Blogger Introduces New and Free Responsive Templates

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The Google Blogging Platform known as Blogger just came up with a new development and that is the google blogger free templates. This is a good news for bloggers on this platform as Blogger introduces new amazing and responsive templates!

The default templates on the platform before now were Simple, Dynamic Views, Picture Window, Awesome Inc, Watermark, Ethereal, and Travel in which most people are getting bored of their design hence the need to hire a professional blogger blog designer who will use design and customize it to the blogger's taste.
    Having preview some of the new themes, all i can say is they're totally cool and the fact that they're from the platform would make it easier to display very well on mobile devices.

So if you've always wanted to explore more about the design of your blog, here is the chance you've been looking for! The name of the new Blogger themes are Soho, Emporio, and Notable with each of this template having 5 different designs.
   To have a taste of what they're like, Simply go to your blogger dashboard and Navigate to "Theme" as shown in the arrow located at bottom left below.

new free blogger templates

   If you are having trouble customizing them to your taste, you can hire me to get it done for you at a fee.
Explore, Choose, Preview and Enjoy!

Is This The Best and Safest Method To Charge One's Smartphone?

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Smartphones are known to perform a wide variety of functions at either the same time, or subsequently and it was their abilities to perform multiple tasks that made them to get drained in energy easily than a typical low-end phone. Although some manufacturers have been able to come up with the idea of making battery stronger but after using these device for some time, they still tend to decline in energy.

    "How then, can one save his smartphone energy through charging"?


 The recent discussion with a friend reveals a fact that the way one charges his/her mobile phone also play a major role in saving a smartphone's energy.  
     Overcharging is one of the major thing that can decline the quality of a smartphone's energy and it simply means the smartphone battery being charged up to the 100% level and one still does not remove it from the power source despite that it is already full.

[ 3 uncommon Ways You Are Killing your Android Phone] 
Although in a location where there are insufficient electricity supply,one might want to ensure that the mobile phone is well charged. However there is still a way you can go about it without Overcharging the device.

"Leaving one's phone to charge up to 96% and stopping the charge at that rate is better than Overcharging " - Ibklet (A smartphone Experienced User)
 I think its a good to let a mobile phone charge up to 96% level (not higher or lesser than that) as that won't be term overcharged and additionally, the energy on it should be enough to last for a longer period of time.

      The bottom line is: While this method of charging one's device is good in order to increase the quality of a smartphone's energy, it might not be applicable for everybody especially if you're living in an area where there are inconstant power supply.

[Blog Review]: Ogbongeblog - da Tech Blog In Nigeria For How-Tos

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If you're looking for a blog with Guide on How-Tos, then Ogbongeblog is a great place for you to start with. The one of the Top Technology blog in Nigeria was founded by Jide Ogunsanya in the year 2008 to provide How-Tos Tutorial on topics related to internet, making money online, digital marketing and blogging tips.

Ogbongeblog is a Nigerian Tech blog which provide resourceful articles for bloggers, digital marketers, webmasters, and Internet entrepreneurs in Nigeria and a quite large amount of articles to solve problems have been written on the site. One of these problem-solving article is the recent issue of Domainking which was shut down thus causing panic in the minds of many bloggers and internet marketers who had products with them.
     Fortunately the founder of Ogbongeblog, was able to came up with a solution to the issue in which the article can be found here. This and many problem-solving articles had made the site to earn a good reputation in the blogosphere and also for the founder.

About Jide Ogunsanya, Founder of Ogbongeblog

Jide Ogunsanya of Ogbongeblog

Jide Ogunsanya graduated as a microbiologist from Olabisi Onabanjo University before his encounter with passion for Technology. The brain behind Ogbongeblog is a young passionate Nigerian blogger and digital marketer who had the passion to make things happen with the use of Technology.
   He has earned a Nigerian Blog Award, being featured in many events and also seen on the Punch Newspaper.
    You can connect with him on Facebook, and Twitter here.

Do also feel free to check to see more of his awesomeness

The Easiest Way To Sharing Blog Links On Instagram

Is there a cuter and faster way to share your blog posts apart from Social Media?
 I don't think so

Well, I understand that there are other several methods to share your posts like; you can decide to share to your email subscribers or via some other proven methods apart from Social Media but then its incomparable.

     In one word; Social Media is the fastest way to talk about your site likewise grow its visibility. On this post, i'll be talking about that of Instagram and how you can share links on the platform.

Instagram is a social network platform which allow its users to share photos and video instantly. However the downside of this platform for bloggers is that you cannot include links in your status be it a photo or video unlike Facebook and Twitter.
   But do you know that there is an easier way to share link on your Instagram social platform?!

All you have to do is copy the LINK you wanted to share and paste it in your profile bio. Then upload a photo that relates with that link and tell users to check more about it via the link on your bio

  Taking the case of this post for example =>
*.  I'd first paste the link on my Instagram profile
*. Then Upload the picture with this snippet "See the Easiest Way to Share Links On Instagram, Read more via the LINK in my bio"

And thats it!
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If Your Laptop Processor Fan Is Not Working, Here's What You Should Do First

If you got a laptop in which the processor fan is not working or probably it was working before, but just stopped working, am going to share with you "one single tip" that solved mine.
     Before i continue, so the thing is; I recently got a new PC and it would be an understatement if i said "i was super-excited" to have it in my possession!

 I mean a perfect working PC is something I've been wishing and working so hard to get all these years but one thing or the other always prevent me from getting it. In case you do not know, I've been a Mobi-Blogger (checkout the meaning in the No #1 list on this post ) all these years.

When i got the Laptop, turns out the processor fan wasn't working which means an imminent big trouble for the innocent PC.

All i know is, I would be using the computer for a while and suddenly without warning, the PC would just shut itself down. I powered it on again but the issue was still the same and that's how i realized there is something wrong with it.

Fortunately i had someone who is like 3 in 1 to me(a mentor, a dad and an uncle *winks* ) whom is a guru in computer hardware engineering but now a programmer. I told him about the situation with the PC and he said;

"In this case, there are 3 things involved.
1. The processor fan might not be properly connected to the motherboard,
2. The Processor fan was blocked by dirt or
3. It is no longer functional"
He later unscrewed the laptop, carefully removed the fan and turns out THE PROCESSOR FAN WAS BLOCKED BY DIRT! The dirt was so much that i couldn't help but wonder how it got them.

  After the removal of the dirt, the processor fan was then fixed back and eureka! it started working back!

So when your laptop processor fan stopped working, check the fan first maybe there were dirt preventing it from working!
As simple as ABC

3 Common Ways You're Unknowingly Killing Your Android Phone

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Android phones are one of the fastest rising mobile devices nowadays and this is majorly because of their Operating System Flexibility which make them have features that are almost similar to a PC.
    Unfortunately, some users misuse this advantages by doing things that unknowingly shorten the lifespan of their Android phones.
  Below are 3 Common Ways Android Users Are Unknowingly Killing Their Phone


1.Installing too much apps - There are more than 2 million apps in the Google Playstore according to recent research in which Most of these applications are so fascinating to the extent that if you paid a visit to the Playstore in a bid to download a single application, you might end up being interested in and downloading another one.
     Some Android users would always want to satisfy their appetite for more apps thus making them to stock their Android phones with "too much applications".
   Apart from consuming much of your RAM, there are high chance that doing this would shorten the lifespan of your Android phone.

2. Pressing while charging - Your phone is on 5% and fortunately, Electricity just came up. You plugged in your charger and while charging, you're still pressing your phone. This is a No!   No!! Though am guilty of this too (i admit) but am trying very hard to overcome the urge because its risky.
      There has been cases of those who suffer burns while pressing phone when charging as the phone went up in flames hence its best not to do so.
Additionally, doing this also reduces the quality of your device's battery life.

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3. Performing Several Multi Tasks On It - Android Phones are the "modern version" of symbian Nokia phones which allows people to operate different tasks at a time without conflicting one another. You can be browsing the Internet using Google Chrome, Chatting using Facebook messenger, playing a video game, watching a Video, Checking through your pictures gallery AND IN which you can be switching these tasks simultaneously.
      As Fun as this might sounds, it is best not to do it that way as it is likely going to have an adverse effect on your phone.

Got extra tips to share with the world? Let me know your thought from the comment box

The One Thing that Can Render All Your SEO Efforts Useless


Search Engine Optimization popularly known as SEO is one of the most confusing part in blogging but yet, a little bit knowledge of how it works can go a long way to improve your blog's traffic.
      You might have heard the word SEO several times, probably from a friend or maybe you read it on the cyberspace but if you're not sure of what it is, i recommend you read this short post titled "what is search engine optimization (seo)?"  to know better of what it's all about.

SEO is a very wide aspect and its not something that can be implemented within the twinkle of an eye. It starts with your blog title, description, keyword, template, posts body, posts description and etcetera. (i hope to write an ebook on it in the future)

      However the adverse side of it is; Do you know you can get carried away in the attempt to improve your "blog's seo" to the extent that you  begin to ignore the most important element of not only your blog, but also that of the SEO. This element is so important that it can render your entire SEO efforts useless if ignored.

Before continue reading, you might be interested in these "5 Essential Free Blogging Tools For Bloggers"


The element is simply Quality Content!

    Do note that the word Quality simply means a well written, precise, and problem solving/teaching something new article.

    When this is ignored, there are high chance that the results will be bad for both your readers and Search engines.

>>Why Its Bad For Your Readers<<

    In a bid to get search engines traffic, some bloggers make the mistake of stuffing their opening paragraph, middle and end of posts with lots of seo keyword so they can rank in pages without considering their readers.

   At the end of everything, a reader might find it hard to understand the whole post because it would sounds gibberish as instead of stitching words that make sense together, the author was busy stitching seo keywords together.

>>How SEO Efforts Can Be Useless Without Quality Content?<< 

  Search Engines work towards bringing answers to a user's question and this is what most webmasters should look forward to achieve.

   If you write content in a bid to get seen and also solve a reader's question, search engines would be glad to feature your blog on their page.
    However if you write content in a bid to get seen only WITHOUT solving questions, search engines might detect your motive and not show your page or delist your blog if they find out later after displaying your blog url.

Intermission - Wow! See the 4 Amazing Ways Blogging Had Helped Us

Bottom line
So What Should I Do?
  When you want to implement seo strategies, ensure its not only going to be beneficial to your blog's visibility on search  engines but also to your blog readers..
   Only by this way can your blog attracts search engines.
I would also like to hear your thoughts about search engine optimization.
  Kindly use the comment box to share your opinion or questions

How Many Social Networks Should You Belong To, And Which Social Network Suits You? (Answers)

Ever wonder how many Social Networks You Should Belong To,  in order to increase your Awareness/Catch fun? Or you wonder the social networks that best fits your profession/business out of the top Social Networks out there; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google plus, Pinterest, etcetera?

     Well, Good News! This post you're about to read is meant to help you identify the number of social networks you should join likewise the TYPE that suit you. 

How Many Social Networks Should You Belong To?

   If you have already been a user of different social networks, you might have noticed that either your attention is focused on one than the other or you had completely ignored some of your accounts. 
     This is why its best to focus on few social networks account and make them active rather than register on lots of social networks and render them useless. 
   The social networking sites you should consider joining would depend on your nature, what you wish to achieve on it, likewise your profession/business. The below post would give you better clarification 

*.  Before continue reading, you might be interested in "3 Wrong Ways Of Using Social Media, Are You Guilty?" 

The Type Of Social Networks You Should Belong To

Each social network has their unique features and these features are what make them differ. The one you should consider joining is the one you think better suited to your nature, profession or business.  Check some of the features below

*. Facebook - Irregardless of your nature or profession, Facebook is a recommended social media site for you. It allows you to share posts (short or long), photos, links and anything else. Facebook also allows you to connect easily with your old friends using the data from your profile like School and Workplace.
    Like i earlier said, this site is recommended for all and i don't think there's any reason NOT to join.
   Did you also know About The React Feature Button Introduced By Facebook?

*. Twitter - If you'd like to update lengthy posts, Twitter is a No-No for you as this social network allows you to post status not higher than 140 characters. This is cool though because it forces you to be more creative with your status by making it shorter and meaningful.
        Twitter is recommended for bloggers, business owners, talented, and those who wish to connect with bigger brands or give their blog/business more exposure especially with the correct use of hashtag.
  I recommend you read "Basic Introduction To Using Twitter Effectively" so you can know how this social networking site works.

*. LinkedIn - Do you have a skills or you're a professional in your field? If yes, LinkedIn is the best choice to connect with like-minded people. It is also a good platform for an employer to meet an employee likewise vice-versa.
     For this to work, you'll need to ensure your profile is well updated and contains appropriate description about you.

*. Instagram - Instagram deals only with Photos and Videos. If you are a photographer, fashion designer/blogger, etcetera, this platform would better suits you. Not only that uploading your images and videos are faster, but its also easier for viewers to see them!
     If you're a blogger, you can check out "6 Instagram Blogging Tips To Boost Your Blog's Visibility" to read how you can use the social network to your advantage.

Now having read this post from the beginning to this end, I'd believe you ought to be cleared on 'How Many Social Networks You Should Join' and 'The Types That Would Better Suit You'.
    Let me know what you think about it using the comment box and Kindly share with friends too

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