECTRICITY SUPPLY (if you're currently in Nigeria, you'll understand this better ;)

However despite that there hasn't been recent latest updates on my blog, some of my loyal readers were still able to enjoy articles they might have had missed. If you want to know how they go about it, read carefully the No #2 Part of 3 Common Mistakes That Could Cause A Blog To Fall and checkout what i said about the admin of NetSocialBlog.
Additionally, if you are curious to be the first to receive LATEST ARTICLES on NetSocialBlog, the best and recommended way is to Join the Email Subscribers!.
Have you done that? Now lets start with the main concept of this post.

5 Essential Free Blogging Tools For Bloggers

  1. The Broken Link Repairer: Broken links not only hinder a blog's growth, but also pisses a visitor off. Imagine how dissapointed a reader would feel, when he/she clicked a link on your blog that leads to another post, and the response was ''this page is broken or doesn't exist''.
    Apart from pissing off a visitor, broken link can also affects the blog's SERP. But with this Tool, you can easliy fish out those broken links and thus be able to repair them.
  2. PageSpeed Insight Tool: One of the quality every blog should possess is to load properly and as fast as possible so as to make things easier for their readers. This is what most professional blog designer considers a lot when redesigning a blog.
    To make things easier for bloggers, this No #2 Blogging Tool can be used in checking how fast a blog loads after it had displays the PageSpeed Details.
  3. View How Your Blog Looks Like : With this No #3 Free Tool, you would be able to know how your blog displays on your visitor's computer.
    Advantage of this tool is that; when you are able to check your blog's view, it would be easier to judge whether your blog is responsive or not!
  4. Backlinks Checker : Backlinks are very important as they show the path that leads to a blog. While their quantity might matter, the QUALITY matters the most.
    Fortunately this No #4 Tool explains fully what backlinks are, and how to check that of your blog.
  5. Autopublishing To Social Networks : After hitting the publish button for your post, isn't the next thing is to start promotion?
    This tool helps you to automatically publish your LATEST POSTS to your blog's social fanpage!

And there goes our TOP 5 Free Blogging Tools! Do not forget to Share this post with your blogger friends too!

NOTE: Make sure to add this blog's url on your bookmark and also hookup on social profiles to enjoy more awesome contents
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