Having Nokia Certificate Problem With Your Phone? Here's The Solution

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The thing is; No matter how advanced your phone device is, there sure would be a time, sooner or later when it will acts weird and might require a phone engineer to do the repairing for you. But what if you found yourself in a situation whereby you repair your phone and after repairing it, you later not quite long, had trouble with some of your phone's functionality?

This is exactly what happened to a Nokia phone's device which was unable to connect to the internet browser successfully, after the phone was flashed. The response i was getting was something like 'security and date settings' but after a series of attempt and background research, i traced the bug and found out it has something todo with the 'Nokia Phone's Certificate'.

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To not take much of our time, i wanted to show you on this post what initially occur that made me to flash the phone likewise how i fixed it.

The trouble started when the phone was on a low battery status and after i was unable to charge it as soon as possible, the phone shuts down itself which is the normal process for all mobile phone devices whenever they've run out of battery level. So after some hours that i was able to see a source of power, i connects my phone's charger to the mobile device and it was charging. Then later, the unexpected happen!

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After some couple of minutes close to like an hour that the phone has been charging, i removed it from the power source and press the 'ON button' so as to power it on. The phone responds but instead of booting in, it does not boots in but only shuts itself down again. I tried this multiple times before deciding to give the phone to a mobile phone engineer who said the only way that could make it work back is to FLASH THE PHONE.
To FLASH a phone simply means to reset its Operating System. To know more about flashing a phone, i suggest you read this article at WikiHow on What it Means, and How To Flash A Phone.

Having no Option, i accepted and the Engineer went ahead to FLASH the phone but After it was done, i discovered anything related to using the Internet browser wasn't functioning and the reasons are usually 'Certificate issue, Connection and Date Settings'. Since i've already left the place before i discovered the hitch, i decides to try and see if i can troubleshoot it and that if i could not, i would simply take it back to the Engineer to make re-adjustment.

Having been given a response earlier that the fault lies within 'connection settings, date settings and certificate issue', i checked the connection and date settings several times and despite that they were well sets, the error still persists.

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Then i moved on to the Authority Certificates which can be found in the Security Settings of the Device and with careful and thorough checkup, i found out the error was a result of the certificate being replaced and installed on the phone.

=> Although i tried a series of attempts to troubleshoot it, the one that finally worked was when i reverse the date settings of my phone back to a year ago. I mean instead of leaving the date as the year 2016, i had to sets it to 2015 and it was after i did that, that the internet browsers started working successfully!<=

And there goes the Nokia Authority Certificate Bug i recently faced and how i overcome it. So whenever you're facing nokia certificate issue, simply revert the date of your phone back and see if it will works out.
Don't forget to share this post with friends, save the headache as they might be facing the same issue:)


Etisalat Sms Delivery Failed? Try This Message Centre Number

I recently tried to send a text message on my phone using the etisalat network service provider but all i could got back was a FAILED DELIVERED MESSAGE.
I checked the recipient's number to make sure i didn't made a mistake in which the number was okay, and am also sure i still have the etisalat mobile credit. After a THOROUGH SEARCH, i found out it was because of the etisalat message centre number nigeria settings in my device!

Generally, there are only 2 MAJOR reasons that could cause a mobile text to fail in deliver and that is either the recipient's number is incorrect or there is insufficient mobile credit to deliver the message.
But in this case when there is mobile credit on your phone and the recipient's number is correct, then there is 85% probability that the fault lies with the TEXT MESSAGE SETTINGS which is usually the centre number.

How I Resolve Message Sending Failed Using Nigeria Etisalat Message Centre Number

When the case of mine occured, that is; message sending failed, i later found out the fault was actually from the incorrect centre number and All i did to fix it was the below 3 Steps!

  2. Step 2 - Change the name to 'Etisalat'
  3. Step 3 - Then to the centre number, and insert the correct etisalat nigeria message centre number which is (+2348090001518) into the number field and click on SAVE!
After i followed these steps mentioned above, i then resend the message i earlier sent which was unable to deliver and VIOLA! The message was now sent successfully! So whenever you are having trouble with message being sent on your phone from your etisalat line, just goto the centre number settings to see if its correct and if you find out its incorrect, simply follow the steps i mentioned in this post and insert the correct nigeria etisalat centre number and everything will work perfectly back! Have you once faced the issue of Incorrect message centre number? Feel free to Share with me how you discovered and solved it! You might also want to read: Unable to make Calls despite having Mobile Credit? Try this to fix it!

A Beginners Guide To Affliate Marketing and Programs

What Is Affliate Marketing and How Does It Works?
Affliate Marketing Online simply means promoting products and/or services from an affliate program and earning commission from the sales you made. This simply means that whenever you gets a sale from the products you promote, you would be rewarded with a comission.

On this Post, I hope to share as much as possible the details you need to know about affliate marketing, likewise some of the top affliate programs you can Join and how you can earn money from it.

Disclaimer: This post contains some affliate links which i may earn comissions at no extra fee for you

What actually gave birth to this post was the question asked by someone who said she would like to know about how affliate marketing works.
Although i've once briefly mentioned about an affliate program on this blog before but since its an affliate program i talked about and not affliate marketing, hence i decides to come up with an article that would clarify and with better explaination.

How To Make Money With Affliate Program

  • Like i earlier said, Affliate program pays per commission. So before you can make money with an affliate program, you have to be able to make sales from your promotion.
    In one word, NO SALES, NO COMMISSION!

Best and Top Affliate Programs Especially For Newbies

There are lots of affliate programs out there which you can participate in but i've streamline and listed below some of them which you can Join to earn money. So whether you're a Tech Blogger, Webmaster, or Lifestyle Blogger, You're definitely going to find the one that suits you from the list below.

  1. Kaymu Jumia Affliate - Kaymu Jumia Affliate Program was recently launched in this year 2016 and offers different products which you can promote. The products which you can promotes from your dashboard includes Phones, Computers, Fashion Accessories and Co | You can CLICK HERE To register for Kaymu Affliate Program
  2. Namecheap Affliate Program - Namecheap is an Accredited Domain Registrar which offers products like Domains, Hosting, e.t.c | If you are unfamiliar with what Namecheap isn all about, i have once talked about it HERE as one of the best domain name registrar.
    Namecheap Affliate Program is okay for Blogger in the Webmasters Niche as domains and hosting are related to the Niche |You Can Join Namecheap Affliate Program Here and scroll to the to footer of their site where you'll see a link with Affliates.

There are also couple of Other affliate programs out there which you can join and they all boils down to your choice and your site's niche. However i would recommend you choose an affliate program that fits into your niche because this would make the products you promote related and looks good for your readers.

How To Get Started In Affliate Marketing

  • Once you've decide on the affliate program you would like to use, all you need to get started is to just Signup with them. However Some affliate programs usually do a MANUAL REVIEW (like Kaymu, Konga and Jumia) whilst some would accept you instantly as long as you have an account with them. (like Namecheap).
    After you had been accepted into their program, you would be then be able to login into the affliate dashboard and also given an affliate link which you can use for promotion. There are other form of promotion tools which you can use, usually in form of Text ads, Banners or Both.
    When people buy products via your affliate links, you'll receive a commission and after reaching their payment threshold, you can now withdraw your earnings!

    I believe this post must have solved the confusing part about affliate marketing/program for you. If not, simply use the comment box below to ask questions and i'll reply asap

    The 5 Stages Involved Before Writing A Blog Post On NetSocialBlog


    I hope you're doing good over there? ;) As for me, I've recently been busy here and there working on random important things like my first podcast as mentioned in this post and also currently designing a blog for a client. However i've made a decision that whenever i am to compose a post here on NSB, it will have to be something a little bit personal related to my blogging life.
    After thinking to and fro, i later thought of sharing a post on Behind My Blogging Scenes or aren't you guys curious to see the process involved before a post goes LIVE on NetSocialBlog? hahaha:)

    Before i start off, Let me remind you guys first that as at the time of publishing this post, am currently a MOBI-Blogger [ click here to find out what that means ] and due to the nature of my device, i had to undergo a kind of little bit complicated process which am going to mention below, before a single post could be published on this blog.

    To make things easier and not cluttered, i had arranged those Steps taken into Stages. Check them out below!

    Writing A BlogPost On NetSocialBlog,The Stages Involved!

    1. Stage 1 (Coming Up With Post Ideas) - This is the stage where i had to come up with a Post Idea and writes it down to avoid forgetting it. If my blogging book is nearby, i would simply jots the idea down there and if its not, then my mobile phone's Note Application would be the alternative.

      Once i've compiled the idea, then procession to Stage 2.

    2. [5 Mobile Features To Minimise Task and Maximise Productivity]

    3. Stage 2 (Composing the Post) - After i've jotted down post ideas like i mentioned in Stage 1 which is usually in few lines, then follows Stage 2. This Stage is the part where i had to restructure the Post ideas and turn them into a detailed 90% error-free article.

      Additionally, i also had to input the codes for element like 'Line breaks, Paragraph, Links, Bold, e.t.c' on the appropriate place since am a Mobi-Blogger| Had it been i was composing on a PC, all it would require is just ONE-CLICK for whatever elements i'd like to use.

    4. [5 Elements To Include In Your Next BlogPost]

    5. Stage 3 (Searching for the Right Image To Use) - When i first started this blog before NSB 3rd anniversary, being a newbie without any guidance, i use to take my pictures from Google Images. It was after i discovered that it wasn't a good act and that one could get penalised that i now go for a safer way which is using Free Stock Photos or designing Images by myself.
    6. Stage 4 (Converting the Image into HTML Codes) - In order to be able to use an image in most of my blog posts, i usually had to first convert the Image/s into strings of HTML Codes because my current device won't support uploading an image directly to posts.

      Once i've gotten the HTML code for Images, then i'd insert it into the post mentioned in Stage 2

    7. [5 Free Images Online Designing Without Software]

    8. Stage 5 { Copying into Blogger Post Editor and Proofreading } - This is the last stage where i finally copy the posts that i had composed FROM my Mobile's Notepad, TO Blogger Post-Editor for further screening.

      It was also this stage that Proof-reading is also being done and Once everything had been sets, then the 'Publish button' is pressed and booom! A new post comes up!

    There you have it! The 5 stages majority of the post on this blog passed through before they could make it here alive:)
    Ain't an easy stuff, isn't it?

    I would like to hear from you too as to which one of these stages relates to you?
    Or if there is an additional stage to yours before you publish a post,?
    Let me know via the comment box!

    Essential Wedding Decorations from Jiji


    Essential wedding decor

    Wedding is not only exciting and joyful ceremony, but also a rather expensive event. Are you sure you cannot afford the wedding of your dreams? Don't worry! Today there are many options that can help reduce costs and organize a stylish and memorable celebration.

    Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post from Jiji.

    Garden flowers

    Flowers are one of the essential elements of wedding decor. It is not necessary to buy expensive exotic flowers to give the celebration a classy and unique look. Many florists prefer to use the garden or wildflowers, which are no less beautiful and still inexpensive. You can find such flowers in the stores or in your own garden.

    Romantic candles and lights

    Flickering candles will add charm and originality to your wedding celebration. If you do not want to overpay for contemporary lighting, then you have to arm yourself with at least a hundred of candles. Consider unusual stands and candle holders for candles for more spectacular lighting. Decorate candlesticks with ribbons, sequins, and other elements.
    You can also highlight wedding interior using New Year lanterns. Ask your friends and acquaintances to bring lanterns and garlands to create a festive mood. Hang these garlands above the tables, on the dance floor, or in the area for a photo shoot.

    Paper decor

    Paper decor is one of the most versatile and diverse. You can make a huge amount of decorations out of paper: pompoms, garlands, flowers etc. Such items are not only cheap, but also easy to make. You don't need to buy or ask someone to do the paper decorations - you can make them yourself. Buy paper of color that will suit to the overall decor colors and proceed to creation. You can decorate photo shoot area, guest tables, chairs, passages, etc. using paper decor.

    Ribbon decor

    You do not need to rent expensive seat covers. You can create a beautiful design of furniture using cloth ribbons. Buy fabric of necessary colors and textures and cut ribbons of different length. Ribbon decor will look fine on the backs of the chairs, in the decoration of wedding arches, photo shoot area. Ask your friends to help you decorate the premises.

    If you are not sure of whether you can make all the wedding decorations by yourself, you can try to find wedding services on Jiji. Jiji is one of the largest marketplaces in Nigeria, it has a great number of visits and most importantly, it is a safe service, as it is provided with a great protection from scams. If you want to sell something or tell everyone about the service you provide, you can post your free ad here. Try it out once and come back again!

    4 Must To Have Gadgets With PC For Newbie and Geek

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    Do you just bought a PC or you already had one and wonder what Gadgets are for now important to acquire with the PC?
    Although You might have had preliminary lists of some gadgets you wanted to acquire nevertheless the ones you're about to discover here are so important to the extent that something tells me you might have already had them on your preliminary lists.
    Don't you think so?


    Unlike a mobile phone in which its main add-ons is just the sim and purchasing mobile airtime, a PC need lots more than that. With numerous gadgets for PC out there, its easier to get overwhelm as which one to start with.

    In spite of this, NSB decides to look to and fro and had succeeded in handpicking few important Gadgets that are must to have for you.
    To take not much of your time, lets take a look into those Gadgets.

    4 Gadgets You Need To Have With Your PC

    1. External Mouse - Although laptops came with a default mouse buttons likewise trackboard which are embedded below the keyboard, i'd still recommend getting an external mouse.
      Using an external mouse allows you to perform tasks in a faster and more easier way.
    2. Flash Drive - Probably you didn't have a printer and you're to print out a document from your PC or lets say you Just wanted to copy a file from your PC to another PC; the EASIEST WAY TO DO THIS is by using a flash drive.
      Depending on your choice, there are different size of the storage device so you could choose the one that suits you .
    3. Modem - The "Modem" is a device used in accessing the Internet. Whether you're to check your email, meet someone online, or perform any task, having the modem with data Subscription allows you to do so in your comfort.
    4. External Speaker - If you love music like i do, you're going to find this device "handy".
      The type of External Speaker being used by a friend of mine is a small portable one powered by connecting both the Usb and the audio cord to the PC. To get yours, you can refer to a computer accessories store to buy the one that suits you.

    So far so good; i've introduced the Gadgets you need to have with your PC. what do you think about them? Let me know via the comment box.

    PC Users, Read also: Alt and Ctrl Keyboard Shortcuts From A to F.

    Image courtesy - pixabay

    Yet, Computer Has These Advantages Over Mobile Devices!

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    Lately the use of mobile devices over Computer seems to be growing rapidly than ever, and the major reason is that, most of the stuff people usually do on a Computer can now be done via Mobile Phone..
    But then, NO MATTER how sophisticated mobile phones are, computers still has lots of advantages over them, in which i did mentioned some of them in this post.


    Somewhat a decade ago in Nigeria, there were only few mobile phones that are so advanced to perform tasks like editing Images, and watching Live Youtube Videos (or maybe people didn't knew about them). Hence anyone who needs to do these things would have to be on a PC.

    But recently, sophisticated Mobile Phones that could do much more than that, are now being released and Available in Stock. Such Mobile Phones can make Video-Calls, Edit Images, Watch Youtube Videos LIVE, and others thing that seems impossible 10 years ago.

    8 Articles About Computer and Technology You Shouldn't Miss

    Even Google also realizes this fact about the recent rising rates of mobile users deducing this from the latest anouncements by them stating that 'Webmasters should avoid using Pop-ups on their Site'. However despite this, Computers to me ooo, still has the below Advantages Over Mobile Devices.

    • Did Work Better and Faster - It doesn't matter how great you are in using a mobile phone, i still think a PC can done much more work better and faster than a mobile phone. Didn't believe? Well, try this.
      Try to Use Skype to videochat with someone on a PC and once you're through with that, Try to use Skype for mobile devices to also communicate AND Judge the differences. You'll realize that of the PC works better and faster than mobile devices.
    • A PC Has More Applications Than Mobile Devices - We all know that the more Applications a device could support, the better its PERFORMANCE would be, hence this is one of the thing that made a PC Unique. Even though android phones like the one i mentioned HERE seems to have a large number of applications on the Play Store.
      Despite this, a PC still has FAR more applications than mobile phones thus being able to perform lots more functions that that of a mobile devices.
    Before i bring this post to end, I actually came up with this article when someone from our discussion said 'with the way mobile technology is growing up, he doesn't think he would need the help of a computer anymore.
    So i decided to highlight a few things that still made Computer have advantages over Mobile Phones.

    What do you think?

    3 Major Causes Of Google Adsense Account Disapproval + Solutions


    Lemme guess?
    You've probably tried applying for google adsense unnumbered times but unluckily, you often get a dissapproval message stating one or two reason why your Adsense application is being disapproved:/.

    THE TRUTH IS, I was once in your shoe and i understand how you feel each moment you receive the rejection mail from Google Adsense. This is why i've decided to come up with this post; a Guide on Major Reasons Why Your Blog Is Not Accepted and What You can Do About It.


    Every Bloggers' dream is to earn income from their blog as a way of rewarding their efforts and to MAJORITY, Adsense seems to be the only way to make money with a blog even though there are several other ways to monetize a website. This is exactly what makes the race of adsense application an highly competitive one and who knows, maybe thats part of the reason why Google Adsense reduces applicants' chance of being accepted into their monetization program.
    But despite that the chance of being accepted is slim, people still got approved by Google Adsense which shows you too can do it if you can follow the steps am going to highlight soon in this post.

    Did You Miss The Answer To 4 Most Asked Blogging Questions?

    One thing about Google Adsense is that, they are much more interested in majorly 2 things about your website before they accept you into their program. The two things are; Your Site's Content and Design.
    Your site's content should be able to add values and your blog's template should have easier navigation.

    To cut the long story short, i have compiled the list of the major reasons why Adsense disapproves application likewise also provide solutions for it. Check them out below;

    3 Major Causes Of Google Adsense Disapproval and What Todo

    1. Insufficient Content

    2. - This made Number #1 on the list because it is a populous cause of adsense disapproval. Insufficient content doesn't just mean the quantity of posts only, but also its quality.

      How to fix insufficient content adsense => *. Make sure your posts are well structured with grammatical error-free language and enough spacing.
      *. Do also try to let your posts be a little lengthy (not just 5 line sentences post).
      *. Avoid duplicate contents.
      *. And Ensure your posts is in-line with the Niche you stated in the 'about section' of your blog.
    3. Adsense Difficulty in Site Navigation - Whenever Google Adsense sent you a disapproval mail about Site Difficult Navigation, what they imply is your blog's design, arrangements of widgets, and pages. While there might be something else, the MAJOR THING is that; you should ensure your blog's design isn't cluttered, has Pages like (Sitemap, About Us, Privacy Policy, Contact Us, etc), and widgets like your (Googleplus About Me, Blog Archive, Post Categories).
    4. Do you want a Responsive Design? Click Here and Lets Do It!

    5. Google Adsense Policy - This is the part that is the most confusive for majority of bloggers simple because you might be violating google's policy and not even know you are. To save the headache of finding out the root, i have decided to come up with a link that leads to Google Adsense Page policy so you can know much more about it.
      Am sure if you can go through the article thoroughly and carefully, you would be able to know fully the Dos and Don'ts of their Policy which is going to be of help. Click on Google Adsense Policy to check it out.
    Don't forget to Share this post with your friends too, It might be what they're looking for!
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