Yet, Computer Has These Advantages Over Mobile Devices!

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Lately the use of mobile devices over Computer seems to be growing rapidly than ever, and the major reason is that, most of the stuff people usually do on a Computer can now be done via Mobile Phone..
But then, NO MATTER how sophisticated mobile phones are, computers still has lots of advantages over them, in which i did mentioned some of them in this post.


Somewhat a decade ago in Nigeria, there were only few mobile phones that are so advanced to perform tasks like editing Images, and watching Live Youtube Videos (or maybe people didn't knew about them). Hence anyone who needs to do these things would have to be on a PC.

But recently, sophisticated Mobile Phones that could do much more than that, are now being released and Available in Stock. Such Mobile Phones can make Video-Calls, Edit Images, Watch Youtube Videos LIVE, and others thing that seems impossible 10 years ago.

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Even Google also realizes this fact about the recent rising rates of mobile users deducing this from the latest anouncements by them stating that 'Webmasters should avoid using Pop-ups on their Site'. However despite this, Computers to me ooo, still has the below Advantages Over Mobile Devices.

  • Did Work Better and Faster - It doesn't matter how great you are in using a mobile phone, i still think a PC can done much more work better and faster than a mobile phone. Didn't believe? Well, try this.
    Try to Use Skype to videochat with someone on a PC and once you're through with that, Try to use Skype for mobile devices to also communicate AND Judge the differences. You'll realize that of the PC works better and faster than mobile devices.
  • A PC Has More Applications Than Mobile Devices - We all know that the more Applications a device could support, the better its PERFORMANCE would be, hence this is one of the thing that made a PC Unique. Even though android phones like the one i mentioned HERE seems to have a large number of applications on the Play Store.
    Despite this, a PC still has FAR more applications than mobile phones thus being able to perform lots more functions that that of a mobile devices.
Before i bring this post to end, I actually came up with this article when someone from our discussion said 'with the way mobile technology is growing up, he doesn't think he would need the help of a computer anymore.
So i decided to highlight a few things that still made Computer have advantages over Mobile Phones.

What do you think?
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3 Major Causes Of Google Adsense Account Disapproval + Solutions


Lemme guess?
You've probably tried applying for google adsense unnumbered times but unluckily, you often get a dissapproval message stating one or two reason why your Adsense application is being disapproved:/.

THE TRUTH IS, I was once in your shoe and i understand how you feel each moment you receive the rejection mail from Google Adsense. This is why i've decided to come up with this post; a Guide on Major Reasons Why Your Blog Is Not Accepted and What You can Do About It.


Every Bloggers' dream is to earn income from their blog as a way of rewarding their efforts and to MAJORITY, Adsense seems to be the only way to make money with a blog even though there are several other ways to monetize a website. This is exactly what makes the race of adsense application an highly competitive one and who knows, maybe thats part of the reason why Google Adsense reduces applicants' chance of being accepted into their monetization program.
But despite that the chance of being accepted is slim, people still got approved by Google Adsense which shows you too can do it if you can follow the steps am going to highlight soon in this post.

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One thing about Google Adsense is that, they are much more interested in majorly 2 things about your website before they accept you into their program. The two things are; Your Site's Content and Design.
Your site's content should be able to add values and your blog's template should have easier navigation.

To cut the long story short, i have compiled the list of the major reasons why Adsense disapproves application likewise also provide solutions for it. Check them out below;

3 Major Causes Of Google Adsense Disapproval and What Todo

  1. Insufficient Content

  2. - This made Number #1 on the list because it is a populous cause of adsense disapproval. Insufficient content doesn't just mean the quantity of posts only, but also its quality.

    How to fix insufficient content adsense => *. Make sure your posts are well structured with grammatical error-free language and enough spacing.
    *. Do also try to let your posts be a little lengthy (not just 5 line sentences post).
    *. Avoid duplicate contents.
    *. And Ensure your posts is in-line with the Niche you stated in the 'about section' of your blog.
  3. Adsense Difficulty in Site Navigation - Whenever Google Adsense sent you a disapproval mail about Site Difficult Navigation, what they imply is your blog's design, arrangements of widgets, and pages. While there might be something else, the MAJOR THING is that; you should ensure your blog's design isn't cluttered, has Pages like (Sitemap, About Us, Privacy Policy, Contact Us, etc), and widgets like your (Googleplus About Me, Blog Archive, Post Categories).
  4. Do you want a Responsive Design? Click Here and Lets Do It!

  5. Google Adsense Policy - This is the part that is the most confusive for majority of bloggers simple because you might be violating google's policy and not even know you are. To save the headache of finding out the root, i have decided to come up with a link that leads to Google Adsense Page policy so you can know much more about it.
    Am sure if you can go through the article thoroughly and carefully, you would be able to know fully the Dos and Don'ts of their Policy which is going to be of help. Click on Google Adsense Policy to check it out.
Don't forget to Share this post with your friends too, It might be what they're looking for!
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Fresh Bulk Sms - Sending Sms With Any Sender Id Made Easier


Do you want to send sms to someone or a large group of people with a custom sender id? If yes, FreshBulkSms is an awesome latest bulk sms nigeria website to do so!
Just incase you're new to the concept of Bulk Sms, am going to explain to you as you read this post likewise mention its benefits.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.


Bulk Sms is simply an extension of the popular short messaging service (sms) but unlike a typical sms, Bulk Sms has an extensive benefits like; it allows you to send sms using a customised sender id, ability to send to a large numbers of people, can be sent from either a computer or mobile device, and LOTS MORE!
At FreshBulkSms.Com - Latest BulkSms Nigeria Website, Below are some of the Special Features which you can enjoy from the Bulk Sms Site;

  • For Individuals - If you are an Individual, you can use the bulk sms for anything you want, be it for personal or professional as FreshBulkSms allows you to conveniently send sms to your friends for greetings, or to your business partners.
  • Entrepreneurs - Being an entrepreneur, you can easily notify your customers about latest products or services using FreshBulkSms to send them notifications with your brand name as SENDER ID.
  • For Corporate Bodies - Corporate Bodies and Organization like Schools, Mosques, Churches, Societal Club, etcetera can also inform members about events, meetings, gathering or any form of information using the FreshBulkSms.Com Portal.
  • Bulk Sms 247 Online - Whether you wanted to send a morning customised sms to your friends, an important updates to your customers in the noon, or the next meeting to members at night, You NEED NOT TO WORRY as FreshBulkSms strives to be always available whenever you need it.
  • Instant Delivery - Imagine sending an sms to someone in the morning, and the sms was later delivered at night! I bet you wouldn't be feel comfortable about that, would you?
    This is why FreshBulkSms ensures your messages gets delivered INSTANTLY to your recipient so they can be informed ASAP.
  • Free Credits On First Signup - Did you know that When you register on FreshBulkSms, you would be granted FREE CREDITS which you can use to send sms using your customised name? This is to allow you have a taste of the bulk sms site.
    Note => Once you've used up the FREE CREDITS been given to you on first sign up at FreshBulkSms, you would have to purchase additional sms units before you can be able send sms again.

=> You can also earn money from the BulkSms Website simply by working on behalf of Entrepreneurs, Corporate Bodies or Organizations. For more information about this, leave a comment on this post or contact the details at the end of this post.

=> So what are you waiting for? Goto and starts Enjoying the Real Benefits of an interesting BulkSms Nigerian Website Now!

For more info, contact Hezekiel Olajide on +2349091217028
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Namecheap - One Of The Best Domain Name Provider [Review]


Wanting to buy a domain name is something while finding a Reliable Domain Name Registrar is another thing entirely. Hence, i have decided to do a review of one of my best domain registrar which is NAMECHEAP.


Namecheap is an ICANN Acredited registrar which had been serving customers since 2001 and rated 4.6 out of 5 based on 598,485 real customer ratings and reviews.
Below are some of the reasons that made Namecheap a top domain name registrar.

  • Reliability - With Namecheap, you can be rest assured that nothing wrong would happen to your domain name. The reason why am saying this is that there are some Domain Registrars which entice customers but are not reliable.
    For example, a blogger-friend once bought a domain product from a particular Registrar. About 4days later, he couldn't find the domain name in his dashboard any longer in which all efforts to retrieve the domain name back proved futile.
    When it comes to Reliability, choose Namecheap.

  • Quality Service - Domain Interruption is another bad sign of a Low Quality Domain Provider. Imagine a potential visitor wants to visit your website and that exact moment was the time your domain went offline. This kind of issue won't cause only a drop in traffic, but might also sends wrong signal about your site to visitors.
    Unlike the above case, Namecheap Customers' Domain are always Online 24/7 that is; NO DOMAIN SERVICE INTERUPTION.
  • Do you Want to Change Your .Blogspot.Com To .Com? Let me Help You Get A Custom Domain under 24hrs!

  • Customer Support - The main job of a Customer Support is to provide adequate information to what customers do not understand regarding a specific product or services. At Namecheap, The Customer Support via LIVE CHAT are always there for Namecheap Customers which makes it easier to get help when needed.

So if you've been searching for the best site to purchase a domain name, i recommend you give Namecheap a shot! If you're wondering how to make payment, their mode of payment is through Mastercard, Paypal, American Express, Visa, Dwolk and Bitcoin.
To get started on NC, click the banner below

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MySchoolTrick - A Portal For Nigerian Schools' Information


MySchoolTrick.Com is a Nigerian Platform where Schools' Requirements, Admission and News are shared, analyzed and discussed. The education platform which is owned by Uthman Saheed, CEO of MyLoversTrick, is created to help struggling Nigerian Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges' Applicants to understand what they really need in pursuing a successful admission into their schools of choice.


Every year, a large amount of students and aspirants relied heavily on the internet using their mobile device or computer to sought for Valuable information regarding admission, projects, schools requirements, news and lots more.

At MySchoolTrick.Com, Mr Uthman Saheed, the founder always endeavour to provide accurate information including schools' news to readers frontage, as soon as they happens.
To make things easier, the platform also have categories for Nigerian higher institutions, Admission, Post UTME, Project topics, Past questions, Postgraduate, News and many more for easy and convenient site navigation. All these, just to give you a wonderful user experience while searching for what you want.

There are also collated various academic research work from researchers who wish to share their works with others (mainly for academic purpose with respect to plagiarism) in which All of these are available for your download in one click.

Feel free to visit the platform at www.MySchoolTrick.Com
You can also connect with the founder via Facebook - Uthman Saheed
Twitter - @saheed2532
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Interesting:) Facebook Introduces The React Feature Button


Recently Facebook added a new feature to make the populous social networking site more interesting for its users.
This new development is known as the 'React button'.


What is the Facebook React all about? - The feature which is similar to that of Twitter Favourite Button Changed To Like Button has an additional functions which allows users to express their Reactions on a facebook post.

For example; Before the development, you can only click on the 'like button' if you did like a Status on facebook. But now if you love a particular post, all you have todo is to simply click on the 'React button' and choose 'Love' from the options being listed.
Once you did this, a Love Icon would be displayed right beside the number statistics of the post.

Learn Also about Facebook Legacy Meaning and How To Do It

Futhermore, if you're not happy with a post probably it contains a word which you do not like, you can also show your expression on the post simply by clicking the 'React' button and select 'angry' from the options being listed.
Isn't that interesting?

So, The 'Ball' of the new feature is in your court, you can play it as you like *winks*.

Before you leave, kindly Share this Post with friends so they can know more of this latest development!
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4 Blogging Frequently Asked Questions + Answers


Did you find some certain aspect of blogging CONFUSIVE in which no matter how hard you tried to seek answers, you just won't get the right ones, or probably not contented with the way its answered.
Well, Good News for you as i've decided to come up with 4 of that Unique Blogging Frequently Asked Questions and in which i've also provide answers to them.


I was inspired to come up with this post after participating in the Blogging Groove Challenge by Darren Rowse of in which the Host challenges we participants, to go on and do a BlogPost on Frequently Asked Questions.
To not beat around the bush, below are the list of answers to Blogging FAQs.

4 Unique Blogging Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) + Answers

  1. Which Blogging Platform Should I Use Between Blogger and Wordpress - Since blogger and wordpress are the two big fishes in the ocean, Most blog beginners are confusive as to which one they should choose. However what i would suggest is; The best one for you is that which you can manage, cover costs and able to secure very well to avoid future headache.

    To know more about each of these platform, read NSB post on | Blogger Pros and Cons You Need To Know or that of the other via Wordpress Pros and Con You Need To Know
  2. How To Increase Blog's Traffic - Every blogger wants to increase his/her blog's traffic. Someone who had just 10 views wants 100views, a blogger having 100views love to have 1000views, 1000 views yearning for 10000 views, 10000 views aspiring for an hundred thousand views e.t.c | No matter how low or high a blog's traffic is, every blogger's dream is to have his/her traffic increase.

    This made the No #2 FAQs one of the most populous questions being asked by bloggers. Although there are LOT OF WAYS which you can increase your blog's traffic, i have streamline them to make it easier and publish the post on NSB titled 5 Proven Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Blog For Free.
  3. Blog Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - SEO is one of the hot questions asked by bloggers. However i must warn you that SEO has varieties so much that if you search on the internet for the word 'seo', you would be OVERWHELMED by the results! SEO to me, is currently into three Parts.

    The First Part starts with your blog's template and i mean a fast loading, responsive and seo optimized template.
    The Second Part goes on to your Blog Title and Description which should be precise and concise.
    And the Third Part is in Your BlogPosts. The headline, First Paragraph, Image Alt, Quality Contents, and Headings.

    Please and Please, i advice Not to do BlackHat SEO or Buy Links. These methods might works at first but they often gets your hand burn later and made you lose more than you gain! For more information, go read about SEO here .
  4. How Do I Monetize My Blog Apart From Adsense - I blog for more than 2 years without using adsense and during this time, the question i often gets asked by people is "as huge as my site is, why am i not making money with it". This is because most people believe a blog that do not have adsense, is not making money. Is that your thought too?

    As far as Blog Monetization is involved, Adsense is not the only method you can use to monetize your blog. The truth is, adsense is a PPC program and there are others out there too but just that, Adsense is a Reliable, Trusted and the most sought-for PPC Program.
    Apart from that, a blogger can earn money by venturing into rendering Services, Products, Consultation that would add values to his readers. Affliate Marketing can also be used to earn money. Just take time to study the one you can do very well and build yourself on it.
Above are my answers to the 4 Blogging Commonly Asked Questions. Do you appreciate this post, Show Love by Sharing to your friends!
Also additional suggestion, and/or feedback are highyl welcome
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How To Fix Adsense ads Showing Blank Space On FireFox


Recently when browsing the net on a PC, the adsense ads on any website would be showing blank on the firefox browser of that PC but IF i tried another PC which does also have Firefox installed on it, ADSENSE ADS WOULD BE DISPLAYED!
This made me ask myself "what could be wrong with this exact PC am using?" but when nobody answered:/ i took matters in my hand to find out what cause the bug so i could fix it.


During the Research, i discovered the bug was from the firefox browser on that PC and after fixing it, i thought i should share it with you NSBers (loyal readers of NetSocialBlog) so you can know what todo incase you faced a similar incidence in the future.
Continue Reading Below To Find Out How I Solved It.

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What Cause The Adsense ads Showing Blank On Firefox Browser

According to a confirmed and reliable source, Firefox browser has a new tracking protection feature which is enabled by default in Private Browsing Mode.

If you're on this mode, just look at the left end of the address bar and you'll see a shield icon there. Also when you are on PRIVATE BROWSING MODE, some contents are usually blocked!
This shows the reason why the google ads is not showing on firefox browser.

3 Common Mistakes That Could Make Your Blog Fall Down

How To Fix Adsense Ads Showing Blank Space On Firefox

  1. Navigate to the Options at the top bar of your firefox browser,
  2. Click on "Preferences Privacy"
  3. Now UNCHECK the box which says "Use tracking Protection in Private Windows"

After that Eureka! The ads would immediately starts displaying after refreshing the website which had an adsense ads on it!

Enjoy this tips, save someone an headache from solving it simply by SHARING THIS POST:)
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Facebook Legacy Meaning and How To Use It


Facebook is an amazing social networking site which allows people from different parts of the world to connect and interact with each other in an Instant!
The social networking site which was started in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg according to Facebook History and Its Founders has a larger percentage of users and is said to be ONE OF THE BIGGEST SOCIAL NETWORKING WEBSITE!


I stumbled upon an interesting piece recently on Facebook and i decide to share it with NSBers (loyal readers of NetSocialBlog)! The interesting piece is about "Facebook Legacy which makes it possible for another person to use a deceased account"

Did you know that Facebook do allow another trusted person to use a deceased account? #SocialMedia fact via @netsocialblog Click To Tweet This Fact!)

Death is an inevitable incidence although people don't usually talk about it because to many, its like a dreaded and ugly topic which isn't cool to be openly discussed.
Am not going to elaborate on this death of a thing topic since am not a student of psycology (i didn't even have a degree yet *covers face*) nor this blog is about things related to that, so we're just going to directly cut the icy part of this post's cake. Shall we?

According to the facebook website, this feature called "Facebook Legacy" allows the account owner to grant a TRUSTED PERSON permission to use his or her account after demise in which the Trusted Person would be able to do things like Accepting New Friend Requests and Updating Profile Picture.

How To Stop Spam Links On Facebook Wall

However before that could happen, Facebook Legacy also provides the option for the owner of the account if he would like his account to either be MEMORIALIZED [to be stored on facebook] or be DELETED after demise.
To better understand how it works, allow me to tell you an imaginary example below

Mr A had a facebook account in which his list consists of majorly family members and friends whom are either from a near or very far location but they all do interact together via Mr A's Wall. Seeing that his facebook account helps both friends and family, Mr A decided to activate Facebook Legacy Settings.
The first thing he did was to Activate 'NO' for Account Deletion as this would make Mr A's account to be 'MEMORIALIZED' by Facebook and NOT permanently Deleted after his demise.

After that, Mr A then proceed to the next step which is choosing a TRUSTED PERSON that would be able to access his account and make certain changes as earlier mentioned on this post.
In this case, Lets say the TRUSTED PERSON Mr A added was Mr B.

That means after Mr A's demise in the later future, Mr B would notifed the facebook team about using a certain proof of evidence. Once facebook team had gone through the evidence, a 'Remembering' form of signal will be displayed beside Mr A's Profile, something similar to that of the twitter verified badge.
Furthermore Mr B would now be able to use Mr A's facebook account since Mr A had already made him a 'TRUSTED PERSON' before his demise.

If you want to get started or learn more about how facebook legacy works, Simply goto Settings => Security => Legacy Contact and follow the procedure that follows. Also, You can choose to message your Legacy Contact so as to inform him/her that you made them a TRUSTED PERSON.

If you had trouble doing this or like to share your opinion, feel free to leave a comment. I enjoy reading feedbacks!
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