5 Essential Free Blogging Tools For Bloggers

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A popular quote once stated
''Behind every successful TECHNICIAN, lies a greater successful set of TOOLS''.
Hence on this post, i will be sharing Cool FREE blogging tools for beginners and pros that can helps in growing your blog and/or check your blog's growth.


Before now, i have been wishing to release this post about some certain tools for bloggers but i was usually discouraged by a lot of things. Apart from my being procrastinating like i mentioned in the No #4 Facts About Me Here, there was this my engagement in some other things, AND what add salts to the wound is the INTERRUPTED ELECTRICITY SUPPLY (if you're currently in Nigeria, you'll understand this better ;)

However despite that there hasn't been recent latest updates on my blog, some of my loyal readers were still able to enjoy articles they might have had missed. If you want to know how they go about it, read carefully the No #2 Part of 3 Common Mistakes That Could Cause A Blog To Fall and checkout what i said about the admin of NetSocialBlog.
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Have you done that? Now lets start with the main concept of this post.

5 Essential Free Blogging Tools For Bloggers

  1. The Broken Link Repairer: Broken links not only hinder a blog's growth, but also pisses a visitor off. Imagine how dissapointed a reader would feel, when he/she clicked a link on your blog that leads to another post, and the response was ''this page is broken or doesn't exist''.
    Apart from pissing off a visitor, broken link can also affects the blog's SERP. But with this Tool, you can easliy fish out those broken links and thus be able to repair them.
  2. PageSpeed Insight Tool: One of the quality every blog should possess is to load properly and as fast as possible so as to make things easier for their readers. This is what most professional blog designer considers a lot when redesigning a blog.
    To make things easier for bloggers, this No #2 Blogging Tool can be used in checking how fast a blog loads after it had displays the PageSpeed Details.
  3. View How Your Blog Looks Like : With this No #3 Free Tool, you would be able to know how your blog displays on your visitor's computer.
    Advantage of this tool is that; when you are able to check your blog's view, it would be easier to judge whether your blog is responsive or not!
  4. Backlinks Checker : Backlinks are very important as they show the path that leads to a blog. While their quantity might matter, the QUALITY matters the most.
    Fortunately this No #4 Tool explains fully what backlinks are, and how to check that of your blog.
  5. Autopublishing To Social Networks : After hitting the publish button for your post, isn't the next thing is to start promotion?
    This tool helps you to automatically publish your LATEST POSTS to your blog's social fanpage!

And there goes our TOP 5 Free Blogging Tools! Do not forget to Share this post with your blogger friends too!

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3 Reasons Why You Should Choose A Normal Laptop Over Mini Laptop

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When wanting to buy a computer, its possible that you might feel confused and unsure as to which one is the best for you. The reason is simply because of the difference in dimension, memory, specification, functionality, e.t.c which you might not know as to which one suits your needs BUT Good News! I've already published a solution for it titled 5 Tips To Buy The Best Computer Here.
But right now on this post, i'll be talking about something different which is; why you should choose a normal laptop over the mini one (that is; a mini laptop).


Since a very Long time, my wildest dream was to get a Personal Computer in which i've seen offers of acquiring mini laptop but i usually decline although i finally admit at the end that, i would be glad to have a mini one if there comes again the chance(at least it would be my PC).
However there are strong reasons why i recommend having a normal laptop than the mini type in which am going to states some of the reasons below.

3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Normal Laptop Over The Mini Type

  1. Internal DVD/CD ROM - The thing is, there is surely going to be some certain period that you would want to install a program using compact disc and in which a mini laptop won't allow you to do that because it does not have an internal cd/dvd rom!
    Although one can still use an EXTERNAL CD/DVD rom which is connected via the usb port to perform this function, but what if this Gadget is temporarily unavailable or maybe you forgot it at home when you went on an outing with your PC.

    You Can Click The Image Below To Shop For Laptops On Konga

    So if you're the type whose profession or mission requires using compact disc on your PC, a mini laptop might not be advisable for you.
  2. (4 Must Have Gadgets On Your PC)

  3. Wider Screen Size - Do you doubt if the screen size of a PC is going to be a major hitch? Well i personally didn't doubt so. There are some websites when you browse online that i think they're little bit wide in layout.
    In this case when browsing on a mini laptop, you'll have to scroll your mouse navigation bar to see the other remainning contents.
    But if you're using a laptop, it is going to display the full width as a normal laptop screen is wider than that of a mini laptop.
  4. (8 Articles About Computer and Technology You Shouldn't Miss)

  5. Hidden Higher Functionality - Considering the Size of a normal laptop and specifications that usually comes with it, i did believe it had some higher functionality compared to that of a mini laptop.
    This functionality might either be hidden to you or known but there is definitely going to be!
  6. (The Android Shopping App From Jiji)

Above mentioned are the THREE REASONS why i think you should choose normal laptop over mini laptop. I didn't say a mini laptop ain't good, of course it does and even had its own advantages which i might talk about it on this blog next time.
But these reasons should be considered when ruminating as to which one to choose between the two.

Note: Offer is still open for brands or individual to work with NetSocialBlog.Com - the quality Tech and Social Media Blog.
If you would like to collaborate with NSB, do click here or better yet, shoot me a mail on tuhamworld@gmail.com so we could talk better.
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8 Articles About Computer and Technology You Shouldn't Miss


While fidgeting around NetSocialBlog, i thought i should pull out some, out of the interesting articles about computer and technology;)
So whether you're just stumbling upon this blog or you're already an awesome loyal reader whom had been with NSB for a long time, you're definitely going to find these TOP 8 articles fascinating!


  1. 5 Tips To Buy The Best Laptop/Computer - If you're looking to buy a new PC, this is an handy post i recommend for you as it entails cool tips you should be mindful of.
  2. 4 Common Ways Your PC Could Get Destroyed is a precautionary post that tells about what most pc users do normally do, and that can short-live their computer.
  3. 3 Important Eye Care Tips For Computer Users - The eye usually feel fatigue after long hours of working on a computer (or anything screen-related). With this simple and straightforward post, there's no doubt that your eyes will thank you for reading it!
  4. 5 Must Have Softwares For Pc Users - There are huge numbers of softwares on the internet so much that if you're greedy (lol), you might crash your computer with TOO MUCH loaded software.
    However, i have these 5 softwares which i believe is a must for you to have on your PC.
  5. How To Transfer Money Between Banks Online - With this post, you don't need to stress yourself going to a very far location in the sake of sending money from one bank to another NOR worry when you want to make transfer on a day the bank aren't opening (like sunday).
    This post talks about how to easily transfer money between banks ANYWHERE in the world, ANYTIME of the day.
  6. 4 Must-Have Gadgets With PC - If you want to enjoy your PC, you shouldn't let it standalone. Here on this blog, i had enlist some 4 Gadgets that are important you acquire with your PC.
  7. Ultimate Guide On Online Shopping is a post that i invest enough effort and energy to explain online shopping for those who still finds it mysterious. I did also mentioned about some online stores and how to shop on them.

  8. and
  9. 5 Mobile Phone Features you can use to minimise tasks and maximise producitvity!

So here goes our Top articles on computer and technology! I hope you enjoyed them.
P.S share this post with friends and also leave comments on what you think of it:)

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How To Transfer Money Between Banks Online via QuickTeller


Undoubtedly there would have been a time when you would want to transfer money from one bank to another but wouldn't able to do so, due to some reasons like location and bank off-days.
However on this post, am going to talk about how to transfer money from one bank account to another using the online method via QuickTeller!


QuickTeller is a website that allows you to BUY AIRTIME for your Network Provider, MAKE PAYMENTS, and SEND MONEY. It is an online platform that had been quite around for a long time and also being used by over large numbers of people.
The services offered by the website has lots of advantages which is majorly ability to make payments and buy airtime from the comfort of your house as long as you had a data enabled device!

For those who also wants to send money from one bank to another, you dont have to worry about the hassle of going to a bank which is NOT NEAR YOUR LOCATION.
Likewise if its on a day that the bank does not open, you can count on QuickTeller to do the transaction you want to. To cut the long story short, lets goto the main point and cut the icy part of the cake!

(Did You Know How To Purchase Mobile Airtime Online Using QuickTeller?)

How To Send and Transfer Money Online Instantly, From One Bank To Another

  1. Goto QuickTeller SendReceive Money
  2. Now Click on Transfer To Account.
  3. (You'll then be required to login if you had an account. If you do not, you can register within few minutes)
    For new registration, you'll be required to enter the email or phone of the person who refered you. Enter this number 09051597485 as the number.

  4. Once you've done this, some boxes would be provided for you.
  5. You are to fill in those boxes with the relevant information after which you should click the continue button.
  6. After that, it will show the information you inputs earlier again, so you can cross-check to avoid error. If you're sure of the info, click on the TRANSFER BUTTON

  7. The Next Step would then be the mode of payment for the money being transfered. Do note that Debit Cards are usually the mode of payment and the cards accepted are VERVE, MASTERCARD and VISACARD.

Once you're through with the paying procedure, the money would be transfered to the account you wanted it to be!
Seems pretty easy and fast, isn't it?

If you had any trouble doing this, don't worry. You're free to comment here and i'll reply asap!
Before you go, do not forget to share this interesting post with your friends on social network!
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How To Stop Spam Links On Facebook Wall


In my last post on social network articles, i talked about spam posted links on facebook and the damages they can do to one's reputation and account. If you missed it, i recommend you read the post so you can know how those spam links does enter a facebook account.
But today, after the suggestion of Funmy Kemmy and Uthman Saheed on the post, i'll be talking about how to stop the spam on facebook wall.


If your facebook profile is posting links that you did not know (spam), there is the tendency that your account was intruded by usually an automated application.
In this post, am going to tell you how you can stop those spam from your facebook profile.

Before i continue, you might want to read the related facebook posts below
*. Automatically Share Facebook Status To Twitter
*. Facebook Poke - Its Real Meaning
*. Where To Get Beautiful Facebook Timeline Cover Photos
*. Facebook Amazing History and Its Founders
*. How To Stop Receiving Facebook Notification

For those who says 'my facebook profile is posting links which i do not know', i have categorized how you can stop it into 2 parts which are the TEMPORARY and PERMANENT Method.
Let me assure you that whichever of the method you use, its going to stop the spam but its BEST to use the latter one which is the PERMANENT METHOD.

How To Stop Spam On Facebook Wall

=> For the TEMPORARY METHOD, All you Need Todo is to Change your Facebook Password and its going to REVOKE the connection that has been linked earlier with your account (Read the first paragraph of this post to know how the Spam was Linked to your account) .

(Did You Know About The Real Truth- Facebook To Start Charging $2.99/Monthly?)

=> The PERMANENT METHOD: If you're on a PC, goto the dropdown located at the Top right of your facebook timeline, then click on it and scroll down to settings. For mobile facebook users, simply move your cursor down to the BOTTOM and you'll see the Settings and Privacy link to click on.
Once you've done that, scroll to Apps and locate the name of the app that is autoposting. There, you can now delete the app.

If you're having trouble doing either of the two, Like my facebook page here and send me a DM. Then i'll take it from there
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Powerpoint Tutorial On Using It To Edit, Design and Save Images


Have you ever wanted to create and design your own image by adding some text or elements on it from your computer but you are unable to simply because, there seems to be no EDITING SOFTWARE except the MICROSOFT OFFICE Programs loaded on your PC:/
Well i've got Good News for you as i'll be sharing with you, how you can use POWERPOINT to design and save images for free!


The Microsoft Office Application Package which includes MS Word, Powerpoint, Excel, e.t.c is a populous software which has almost 90% of PC users using it according to a report from the No #1 list here.

(Checkout How To 3 Important Eye Care tips for PC Users

However despite that great number of people were using this powerpoint, they thought its only for creating and showing presentation but i think IT CAN STILL DO MORE.

To cut the story short, i found out how to use powerpoint in creating and editing images like i does for the picture i used in blogger vs wordpress misconceptions solved (you won't believe i use powerpoint for that cute image).
But the fact is, it all boils down to how creative you are!

If you are a consistent user of powerpoint, you might wonder that, won't POWERPOINT save your works in .pptx (that is powerpoint format) and not image format?

(How To Buy The Best Laptop/Computer)

Of course its going to, exactly the way you thought but if you want it as an IMAGE so you could use it for other purpose you want, then you can save it in a DIFFERENT WAY which am going to mention below.

=> ''Once you're through in creating and editing the image, simply RIGHT-CLICK on your designed Image and Scroll to SAVE AS IMAGE. Thats all! <=

From the Author's Desk: I created this post for those who had a Computer with MS OFFICE Powerpoint, so as to show them how they can use it to create and design images for FREE!
If you do not have any application nor software, then go read my post on Creating and Editing Images Without Using Application or Software

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Recent Facebook Spam Links & Imminent Damages - Must Read


Recently there has been a funny yet irritating stuff which is facebook spam links and posts. Although i've once mentioned briefly about it at the end of this post BUT i decides to expantiate fully especially talking about the Damages.

Before you continue reading, i assure you that after reading this post, you'll know about;
* What Causes The Facebook Spam Links, and
*. The Damages It Can Does To An Account.
However if you are through with this post and you feel you haven't understand the points i asterisk above, then you should read this post all over again;)



When you visits a website and you're asked to connect your facebook account before or after viewing some posts on the site, If done successfuly, the website would be able to update LINKS on your timeline without your consent. (although this usually happens on a p*rn site).

( Find Out About Facebook Poke and Its Real Meaning Here)

=> The Damages The Spam links Can Cause

  1. Reputation - Once it starts posting spam links on your facebook account (without your consent), it will looks to your friends on facebook AS IF you're THE ONE that is posting it.
    And when this happens, there would be comment on the post like;
    ''whats the meaning of this rubbish?''
    ''i can't believe you are the one posting this nonsense''
    ''you really dissapoint me,'' e.t.c
    Furthermore if you didn't solved the issue for number of days, then DAMAGES NO #2 below might occur to it.
  2. (Beautiful and Adjustable Social Media Widget For Bloggers)

  3. Account Banned! - Did you know that if this spam links continues appearing on your account, it might leads to your facebook account from being banned! Yeah i mean ''BEING BANNED''
    This happens when facebook noticed the SPAM LINKS that are updating consistently on your account or it could also be because people made report those post.
    NOTE THAT; If this happens, there are lesser chance that you would be able to retrieve your account back due to the VERIFICATIONS PROCEDURE (which you might be unable to meet).

(How To Stop Receiving Notification From A Group's Updates)

With the above post, i hope you can now realize what causes the facebook spam links and the damages it can cause. If you are experiencing this issue or had someone who is, i can solve it for you PERMANENTLY using Code NT3 on this page.
Also, Do not forget to share this post, your friends might need it VERY BADLY!
UPDATED - You can now read how to stop spam links on facebook here
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